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Stylish Ways To Wear Chelsea Boots

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ashion is always changing. Trends fade in and out as the years go by. Nevertheless, there are still certain fashion trends that are alive and flourishing, even in 2019.

Chelsea shoes are a good example. These footwear originated in the Victorian era, which shows that it is a testament of time. Back then, these shoes were popular amongst the wealthy and affluent. Even now, its quality and prestige are still evident.

Many influencers, fashionistas, career professionals display these fashionable shoes in many different styles. If you aren't aware of the different ways that you can showcase your shoes or need to gain more knowledge of Chelsea shoes, then you are in luck.

This article will provide important facts so that you are more enlightened about the elegance of Chelsea shoes.

How To Wear Chelsea Boots

Chelsea shoes are versatile, which is a huge perk. Different outfits can accompany them, or you can opt to enhance the beauty of the footwear. Here are a few options that you can start with. When you have gained enough experience with the shoes, you can elect to adjust the styles to your preference.

The most popular and prevalent style is pairing the Chelsea shoes with your favorite pair of jeans. Allow the bottom of the jeans to fall right on the top of the shoes. It is one of the go-to styles that will never fail.

For more formal attire, pair the boots with a suit of your choice. And for a more casual occasion, as stated before, you can match it with jeans.

Over time, heavy rainfall and harsh sunlight can slowly destroy your prized footwear. Yo don't want this to happen, so to prevent this, always waterproof your shoes to prolong its lifespan.

You can never go wrong with brown or black boots. They look good with everything!

For informal attire, suede boots are a great choice. While for a more sophisticated look, try leather boots.

What is a Chelsea Boot?

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These types of boots were around for years, Chelsea boots have not changed drastically over the years. First crafted by the shoemaker of Queen Victoria, J. Sparkes-Hall. He wanted to design a shoe that was elastic, easy to slip into, and laceless so that it would require little effort.

Its name was derived where it originated. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones showcased the shoe in Chelsea, London, during the 1950s.

Here are the Features

Round-shaped toes

Short ankle length with a tab at the back that you can use to pull up the shoe

Low-set heels

An elastic strip that runs along its side

Types of Chelsea Boots


Soft to touch and with a smooth texture, the suede alternative to the Chelsea shoes has a more casual look. If you are seeking a more dressed-down attire, then pair them with a cute T-shirt and jeans, and you can easily attain that look.

Furthermore, suede Chelsea shoes come in two shades of color, brown and black. In the case of black suede shoes, it is an excellent choice for a formal or semi-formal look. On the other hand, brown suede has a more rustic feel to it. However, you can switch it up to your taste.

Lastly, it is important to note that water can wreak havoc on suede shoes. Fortunately, there are effective ways to inhibit that from happening.


Chelsea shoes were also made from leather. It has been recognized to be durable and reliable for centuries. Their glossy, shiny finish is one of the reasons why it is the best choice for formal wear or a professional look.

Like its suede counterpart, leather Chelsea shoes come in two shades, black and brown. Also, similar to suede shoes, the black option is more suited for formal attire. Tie it with a nice suit, and you will achieve a sleek professional or formal look. At the same time, the brown leather Chelsea shoes is more suited for semi-formal attire.

Tips on How to Style these Boots

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Chelsea shoes can become a part of your casual outfit just as much as your professional wear. As stated before, you have two options when it comes to Chelsea boots, the leather, and the suede. You can wear it as casual footwear, but the suede is more appropriate for that specific style.

If you are seeking a relaxed look, then pair a brown suede Chelsea shoes with a T-shirt and pair of jeans, and you will attain the perfect look for a casual date or weekend family trip.

Smart Casual

Many social events require you to dress in smart casual attire like work settings that allow you to dress down or weekend out with friends. It is important to get the perfect outfit for you to leave a lasting impression.

Chelsea shoes can serve this purpose. Pair the footwear with a colored or dark-toned blazer and a suitable undershirt and pants. It will allow you to achieve a refined look in a toned-down style.

Business Casual

It is now fair to say that Chelsea shoes can adapt to any social occasion. Not only can it work well with all of the outfits mentioned above, but it can also add business casual on the list as well.

The goal of a great business casual outfit is to appear professional in a dressed-down manner. For this type of style, leather Chelsea shoes will be best since it gives off a more professional vibe. Then to make the business outfit more casual, pair the shoes with an oxford shirt, chino pants, and a colorful or patterned blazer.


Lastly, when it comes to a semi-formal outfit, Chelsea shoes are a viable option. It is a great alternative to the other Oxford shoes and loafers. For this outfit, choose a great pair of black suit and match it with a black leather or suede shoes.

On the other hand, with a navy and brown suit, you can choose either black or brown shoes. To make sure that you come off sleek in this outfit, remember to let the pants land neatly at the top of your Chelsea shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Socks Should I Wear with Chelsea Boots?

Another way that you can wear Chelsea boots is with socks. The good thing about these shoes is that they are ankle shoes, so you can easily use socks to take your outfit to the next level.

What you will need for this look are very long thick socks. Put on the shoes and the socks and pull up the socks over your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Then fold them until they are sitting on top of the footwear, you can also bunch them down. And there you go!

Try out different color schemes to see what fits. But one of the tried and tested matches were gray socks paired with black or blue jeans or black jeans with black socks. Also, remember that if you are looking for a more formal feel to the outfit, leather Chelsea boots are the way to go while for a more informal look, wear suede Chelsea footwear.

Can I Wear these Boots in Summer?

Of course, you can! Chelsea footwear will look great during any season. During the summer season, plan your outfits that will suit your taste and always consider the hot temperature.

Suede Chelsea footwearare more of a go-to option during the summer since it has a more informal feel. However, if a more formal occasion comes up, don't be afraid to sport the leather Chelsea footwear. Pair it with the appropriate clothing items to create the perfect outfit for the event. Adjust your outfit for the weather.

Always remember to protect your footwear from the damaging rainfall by waterproofing the boots to preserve its longevity.


The popularity of Chelsea boots is still on the rise. They are comfortable, easy to slip in to and let's not forget, versatile. There are suitable for any social event. Be it formal, semi-formal, business casual, smart casual, and even casual.

Chelsea boots come in two different colors, brown and black, and are crafted with two different materials, suede and leather. There are many style tips that you can use to create the perfect outfit for any occasion, season, or weather using Chelsea boots. Therefore, it is fair to say that Chelsea boots are here to stay!

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