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Effective Ways to Dry Your Boots Fast

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There are various ways of expressing ourselves, and you can do so with suitable footwear. Selecting the proper boots will not only express a statement but will also fit the purpose. Whether you are ready to go on an adventure or just love the ruggedness of style, every boot has a purpose.

It is heartwarming when you step out in confidence, knowing that your boot will provide style, safety, and durability for taking on the tasks. The discomfort of wearing wet boots will no doubt allow you to recognize the importance of the drying process of boots. It can also prevent and eliminate the buildup of bacteria.

Effective Methods to Dry Your Boots

Along the journey, you encounter situations that may cause your shoes to get wet. Don't worry, the sturdiness of the boots will allow it to survive. However, you have to put in the work to maintain and preserve the integrity and life of your shoes.

The drying process can be simple and effective, but you have to start quickly. A key practice is taking out the lace and cleaning off all mud and dirt before starting the drying process. This enables the shoes not to develop any stains which will show when dry. Be inspired in saving the life of your shoes by using any of these quick and simple methods:

Old newspaper inside the boots: Scrunch the newspaper into a loose ball. This will allow sufficient air to pass through while also absorbing the excess moisture.

Towel Absorption: The use of a towel will trap and absorb excess moisture. This drying method is slow and time-consuming but yet still effective.

Fan Technique: Using this technique by simply placing shoes on a sturdy fan, then cover it with a towel. This will allow for the absorption of the excess water from the shoes.

Boot Dryer: A quick and easy method is by using a Boot Dryer. This equipment will allow you to dry to pair of shoes at the same time, hence allowing you to save a copious amount of time. It also has many settings that you can use to dry your shoes, such as a heat setting effectively. You can pick up one of these online for a low price.

Things to Avoid When Drying Your Boot

Preparing to dry your shoes is important, but the objective is to ensure that you can dry them so that they can be comfortable to be worn afterward.

When you are drying your shoes, keep these words in mind:

Never allow your shoes to dry through direct heat. Examples of direct heat are using a campfire, wood fires, or even by using blow dryers. Direct heat will be too damaging for the texture of the material. Preserving the quality of the shoes should be the utmost. When shoes are exposed to direct heat, the glue keeping the layers together may deteriorate.

If your source for drying shoes is only through direct heat, then you have to place your shoes about 2 to 3 meters away from heat source. The safe distance from the direct heat will positively affect the lifespan of the shoes because putting the shoes too close will cause damage.

How To Prepare Your Boots

Like any other treasure item, preserving its quality is the utmost. Therefore, before starting the drying process, it is important to prepare the shoes. It is key that shoes are clean before you start the drying process. Safeguard the integrity of your shoes by doing the following:

Remove the laces of the boot so that you will be able to clean it thoroughly without leaving any dirt stains.

Clean your boots by washing off the dirt and mud by using a detergent. Once it is cleaned and washed, use an old towel to pat them dry.

How to Hasten the Drying Process

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It is important to have boots ready to wear when the need arises. Therefore, if your shoes get wet and you are strapped for time, you will have to find innovative and quick ways to dry them. Seeking a fast-drying process is crucial. Consider the following methods:

Take Out the Laces

To hasten the drying process, remove the laces from the shoes. After this, you can properly wash them to remove any of the buildup and dirt. Then, tie them on to a line in the sunlight because this will help to both hinder the growth of mold and quickly dry the laces. Removing the laces will provide more room for the air to circulate inside boots and let the leather "breathe" better.

Take Out the Insole

The insoles are found inside the shoes, and these are placed there to support the bottom of the foot. Insoles are referred to as "footbed" and are usually easy to remove. Removing the insole, if detachable, will allow the warm air to flow inside the shoes so that it will dry faster.

Wash the Boots Clean

The approach to cleaning the shoes may be rigorous in some cases. It depends on the amount of dirt and mud that has accumulated on the shoes. Cleaning with detergent will be useful in washing boots to effectively remove any built-up gunk and stains.

Keep Boots in the Warmest Room

Typically, bacteria love to grow and reproduce in wet areas such as shoes. These are also the culprits behind the bad odor. Hence, it is vital to make sure that shoes are dry because wet boots will negatively affect your feet, such as toe fungus bad smell. To hasten the drying process, place your shoes in the warmest area in the house.

Different Ways of Drying your Boots

For bacteria not to replicate in wet shoes, it becomes extremely important for shoes to dry. There are several different ways to dry your boots. However, the method selected will depend on the resource available and your preference. You can choose from the following options:

Use A Fan

Placing the boots closely to the fan will circulate the heat and air. The base of the fan has to be firmly affixed so that when the fan is on its strongest, it will be stable. The blades of the fan provide a strong gust of air so that boots will dry much faster. The intent is to let the moisture evaporate from the boots.


This method is considered effective and highly recommended for shoes that are made up of delicate or thinner material. The newspaper is scrunched and stuffed tightly inside the footwear.

Doing this will let the shape of the boots stay intact. Every 2 - 3 hours, the newspaper is taken out of the footwear and replaced with new ones. This process continues until footwear are completely dry.


Another method for drying shoes is using old towels. Before using the towels, make sure that they are fully dry. The first step is to remove the laces and insole. Then, stuff the towels inside and wrap it around the shoes. Repeat this process when needed. To speed up the drying process, place the shoes under a fan.

Power of the Sun

It is best to consider free exposure to natural light, the sun, which is also effective in killing bacteria and drying wet boots. It is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply put, wet boots on a surface that gets sufficient sunlight. While the benefits of sun-drying are great, it can damage the quality of the leather due to the prolonged exposure to the sun. Maintaining the leather should be a priority.

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Boot dryer

A great solution for drying footwear is by using a footwear dryer. The shoes dryer gathers the dirty water as it drips from the boots while using thermal heat to dry it.


Find a container that can suitably fit your footwear then fill it with rice to a level of 1-inch above the height of the footwear. Place the wet footwear in the container. The rice grains will absorb the moisture from the footwear

UV Shoe Sanitizer

The buildup of bacteria is usually a concern for footwear lovers. Using a UV shoe sanitizer is ideal for killing the bacteria, which grew as a result of the humid environment in wet footwear. The ultraviolet light of the shoe sanitizer will kill bacteria within 45 minutes.

Saddle Soap

Returning the footwear to its former state may require the use of saddle soap. This soap is a good solution for nourishing the shoes. The aim is to strengthen the fibers of the leather while leaving it with a glossy shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to dry boots while on a trail?

First, locate a sturdy stick to hold the weight of your wet shoes while using a branch to lift it off the ground. footwear have to be dangled upside-down by its laces, which is tied in a reverse manner. Take one half in a square and position it midway, then make an arch. Tie it again and let the footwear hang over a portable gas stove. The heat will rise in the footwear until they are dry. While this method is effective, there is a potential danger for drying over the direct heat. Taking precautions while drying over the stove is extremely important.

How to keep hiking boots to dry when hiking?

The goal is to maintain the integrity of your leather shoes. Also, hiking with your boots makes it exposed to a lot of water, dirt, or mud. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean your footwear by removing laces first, then brushing it gently to get rid of dust and dirt. Then you can clean it with any saddle soap if it is available.

Waterproofing is also key. It is great to prevent the hazard from happening rather than resolve it. Therefore, waterproof your shoes with any waterproofing spray so that water will not damage your footwear and decrease its longevity. If you do happen to step into a deep puddle and now your footwear may be ruined, don't worry. Just drain the water out by holding it upside down and allow it to dry quickly.


The key is to maintain our leather shoes as close as possible to its natural state. Choosing a method to dry your work boots is crucial. You can opt to use a natural source like the sun or decide to use a shoe dryer. What's important is to make sure that you will not damage the leather or glue which holds the boot in place.

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