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How Heavy is a Wolverine Work Boot?

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Some jobs and workplaces are just too dangerous for workers to go on wearing non-metal shoes. The risk of injuries from falls, crushing, lacerations, punctures, sprains and other common work-related injuries is too high. Workers are required to work with heavy materials, tools, and dangerous equipment.

Always wear shoes that meet ANSI standards which guarantee safety, comfort and flexibility for all professionals working on a dangerous environment. They do this by reinforcing the toe with a plate of steel or sometimes even a steel midsole too, to provide safety from punctures.

These layers provide bulletproof protection and durability. Traditionally, this has always led to an increase on the weight of the shoe, that causes fatigue and discomfort on the user. On top of that, these shoes also create a lot of noise and vibration when the person wearing them walks by. Different manufacturers have been able to design their specific models with varying weight, style, size, and utility.

On average, a steel-toed leather shoe with a reinforced midsole and fur lining will weight over 4 lbs. However, if the shaft is raised a little higher to provide added support and protection to the user, the weight might increase a little over 5 lbs.

Keep in mind that these figures were based from my Favorite Wolverine shoes and it can vary for different brands and models.

This disadvantage gave steel-toed shoes a bad reputation and therefore were feared by consumers, reducing their sales and popularity. This got manufacturers into rethinking the whole design and they started investing in ways to make these boots lightweight and flexible.

Manufacturers started replacing steel with aluminum which is 2.5 times lighter than steel. Others designed composite toe boots. Some even replaced the leather uppers with synthetic material which are lighter. Besides being heavyweight, Steel toe boots are also an inconvenience in places where workers have to pass through metal detectors for security reasons.

However, work shoes with steel toe cap or midsole are still a priority for a lot of sites such as the construction industry and other heavy industries due to their sturdiness and high level of protection.

Therefore, if you're required by your profession to wear steel-toed shoes, now is a good time to research and purchase a new pair of steel-toed shoes.

As a few brands especially Wolverine, have been able to come up with a steel-toed shoe that weighs a little or lot less than the traditional steel-reinforced work shoes. These boots are also added with proper cushioning to provide comfort and reduce fatigue.

Wolverine's Steel Toe Boots

Like all steel toe shoes, the Wolverine 1916 Men's 10 Inch Wellington Brown Work Boots also seem like they're quite heavy, but the catch is that they are not.

They weigh 75% less than the traditional steel toe shoes, which is the biggest relief you could get when looking for a steel-toed work shoe. It gives you freedom from the fatigue that wearing traditional steel-toed shoes causes you.

Designed into a hybrid of the Wellington style and a cowboy shoe, these are made of genuine, full-grain leather that is light brown, easy to clean and gives a soft touch feeling.

They provide the best comfort any steel-toed work shoe can give due to their poron insoles, which is a shock-absorbing polyurethane cushion comforting every part of your feet.

Below them is the rubber midsole which is also a part of the shock absorption system and is reinforced with a nonmetallic fiberglass shank. They are made extremely durable especially by the Goodyear welt construction which guarantees solid stitching all around the base of each shoe and can be repaired several times increasing the life of these shoes.

The outsole makes the boot extremely useful, protective and durable due to its oil and slip-resistant nature. All these layers add up to form a lightweight design, freeing your feet and leg muscles from the strain that other shoes from this category would cause you.

All these advantages make the Wolverine 1916 10 Inch Wellington work shoe much desirable than other shoes of the same category. Therefore, we highly recommend these to you if you're looking for a good pair of steel-toed work shoes that won't weigh you down.


From here onwards we leave the rest to you but just with a few considerations. Make sure whatever safety boots you buy, their toe box provides enough room for your toe to relax and breathe, a wide, low and flat heel, and lastly, fastening across the footsteps that prevents from slipping off of surfaces.

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