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Effective Methods To Clean Your Leather Boots

How To Clean Leather Boots featured image

Leather boots have been a staple for men’s and women’s fashion starting from the 1800s. Today, leather shoes are still being worn for many occasions. You can wear it for work, school, formal wear or casual wear. They are comfortable, durable, and reliable. If they are made correctly, they can last up to five years.Incredible,…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Make Your Boots Waterproof

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Many people, such as hunters and hikers, require a great pair of hiking shoes to carry out their different activities at ease. They not only need them for their efficiency but also for the comfort they provide.Imagine the discomfort that you have to suffer when traversing snow wearing cold, wet shoes. For them to do…

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Effective & Easy Home Remedies to Cure Foot Pain (Infographics)

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The feet is an intricate part of the body that comprises of bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, and nervous and vascular supply. These play a role in helping your feet carry out important functions.However, sometimes, certain causes can have detrimental effects on your feet, which will lead to foot pain. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive home…

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Stylish Ways To Wear Chelsea Boots

how to wear chelsea boots featured image

ashion is always changing. Trends fade in and out as the years go by. Nevertheless, there are still certain fashion trends that are alive and flourishing, even in 2019.Chelsea shoes are a good example. These footwear originated in the Victorian era, which shows that it is a testament of time. Back then, these shoes were…

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How To Make Your Leather Boots Last Longer

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If you don’t pair of shoes, then you likely know how pleasing it can be to see them shining like a beacon on your shoe rack. To get this shine, you need to polish your boots with dedication and care.However, it is not easy to polish your shoes to achieve that ethereal shine that we…

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How To Prevent Sweaty Feet: Tips & Home Treatments

Sweaty Feet Home Remedies featured image

Everyone has experienced sweaty foot at least once in their lifetime. The sensation may range from uncomfortable to decreasing their overall quality of life. Hence, many people seek out the answers to, ‘Why do my foot sweat?’.What you need to know is that you are not alone in this fight. And that there are many…

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Effective Ways to Dry Your Boots Fast

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There are various ways of expressing ourselves, and you can do so with suitable footwear. Selecting the proper boots will not only express a statement but will also fit the purpose. Whether you are ready to go on an adventure or just love the ruggedness of style, every boot has a purpose.It is heartwarming when…

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Easy Tips How To Get Rid Of Odor In Boots

How To Get Rid Of Odor In Boots featured image

If you have a job that requires wearing safety shoes all day long, you are sure to be familiar with this problem.You come home after a long, grueling day and pull off your shoes and watch as the cats fall over and die. Okay, maybe nothing so dramatic. But the odor from shoes that have…

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Easy Tips To Buff and Polish Your Boots

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The leather is probably one of the toughest materials we use for clothing and shoes. It can last for several years if treated right.But that brings the next question…How to take care of leather shoes?Can I extend the life of my leather shoes?How often should I polish so I can maintain it’s shine?Here are some…

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