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Best Firefighter Station Boots – 2020 Our In-Depth Guide

Best Firefighter Station Boots featured image

Tragedies don’t knock at our door when they arrive. We more or less never see them coming except for a fistful of brave sons of the soil who are always willing to risk their lives when the disaster hits.The role of firefighters in gaining control over catastrophic events such as building fires, forest fires, etc.…

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Our Top 7 Work Boots for Plantar Faciitis 2020 Reviewed

best work boots for plantar fasciitis featured image

For those of you who don’t know what plantar fasciitis is and why is there a separate list of shoes for it, keep reading this article.Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition where the ligament at the bottom of the foot, joining the heel to the toe, is strained. This can cause a lot of pain…

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7 Best Boots for Rucking – Reviews & Rating 2020

Best Boots for Rucking image

Rucking is quickly catching on as the latest fitness trend in the west. Aside from running, you can also do rucking. It is perfect for people who are not in the habit of going to a gym and working out like professional athletes. You can ruck alone or with a loved one or a group…

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6 Top Rated Waterproof Military (Tactical) Boots – Reviews & Ratings 2020

best waterproof military boots featured image

Anyone who has taken his or her combat shoes in rough, rugged terrain and stepped into puddles and ponds, knows the importance of quality waterproof shoes. Water seeping into your boots in cold winter days can make your life unbearable. Similarly, walking through snow might make your shoes wet, not just from the outside, from…

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8 Best Black Combat Boots – Comprehensive Review 2020

Best Black Combat Boots image

Footwear is something we are concerned about every day. Whether we should use loafers or sneakers, its something everyone has thought of. But what if there was a better option? That option is a pair of black combat shoes.Black army shoes are a great fashion statement that’s made its way out of military complexes and…

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7 Best Work Boots for Sweaty Feet – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

best work boots for sweaty feet featured image

If your work involves being on your feet for the rest of the day, sweaty foot is a problem that you probably have to deal with at some point.It can be uncomfortable to the point that it may affect your performance, and the smell can be hard to deal with for the people around you.Let…

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Our 3 Top Picks for the Best Police Winter Boots – 2020 Reviews

best winter police boots featured image

Policemen are not commonly deployed outside their country, state, or even city. However, that doesn’t mean their job is any easier. Wearing that uniform and footwear while keeping the city safe and functional is not an easy job. Moreover, their job can get tougher if their shoes are not giving their feet the right comfort,…

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9 Best Military Hiking Boots (Combat Boots) – 2020 Full Buyer’s Guide

best military hiking boot image

We know some of you might be wondering if military shoes are suitable for hiking since they have been known as very rigid and heavy. The answer is yes. Military shoes can not only be used for hiking. They work wonders, given the latest military shoes that feature everything you probably didn’t know.The latest military…

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