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How the First Boots are Made

History of Boots featured image

Okay, let’s go back to ancient times.Ever wonder what kind of boots they wear?Well, let’s find out.The earliest boots consist of separate covering for the foot and lower leg. Sometime, around 1000 BC, the two-piece footwear was permanently welded together to form a single unit. This has been the configuration for all modern boots nowadays.…

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Is It Expensive to Resole Work Boots?

how much does it cost to resole work boots featured image

Very often, we see people throwing away their used shoes because of a slightly worn-out tread or fraying stitching. Its because they either do not know that their shoes could be resoled perfectly, or they think that the resoling would cost as much as buying a new shoe. That, however, is not the truth. Your…

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How Heavy is a Wolverine Work Boot?

how much does wolverine work boots weigh featured image

Some jobs and workplaces are just too dangerous for workers to go on wearing non-metal shoes. The risk of injuries from falls, crushing, lacerations, punctures, sprains and other common work-related injuries is too high. Workers are required to work with heavy materials, tools, and dangerous equipment.Always wear shoes that meet ANSI standards which guarantee safety,…

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Know What Type of Boots You’re Wearing

Types Of Boots featured image

Boots come in various shapes and sizes and serves many functions. Its function not only depends on the occasion but also on the wearer’s specific needs. Each shoes was crafted with that specific need in mind.Also, shoes have been around for many years. Therefore, the designs have evolved as time passed by.There are many different…

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Updated List of Work-Related Foot Injuries 2020 (Infographic)

Work Related Foot Injuries featured image

Certain professions are associated with particular risks. Whether it may be physical, emotional or mental adverse effects. Feet injuries are one of the physical risks that you can encounter.These work-related feet injuries can lead to a poorer quality of life for the victim. You must make sure that whatever career you pursue, you must prevent…

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Hiking Boots vs Work Boots: What Should I Choose?

Hiking Boots Vs Work Boots featured image

With all the options out there, choosing the perfect boots can be daunting. However, the critical question you should ask yourself is the purpose of your intended purchase.Are you looking for a casual boot that will go with a nice pair of jeans? Or are you in the market for something more task-oriented – say…

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Foot Injuries From Running: Types & Treatments

Types of Foot Injuries From Running featured image

Running is an activity that everyone should partake in. It is rich in many health benefits, which is why health care professionals highly recommend it.Some of these benefits include strengthening bones and muscles, staving off adverse cardiovascular events, maintaining a healthy weight, and improved mood and health. These are just the tip of the iceberg…

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