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Our 5 Top Rated Summer Work Boots – 2020 Reviews

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Ahh, summer! It's the best season by far. It is when people usually go out and enjoy the sun on the beach. 

However, working under the scorching heat is a different story. It's torturous especially when you have a physically tiring job. Can you imagine the blazing heat glaring on your eyes and touching your skin while you are working? What's more concerning are the dangers of prolonged sun exposure. Some of those would include dehydration, fatigue and heatstroke.

With that said, it is time to take advanced steps in safety when working in the summer heat. One of those is investing in a good work boot. Wearing breathable and comfortable footwear can at least reduce the burden and protect workers from possible risks of working under the sun.

At the end of this article, you'll be confident to pick the right footwear for you. We'll discuss a few tips on how to choose the best boots for summer and lay down features that you need to find when boot shopping. 

Top 5 Summer Work Boots Reviewed

Timberland - Waterproof

This brand is a best seller! Timberland is one of the most popular brands when it comes to producing high-quality footwear, may it be for women, men, kids, and other types. This is an ankle boot type that is made of 100% leather. The shaft measures about 4.75" from arch. The seam-sealed, full-grain uppers make it waterproof.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about lacing problems because it has a speed lace hardware. It also comes with hooks for a more secure fitting. It also has a padded collar for added comfort.

Timberland Ankle Boot image

This boot is a great investment! Do you want to know why? This is because of its versatility. You can use it not only for working but also for other activities like hiking and other outdoor adventures. What’s more impressive about it is that you can also use it for casual wear. It is stylish that you can rock an everyday look with it.



  • Waterproof

  • Speed Lacing

  • Comfortable

  • Versatile

  • Stylish

  • Lacks Durability

Wolverine - Composite Toe

The next product that we recommend is a 6-inch composite toe work boot. It has a rubber sole and is made of 100% leather and textile. If comfort is important for you, you must choose this boot. It has an Ortholite cushioned footbed that makes your feet pain-free even after a day of tiring work. What makes it even better is that it is removable. It also has a waterproof leather shaft and an abrasion-resistant toe.

What makes this boot impressive is that it can protect you from accidents because its outsole is slip, oil, water, and chemical-resistant. Moreover, it is flexible due to its Contour Welt construction so you can surely move freely with these boots. It is also thin and lightweight which makes your feet fit perfectly.

Wolverine Work Boot image

Also, if you have sweaty feet, this boot is great for you. It can keep your feet dry even in the hottest weather conditions due to its breathable membrane. This feature makes this brand perfect to wear during the summer season.


  • Waterproof

  • Abrasion-resistant

  • Waterproof

  • Chemical-resistant

  • Lightweight


  • Durability Issues

EVER BOOTS - Construction

This brand is also a best seller! This is a soft toe boot made of full-grain leather with a shaft measuring 7 inches from the arch. It has a slip-resistant rubber sole.

This boot is great to use in industrial settings because of its durability due to its Goodyear welt construction. When it comes to comfort, this boot won’t disappoint you. It has a removable cushion insole that cradles your feet to avoid foot soreness. It also has a steel shank for pressure relief.

It is great for workers on-the-go because it has a speedy hook system that makes it easy to wear. Unlike other boot brands, Ever boots are true to size. So if you plan to buy these, you won’t need to size up or down.

EVER BOOTS Work Boots image

Buyers are satisfied with their purchase saying that it is a dependable all-around boot that has great safety protection.


  • Slip-resistant

  • True to Size

  • Comfort

  • Safety Protection

  • Durable


  • No Refund

KEEN Utility - Leather

KEEN Utility is a popular brand when it comes to the work boot industry. What makes this an ideal summer working boots is its breathable mesh panels. It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear due to its molded EVA midsole. It has a padded tongue and collar for added comfort. 

Like other amazing boots on our list, this is also made of 100% leather. What makes this brand even more unique is that it has a non-marking rubber sole.

KEEN Utility Work Boot image

Buyers loved this product. They said that it is breathable and provides excellent support. Others said that it performs well even when used in outdoor activities like hiking. If you have sweaty feet, this boot can keep your feet dry all day.


  • Breathable

  • Comfortable

  • Non-marking

  • Pure Leather


  • Durability Issues

Red Wing - Classic

Last, but not least is the Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Moc boot. This boot brand is known for producing high-quality and durable footwear for years. Red Wing had been making handmade shoes for the U.S. Military during the World Wars. 

It has a synthetic sole and a briar oil slick leather shaft which measures 5 inches from the arch. The boot opening has a diameter of 6 inches so it would be easy for you to put it on. It also has nickel eyelets and a traction tread cushion outsole.

Red Wing Heritage Moc Boot image

Aside from using it as a work boot, it can also be perfect to use with your casual wear due to its rugged look. It has a Norwegian welt construction which makes it durable and suitable for hard-wearing. What makes this boot even better is its comfortable and waterproof feature. If you want to invest in a boot that can last, the Red Wing is a good choice for you.


  • Great Traction

  • Stylish

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Waterproof


  • Big Sizing

What to Consider in Buying a Work Boot for Hot Weather

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Choosing a boot with safety protection features is essential especially for laborers who are working in dangerous settings. A lot of injuries and accidents happen in the workplace and choosing the right boot can save you and your foot. 

Protective features include electrical hazard resistance, slip and oil resistance, and waterproofing. Also, boots with steel toes are more effective protection from impacts and heavy objects. You can also opt for composite toes as these are lighter versions of steel toes that can have equal protection features. However, these are more expensive.

Breathability and Ventilation

Breathability is an important feature to look for in a boot when you are working in the summer heat. The hot season can make your feet sweat and choosing a boot that is not breathable can cause discomfort. A breathable boot keeps your feet dry and cool since breathability contributes to air circulation. Also, a breathable boot can prevent foot odor even if you are wearing them all day.

Boots that are made of fabric or mesh are more breathable than other types. These can allow moisture to escape from your boot. 


Durability is a factor that is important to look for when buying any kind of boot. Buying a boot that would wear off after just a few days of wearing can be stressful. It’s just like you threw away some bucks, right?

If you want a durable boot, you must be willing to invest in a brand that makes boots from high-quality materials. This can make you spend more, but, remember that spending on an expensive brand is better than buying a cheap boot with soles that easily fall off. Durable boots are important for summer because they were made from quality materials and constructed to withstand hot temperatures.


Lightweight boots are more suitable for summer since these types are more breathable and comfortable to wear. Wearing a lightweight boot can increase your performance at work. However, if you are going to choose a light boot, remember to check its protective quality. There are great boots in the market that are light but offer the same protection as heavy-duty boots.


An uncomfortable boot makes a tiring day of work even more exhausting. Comfort is a feature that every worker deserves to have in a boot. Working in a hot setting can cause fatigue and an uncomfortable boot can add to the burden.

In choosing a comfortable boot, you must look for a brand with shock-absorbing midsoles or cushioned footbeds. Shock absorption serves as an added comfort especially when you are working all day.


Insulation is a primary feature to look for when buying a work boot for winter. However, an insulated boot is not ideal for summer since it can make your feet hot. This can increase your body temperature which may lead to more serious heat complications like heat stroke. A non-insulated work boot is more breathable and ventilated so make sure to choose this type when making a purchase.


If you work in a setting with slippery and wet grounds, choosing a slip-resistant boot is essential to prevent accidents from happening. A rubber sole provides more traction than any other type. A lot of accidents happen in the workplace and it can even cost your life. Investing in a slip-resistant boot can make you do your tasks smoothly without slipping or falling.


Choosing the right material when buying a boot is important for summer. The type of material that makes up a boot can affect its breathability, comfort, and weight. Make sure to choose the type that will be suitable for high temperatures. Fabric or mesh boot types are more advisable since it allows moisture to escape leaving your feet dry all day.

Arch Support

The arch support of any footwear is an important feature to look for since the arch carries our weight. Working all day with a boot that has poor support can lead to problems like back and body pains or even fallen arches. If you want to avoid these health concerns that will eventually affect your performance at work, remember to choose a supportive boot.


Remember that waterproofing and water-resistance are not the same. Choosing a waterproof boot is essential for workers who work outdoors. You need a waterproof boot when you work in muddy and wet worksites. 

Can you imagine your feet get soaked and you have to endure it all day? Not only will it be uncomfortable but it can also make your feet more prone to moisture and infections. It can also be an attractive site for odor-causing bacteria. Also, choosing a waterproof boot can be very beneficial during rainy days.

Benefits of Choosing a Good Summer Working Boot

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Choosing the best boot for summer can assure you that your feet will be protected from any dangers. Summer work boots are usually made of light materials but can still give you sturdy protection. Usually, workers prefer a heavy-duty boot for more protection. However, little did they know that there are light and breathable types that can offer the same protection as heavy types. 


Working under the scorching heat of the sun can make your work even more tiring. Choosing a breathable work boot for summer can make you feel cooler despite the high temperature. This can reduce the risk of heat problems like dehydration and heatstroke. It can also make you work comfortably and perform better in accomplishing your tasks.


The hot weather can make your feet sweat especially when you are doing an exhausting job. This can be a problem if you are not wearing a boot that is suitable for summer. Wearing a boot that lacks ventilation can accumulate sweat and lead to more serious infections. A summer work boot assures you that your feet will stay dry even if you are wearing it all day.

Risks of Using a Bad Working Boot in Summer

You should not have second thoughts on spending extra dollars on great work boots. Using a substandard work boot can cause problems like discomfort and irritability. It will be very difficult for you to perform your job well when these problems occur.

Here's a few things that can happen when you fail to use a suitable work boot during the hot season.

Cracked Skin

A cracked heel problem is common during the winter season. However, did you know that it can also happen during the summer? Wearing a boot that lacks ventilation can make your feet soaked in sweat. 

To avoid this, you should wash your feet after a hot working day and apply a moisturizer around the heels.


A blister is another problem that you might encounter. These fluid-filled bumps can be painful and can cause real discomfort. This is caused by the frequent rubbing of your feet against your uncomfortable shoes.

To prevent this, it is recommended that you find a comfortable boot that fits you perfectly. The problem with wrong sizing is that your feet tend to move independently when you walk and can cause friction. Also, remember to rest your feet when you feel pain.

Athlete’s Foot

This is an achy and itchy foot problem that is commonly experienced during summer. This foot condition is caused by a bacterial and fungal infection. When you're using the wrong boots for summer, your feet will be soaked in sweat and would further cause this infection. It usually starts in the toes and gradually spreads out to the rest of the foot. 

If you want to prevent this from happening, you should wear socks and breathable footwear to prevent moisture from accumulating on your boot.

Fungal Infection

Just like an athlete's foot, this condition is caused by wet feet. The hot and humid weather during the summer season can cause the feet to sweat and attract the fungus to grow. This can also be prevented by wearing the right boots for summer and wearing socks.

Sweaty Feet

Having sweaty feet is very common during the summer season. This, however, needs to be prevented as it can cause other foot problems like a fungal infection, bad odor, or athlete’s foot. This can be prevented by not wearing heavy boots and thick socks. Also, you should wash your feet with soap every night and allow it to breathe.

Elongated Toenails

Having long toenails can be a problem especially when they bump into your boots. You must clean, cut it regularly and keep them short at all times.

Tips in Working During the Hot Season

Stay Hydrated

During the summer season, a lot of workers faint while working on their tasks. This is because heat is depleting water in your body and thus causes dehydration. 

Just a reminder to always keep your body hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is the best preventive tip we can share to avoid dehydration.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct exposure to the sun can negatively affect your body. It can cause your temperature to rise which can eventually lead to a more serious condition like heatstroke. If you can’t avoid working under the sun, make sure that you take a short break under a shaded area to maintain your body temperature. Another option is to wear a hat for protection. 

Make a Day Plan

The heat during the summer season can increase fatigue. This is why we recommend you to plan your day and make sure to schedule rest times. If your tasks were planned and organized, you'll not only save time but also finish the work on time.


Resting is important during the summer season. Overworking and overexerting yourself can cause you to feel dizzy and dehydrated. It is important to finish your tasks, however, it is also important to prioritize rest because this season can lead you to suffer from more serious health conditions.

Invest in a Good Work Boot

A lot of workers feel that buying a boot for summer is not necessary. However, let us tell you this. Investing in an appropriate heat resistant work boot for the hot season is worth it because it is for your safety. It can also make you work comfortably and allow you to finish your tasks without experiencing foot problems and pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of socks is ideal in hot weather conditions?

We are all aware that cotton is a cool fabric. However, cotton socks are not advisable to wear during the warm season. This is because cotton socks tend to absorb sweat and keep the moisture in your boots. If you want something that will keep your feet dry all day, wear synthetic fiber and wool types. 

Is a steel toe or composite toe better for summer?

Both are better when it comes to providing foot protection. However, we recommend composite toe better because it is lightweight and is more suitable for working in hot weather conditions.

What is the best summer work boot brand for women?

The boots on our list can also be great for women. Aside from these great brands, the Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus is also a great choice.

What is best for workers with wide feet?

The KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee wide work boot is great for workers with wide feet because it has an asymmetrical steel toe that assures great fitting. 


Working in summer may be a challenge because the hot weather may add up to the fatigue that you are feeling while doing your tasks. We hope we have provided some helpful tips that you can take when you plan to go on a boot shopping for the hot weather.

Don’t be scared to spend extra bucks when purchasing because investing in a good work boot during this season means investing in your comfort and safety.

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