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Our Top 7 Work Boots for Plantar Faciitis 2020 Reviewed

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For those of you who don't know what plantar fasciitis is and why is there a separate list of shoes for it, keep reading this article.

Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition where the ligament at the bottom of the foot, joining the heel to the toe, is strained. This can cause a lot of pain for an individual.

Do you feel such pain after working or walking in your shoes for several hours or maybe a whole day? If you do, then you might want to read more about it. You can also consult a doctor to make sure that everything is fine. Also, choosing a shoe from our list can help you relieve the pain.

For those who are already sure that they have Plantar Fasciitis, then they are on the exactly right page to find what shoe would make their life easier. We have also included a guide at the end to help you choose the right shoe and what else to add or subtract from a shoe to make it better for you. So, read on.

7 Top Picks of Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis Reviewed

So here is a list of our carefully crafted and tested shoes that will ease your foot while you worry about your work.

Caterpillar - Oil Resistant

Originally designed for the construction workers and engineers, the Caterpillar has become one of the most well-reputed and loved boots by all. The shoemaker has made sure that these boots provide everything a man needs from waterproof leather to padded collars and from style to a 200g insulation to keep your feet warm and dry in all weathers.

Since these boots were made for professionals working in hard areas, their durability was their main concern. Therefore, they came up with a very fine steel toe, a synthetic rubber outsole, and 100% leather that can withstand abuse for years without any signs.

Caterpillar Steel Toe Work Boot image

The next thing Caterpillar made sure was to provide comfort because discomfort would lead to pain. Pain will significantly decrease employee's productivity. They came up with an ERGO comfort system that guarantees flexibility and natural movement of your feet.

And lastly, the lace-up leather shaft supports your movement better than anything else. So, all in all, Caterpillar Men's Second Shift are our best working winter boots as well as the most affordable shoes for plantar fasciitis.



  • Waterproof

  • Weather Resistant

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Support

  • Sole Falls Off

WOLVERINE - Steel-toed

Wolverine is another brand you will find very common in lists of winter boots. Not just for planter Fasciitis, but for almost all categories.

The DuraShock soles absorb external stresses and shocks quite well, giving you the stability you need to work. They are further fitted with compression pads at the toe and heel areas to absorb shocks and prevent your feet and legs from their impact.

Wolverine Raider Contour WELT image

The outsole is durable and water-resistant but, more importantly, slip-resistant preventing you from sliding or falling. For better traction, grip, and stability, the outsole is equipped with advanced tread design. On top of this outsole is the PU midsole, fitted with a fiberglass shank. Above that is the removable polymer footbed, which is responsible for the comfort of your feet.

The upper layer of the shoe is made from a type of full-grain leather, a trademark of Wolverine performance, which is stain and scuff resistant. More importantly, the same leather is responsible for restricting moisture from outside but allows the moisture inside to escape.

Wolverine shoes have their significance when it comes to style, and these shoes depict the same trend. Conclusively, Wolverine has addressed every aspect in this shoe, making it one of our top-rated shoes for plantar fasciitis.


  • Shock Absorption

  • Durable

  • Water Resistant

  • Slip-resistant

  • Stain and Scuff Resistant


  • Stitching Problems

Timberland - Slip-resistant

Timberland has been a frontrunner in durable and comfortable boots due to its amazing craftsmanship since 1973. Their boots are specifically targeted for those whose work requires them to work in the field for long hours and distances.

The Pitboss is a testimony to their promises. Take, for example, it's comfort, for which they have equipped it with a steel toe box and a removable sock liner. The toe box provides a small room for the toe to relax, whereas the sock-liner provides extreme comfort and prevents injuries such as blisters.

Timberland PRO Pit Boss Steel-Toe image

What's more important for comfort is Timberland's PRO 24/7 Comfort Suspension technology, which does wonder for the feet by reducing foot fatigue and supports the arch during long hours on site. The padded top collars further enhance comfort.

The Pitboss is equipped with oil-, water-, abrasion- and slip-resistant leather and outsole, ensuring their ability to survive all-terrain and environment. The PU midsoles are durable and comfortable.

The shoes come with Cambrelle fabric linings for anti-odor treatment. The soft toe box is as tough as a steel toe box while avoiding detection at security checks.

Climate-conscious consumers love timberland because of their commitment to using sustainable and recycled materials in their shoes and footwear packaging. The brand is also known for its commitment and contribution to Corporate social responsibility.

In short, the Timberland Pitboss is our recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis.


  • Comfortable

  • Arch Support

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Slip Resistant

  • Durable


  • May Hurt Your Ankle

KEEN - Breathable

Now is the turn for our favorite shoes made for plantar fasciitis.

KEEN has been able to amaze us with their Utility Men's Flint Mid Work Shoe. These shoes provide the ultimate comfort your feet need when they are supposed to consistently for long hours.

First off, they come with asymmetrical toe protection that gives your toes room for breathability, which is a great relief for feet with Plantar Fascia.

KEEN Utility Mid Work Boot image

Furthermore, it is moderate waterproof because it has a breathable membrane, put in place to let your feet dry. The same membrane is responsible for making the overall shoe lightweight, which makes wearing these boots easier and comfortable.

The more the breathable a boot is, the less it will sink, and therefore, the less the chance of any possible infection such as blisters.

The innersole gives your feet the arch support you need and adjusts to the natural contours of the feet. They are also responsible for making the shoe very easy to break into for your feet, hence why we recommend these boots for flatfooted people as well.

Now, do you still have questions like "are KEEN shoes good for plantar fasciitis?".


  • Comfortable

  • Toe Protection

  • Breathable

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to Wear


  • Not Waterproof

Skechers - Pure Leather

The USA Verdict by Skechers is one of the best men's work boots for plantar fasciitis.

They are durable, they are waterproof, and they are flexible, but most important of all, they break into your feet right in.

The padded tongue ensures toe protection, whereas a cushioned insole ensures maximum comfort and arch support. The rubber outsole is very sturdy, provides superior traction, and is quite durable against abrasion and stains.

Skechers Verdict Boot image

What makes this boot so appealing is its style, allowing you to wear that at work and casual strolls, both. Therefore, they can be considered very good fashion boots for plantar fasciitis.

The suede leather not only looks good but ensures water retention, thus making them one of the best winter boots for plantar fasciitis. However, they are not least breathable, so we won't recommend them for someone living in warm areas because they can become too hot then.

An added note: If your feet are wide, do not buy a bigger side because they come in two sizes for every no: narrow and wide.


  • Durable

  • Waterproof

  • Flexible

  • Toe Protection

  • Arch Support


  • May Be Hot

Irish Setter - Heat Resistant

The Irish Setter is one of the best men's sneakers for plantar fasciitis because it has a casual style without sacrificing anything a boot has. This Irish Setter boot has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its multipurpose nature.

The Trout Brook leather is specially crafted for the brand by America's own S.B. Foot Tanning Company in Red Wing, Minnesota. The leather is durable, oil-resistant, and waterproof while making sure the style stays casual.

Irish Setter 83605 Work Boot image

The boot features a triple-stitched mock toe, a padded collar, and metal eyelets for laces. The outsole is extra thick and made from rubber wedge for slip resistance as well as electrical current resistant.

The boots come with a removable polyurethane footbed that is significantly responsible for the underfoot cushioning while the EVA midsole is responsible for the rest. This is the reason why most users have reviewed them as the easiest to break into.

These boots might seem a little expensive, but they are truly worth it.


  • Multipurpose

  • Durable

  • Oil Resistant

  • Electrical Hazard Resistant

  • Easy to Break In


  • Pricey

Thorogood - Safety Toe

If you are looking for ankle boots for plantar fasciitis, don't worry, we've selected this boot, especially for all you ankle boot lovers out there.

Now, we know these boots are quite expensive but hear us out. Thorogood has been a big name in the game for quite a long time, and its demand all over the world is a testimony of high-quality human-made US products.

Thorogood American Heritage Safety Toe image

This boot will provide the best cushion for your under-feet, supporting your arch and absorbing all the shocks. This is especially good for anyone with plantar fasciitis or flatfoot. Their comfort can be felt as soon as they come out of the box.

The outsole is resistant to electric shocks while it grips on the ground better than any other boot out of these.

The leather is 100% pure, and the upper is Goodyear storm welt constructed, ensuring durability, comfortability, and stylish look. The boot has a fiberglass shank that provides you warmth, protection, and comfort.

The quality these boots showcase is unmatched, and therefore it's in our list of the Best footwear for plantar fasciitis.


  • Arch Support

  • Shock Absorption

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Stylish


  • Stitching Problems

What to Look for in a Plantar Fasciitis Work Boot?

plantar faciitis boot image

Now that we have provided you with a list of boots, each with its unique characteristic, for dealing with Plantar Fasciitis, we also want to guide you with what you should look for. You must have your compass to decide what's better for you because you might like a boot that's not on our list. So here we are going to mention a few things you should look for in your boots:

Lower Heels

Since plantar fasciitis is a pain in a tendon, the best way to avoid increasing that pain is not to put it under stress. Its recommended by running coaches and physicians that while running, we should land on our feet's toe first rather than landing on the center or heel of the foot.

This is also the reason why all shoes, especially running shoes, come with a thicker heel cushion. This incline in the shoe is called a Heel drop, and every shoe needs to have it. However, a higher heel drop could backfire, causing minor pain.

Supportive Footbed

A supportive and contoured footbed that adjusts to your lower feet and supports the arch is all you need to prevent your strained tendon or ligament.

Shock Absorbing Insole

Most of the shoes come with removable insoles. If your shoes do not have supportive insoles or footbed, try replacing them or adding another one on top. Your insoles can have multiple features, but shock absorption is a must.

Lace-up Boots

If you have plantar fasciitis, prioritize lace-up boots over Zipper boots or pull-on work boots, simply because they are not as adjustable.

Customizable Orthotics

You can order customizable orthotics that will be specifically designed to support your feet. Ortholite, a company that makes customizable orthotics, will send you their "open-cell Slow Recovery Foam." You can wear this foam, and after a few wears, it will take the shape of your lower foot and stay the same forever, giving you long-lasting and personalized support.

Other brands will provide you with removable insoles matching your lower feet after you send them a moldable gel kit having your foot imprint or visit their office personally.

What You Need to Know About Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is simply a condition where the ligament called the Plantar fascia is strained. Most experts suggest that this is due to an overstressed ligament, which can be caused by wrong footwear. However, some experts suggest that your feet are not strong enough and that using comfortable inserts or shoes is only going to lend you some time.

Therefore, if you experience this condition and using orthotics and stretching is not helping you. We would recommend that you first check your fitness level and consider making a daily walking habit but do it gradually and take breaks in between. Stretching of the right type, before and after a walk or run, can do wonders. Don't do a walk of 10km or more on your first day because that will cause immense pain since your ligament is weak.

Check your stride and see if you land on the heel. See if your boots have good heel support or not. Visit a physician or podiatrist and consult your condition and find out its treatment.

Lifestyle change

A very common cause of Plantar Fasciitis, according to physicians, is being overweight. Too much weight can become a problem for you, the ligaments in your feet. Therefore, if you are overweight or obese, its time you take your eating habits and your exercise more seriously.

Try resting and applying a pack of ice on the bottom of the foot

If your work requires you to stand long hours at your feet, then you need to consider an adequate rest time or maybe, considering changing your job.


It is a scary option. If you've tried everything, but your pain doesn't seem to go away, then surgery is your last resort. However, only resort to this when you've tried all non-invasive methods of overcoming the pain and failed.

Importance of a Good Work Boot for People with Plantar Fasciitis

plantar faciitis sufferer image

People with plantar fasciitis need to have good work boots. It's equally important for the company to provide its employees with the right boots. It makes sense because if a company is making an employee work in an environment for long hours, then it is the responsibility of the company to provide him with the right footwear.

If a company does not do so, the consequences will not only be a loss of labor productivity, but it can also turn into legal battles. Which would cost much more than getting your employees the right work boots? Remember, safety should always come first, and an employee who is valued by his employer will value his company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pull-on boots recommended?

Pull-on boots aren't that bad, but most of them are not as adjustable as laced-up boots. So, if a pair of boots adjust right according to your comfort, keep using it. Otherwise, it's better to switch laced-up boots.

What are the best tactical boots for plantar fasciitis?

There can not be one shoe for everyone. Every individual should buy a shoe based on his comfort and need.

Are these brands doctors recommended?

Yes, these brands are recommended by doctors. However, if the pain is too severe, then it's better to consult a physician before making a purchase.


Plantar Fasciitis can become very painful, especially for those professionals whose work required them to stand or walk for hours at hand. Therefore, each individual should spend some time researching the right shoes, the non-invasive treatments, and then spending money to make their life easier.

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