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6 Highest Rated Work Boots for Flat Feet – 2020 Reviewed

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Why should I research on these work shoes? Why do you need specialized work boots for flat feet? What makes it different from the rest?

These questions can go on and on. There are a considerable number of factors behind it that need extensive research and checking before putting your money into it.

Flat-footed people should wear boots specified for this condition because it can not only provide comfort but also give you the right support to your arches and heels.

With that said, I came up with this brief outline of the top-rated work boots designed for flat feet for 2020. This list is according to the best type and best brands available in the market.

Your 10 minutes is enough to read this article. I'm sure that you'll find what's best for you here.

So, let's go straight to it!

Our Top 6 Work Boots For Flat Feet Reviewed

Wolverine Men's W04821 - Removable Insoles

Wolverine W04821 is our best pick if you have flat feet. Produced by an iconic all American brand and manufacturer, Wolverine is your go-to work boots for protection and comfort while working on an 8-12 hours shift.

What makes it special?

Wolverine W04821 Buccaneer image

These shoes are made from beautiful waterproof leather to ensure security against getting your feet wet inside. Whatever terrain or weight-bearing activity you are into, its flexibility powered by its ContourWelt™ structure can do the works.

Wolverine MultiShox® is created for a superior level of comfort. Its removable insoles and slip-proof rubber outsoles are a catch that no other boots have. These insoles can when adjusted to each user's preference of cushioning the feet.

NOTE: Before making a purchase, please be advised to look into the features and specifications of these boots if you are suffering from fallen arches.



  • Waterproof

  • Cushioned footbed for extra comfort

  • Made from leather

  • Removable footbed

  • Lining and insole can prevent feet from sweating

  • Rubber soles to prevent slipping

  • Flexible because of Wolverine Contour Welt® construction

  • The manufacturer provides a free return policy on purchases made within 30 days.

  • Sold for a very affordable price

  • Rubber soles make squeaking sounds

  • "Break-in" stage might take a few days

  • Leather will have scuffs in time

Caterpillar - Ideal for Construction Workers

The brand itself speaks of how well known and reliable these shoes are. This footwear was designed to give the proper support, comfort, and style for your feet. It can withstand any weather conditions too. And when it comes to durability, CAT shoes are your best bet to add in your wardrobe daily. 

What makes it stand out?

CAT developed these ergonomic shoes to mainly support the foot to make every move comfortable, secure, and flexible. Each contour helps in promoting the feet to make every step smooth.

Caterpillar Diagnostic Steel Toe Work Boot image

It is perfect if you have flat foot and working on a construction site. It was well designed and padded for added support and comfort. A layer of the thermal insulator was added to keep the feet warm during frigid days.


  • Steel toe to protect feet from falling objects

  • EVA insoles with gel technology

  • Generously padded

  • Nylon mesh fabric to prevent feet from sweating


  • Soles can break easily after a few months

  • Eyelets for laces can easily pop out

Irish Setter Men's 83605 - Can Withstand Heat

It was back in the 20th century in Red Wing, Minnesota, where Charles Beckman saw the need for specialized shoes for local workers like miners, loggers, and farmers.

He saw the toughness and roughness of these jobs, which later on gave way to newly developed work boots that exactly cater to each worker's needs. The company opened in 1905 and changed the market for work boots.

Irish Setter 83605 image

The Irish Setter 83605 work boots were created to accommodate once again people who need it most. These boots were designed to provide support on the arch area and heel, which are in no doubt considered to be on the best list.

Bring it on! It's your best resort if you're working on highly electrical hazard sites or jobs involved with extreme heat.

With its removable footbed, you can carefully adjust the padding to your preference, which makes it perfect for people who have fallen arches. Its non-woven lining helps your feet not to sweat and aid in giving you the right kind of comfort.


  • Outsoles can withstand the heat of up to 475°F

  • Safe in electrically hazardous working areas or places

  • Made from Trout Brook Leather

  • Water-resistant

  • The insole is removable

  • The heel counter is molded to give the optimum support and comfort


  • Few seams came out

  • Size can be an issue

  • Can get your feet wet if it's raining hard

Dunham Cloud Mid-Cut - Foam Insert

Manufactured by Dunham, these boots were designed and affordably priced to fit your lifestyle. Its sheer perfection makes work, outdoor, and casual styling effortless. When it comes to asking which has the perfect fit, nothing beats Dunham!

What makes it ideal?

If you have flat feet and you're the adventurous type of person, well, these mid-cut boots are the right one for you.

Dunham Cloud image

Its high-quality foam insert is well compact while its open-cell foam can adjust to the shape of the foot and thus distributes the pressure inside the shoes.

The TRU-TRAK® outsoles were developed to give you further traction, support, and the utmost comfort on the arches of your feet and heels.


  • Waterproof leather

  • The mid-cut collar provides excellent ankle support

  • TRU-TRAK® outsoles have the maximum traction that makes it slip-resistant

  • Strong laces

  • It has toe guards


  • Not waterproof

  • Seams tears easy

Timberland PRO - Rubber Outsoles

Timberland is a globally known brand and has dominated the shoe industry. The company is well known for developing stylish, durable, and sturdy work boots specifically for flat feet that can stand any terrain.

Why should you choose these boots?

Timberland PRO has an advanced technology that is safe and designed to give comfort to fallen arches or flat feet.

Timberland Pit Boss image

If you're working long shifts, then these boots are the right choice. You can say goodbye to foot pain even after wearing them 24/7 because it's front foot box is soft and full enough to let your toes move freely.

You don't have to worry about slipping while on duty. Its rubber outsoles are so unique that you can use them while working on oily or wet surfaces. What's more is that it's even safe to electrical hazard workplaces, which makes it impressive!


  • The boot shaft measures 6' from the arch of the feet

  • Rubber soles that make it slip-resistant

  • Electric hazard

  • Cushioned and removable insoles

  • Wide toe box


  • Makes feet sweaty and gives feet a lousy odor

  • It can cause blisters on the feet, even if it has insoles

Skechers - Ideal for Any Terrain

Skechers is another brand well-known in the shoe industry. They design and develop footwear that catches the attention of most fashionable men and women of all ages.

Their line of products is made from high-quality materials, has lots of variations to choose from, and won't hurt your pocket, which most consumers of these days are looking for.

Skechers Mariner utility boot image

Why did we choose it?

The Mariner Utility boots for men was designed to conquer any terrain type. It is made to reasonably secure your arches and heels to cater to fallen arches problems. The soles of these boots provide traction for wet surfaces, thus preventing you from slipping.

Just by merely looking it, it can already tell you that these indeed were thoroughly created. The stitches are aligned correctly on the heel going to its toes. Its toe box is intended to be wider to make it comfortable for your toes to move.

These boots are unquestionably one of our favorites because it can not only serve as a work boot but can also match any casual outfit.


  • Lugged soles are human-made

  • Well padded collar and tongue for more added comfort


  • Soles are a bit slippery

  • Size can be a problem

  • The middle part of the boots can be narrow for some

What to Look for in a Work Boot for Flat Feet

flat feet image

Sole Support

People who are working all day and suffering from fallen arches must have the right kind of boots for support. Its soles should be firm. It shouldn't be padded or cushioned.

The soles needs to be flat and shouldn't have the heel-toe-drop like feel of what running shoes can do. It should be flexible but not too firm.

Note that double-checking the toe box width can also be helpful. Be sure that it's wide enough for your toes to move and spread out.


These work boots should be durable, shouldn't break, and should keep its stitches from unraveling. Choose something that is manufactured by a reputable brand so you could enjoy its warranty too.


It is just right to wear the most comfortable working boots if you have this foot condition. Your shoes should not bend in the middle, but rather provide firmness on the heel and arch area of the feet.

Often than not, added insoles or other doctor's recommendations like orthopedic tools are for further support and comfort.

Arch Support

The primary purpose of wearing special footwear for flat feet is to help the feet maintain its balance and position. With proper cushioning, these boots can give added support to the inner part of the foot or arch. It's imperative to check the specifications of each shoe before buying.

Heel size

Go for mid-sized heels as it can give almost the same protection as a full-sized heel. Mid-sized are thinner and can provide more comfort without any extra pressure on the arch of the feet - which is what we want.


It's not a doubt that pull on boots is comfortable to wear, but unacceptable and not recommended for flat-footed people. No laces mean that these boots are rigid on the areas that shouldn't be.


Who says that you can't be fashionable even with flat feet? Your style still matters, and how you feel when wearing it should be considered.


Look into materials used for making these boots. Be it synthetic, plastic, or leather that will all depend on your choice.

What Are Flat Feet?

Try to observe an adult foot. If you noticed an upward curve in the middle, that curve is called the arch.

This arch is made up of tendons attached to the heels and foot bones. Some other muscles located on the legs and ankles also aid in forming this arch in your feet.

So what is flat feet then?

Flat feet, or also known as pes planus or fallen arches, is a common deformity seen in adults. Characterized by a rotating movement towards the midline and plantar flexion of the talus, soles of the feet move away from the median plane of the calcaneus, arches in your feet are flattened, thus makes it completely touching the floor when standing up.

What Causes Flat-Footedness?

In Children

It is normal for babies and toddlers to not have the arch on their feet. Most babies will develop these arches in time, but not for a few. Bear in mind that this is a normal foot type variation, and people with fallen arches may or may not have problems.

Some kids may have a flexible flat foot, which is a visible arch when seated or standing while on tiptoe but can disappear when he/she is standing. It can be outgrown, and most of the time, there'll be no problems associated with it.

In Adults

  • Abnormality on the feet since birth
  • Overstretched or a cut on the tendons
  • Damage or injury of the posterior tibial tendon
  • Dislocated bones or broken bones
  • Medical conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, etc.
  • Problems with the nerves

Other Medical Conditions That Can Increase Your Risk

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Aging
  • Pregnancy

Symptoms of Having Flat Feet

  1. Feet get tired easily
  2. Pain on the arches of the feet
  3. Swollen soles
  4. Difficulty in moving
  5. Pain on the leg
  6. Tightness on the heels

Testing and Diagnosis

Diagnosis In Children

Kids should be checked by a professional. A pediatrician can assist in the diagnosis of this condition. If the child doesn't have pain in the affected area, then there's no need for the child to undergo testing.

But for those kids that are complaining about pain on their feet should be checked and examined. A well trained pediatric orthopedic doctor can perform the task, including reviewing and completing all related medical history concerning the child's foot condition.

The physician can perform a physical or visual examination depending on its severity. The child should be ready to answer simple questions and describe the pain intensity.
Doctor may ask the child to walk, stand, or run so he can assess the child's feet. Be ready to have the kid's daily shoes worn during each assessment because the physician will have to evaluate the wearing patterns and identify what's causing the pain.

If the child is experiencing severe pain, the doctor might order another series of tests. Usually, imaging tests will be the next move - X-rays, EOS imaging, CT scan, or MRI.


If this is not causing pain on the feet, no treatment is necessary.

 Non-surgical treatment

Doctors might recommend the following to help alleviate the pain.

  1. Arch supports — This can be worn even with shoes. It is recommended to help decrease symptoms and ease the pain. Readily available through OTC or can be custom- made for a better fit.
  2. Supportive shoes — It's best to wear shoes that can better provide arch support.
  3. Stretching exercises — Stretching the Achilles tendon can help.
  4. Physical therapy — Therapy sessions can help in further analysis of what needs to be corrected.
  5. Rest — Do not engage in weight-bearing activities like jumping and running. Introduce swimming, walking, and biking activities.
  6. Medications — Analgesics or pain relievers can help reduce pain.
  7. Weight loss — For kids that are overweight, a controlled weight loss plan can help to remove further tension on the feet.


This procedure will only require those that have a foot or leg problem. Injuries like torn Achilles tendon, a fusion between bones, extra bone, or other known conditions, need surgery.

Follow-up care

Kids with flat feet do not need long-term care. But if the pain is persistent, have the kid checked again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can these be used for hiking?

Yes, some work boots for flat feet can be used for hiking.

Is it safe for flat-footed people to stand all day?

It is not recommended for people who have this condition to stand all day. It is still safe to do so as long as you are wearing the right boots specially made for flat feet.

Should I worry about being flat-footed?

The answer is yes, and no.

Most patients with this condition claim that it is painless, but can also be painful when doing physical activities using the legs, ankles, and heels. The pain is usually generalized on the soles of your feet, ankles, or around the feet.

Is it more common in men than in women?

According to statics, this foot condition occurs about 3x more in men than in females, especially after the age of 40 due to some medical and environmental factors like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, damage of posterior tibial tendon, and many more.


Wearing these work boots for flat feet can have a significant impact on your daily work experience. Wearing them means rewarding yourself with comfort and security for your feet.
You don't deserve to live in pain!

With all these boots brand can offer, all you have to do is choose the best and let the footwear work its wonder in providing you great comfort on your arches and heels.

Flat-footed persons should carefully pick the right features and specifications of these boots. Read through our buying guide or the pros and cons of each product review to help you choose the right one.

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