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Best Work Boot for (Auto) Mechanics 2020

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Mechanics are well aware of the likelihood of heavy materials falling on their feet. There’s also the possibility of stepping on sharp objects due to the nature of the job.

If you want to avoid troubles and gory injuries, then safety procedures need to be put in place to curb this issue. No matter how careful you are, things happen, and what better way to keep yourself from possibly having feet with multiple scars than getting a shoe that protects your feet. Work shoes are considered to be tough, oil-resistant, and have natural flexibility that can fit the bill perfectly.

Why are Work Boots Essential for Mechanics?

Auto mechanics has a hazardous working environment, and mostly their nature of operation to numerous dangers such as electrical hazards, slippery oily floors, and unexpected heavyweight droppings are, to name a few.

Helmets and gloves are the first sought after safety equipment in any mechanic working environment and with work shoes paid not much emphasis.

Work shoes are designed to minimize injuries from unexpected accidents. Depending on their brand and overall characteristics, their features are vital factors to look into protecting the user against all meager potential harms, including severe and life-threatening activities.

We clearly understand the importance of work shoes, and with well-grounded research, we've put together a list of what we feel are the best working boots mechanics should you consider when purchasing.

Our Top 6 Best Work Boots For Mechanics Reviewed

Just Original - Handcrafted in the USA

The Justin Original Work shoes, crafted in the United States, tops our list due to precise precision and quality for the price. They are one of the best work shoes out there. This brand is performing exceptionally well in any adverse working environment.


These shoes come in a variety of colors and sizes. A critical feature worth noting is its steel-toe protection for mechanic workers.

Justin Original Work Boot Image

The boots come with a rubber sole, which protects mechanics against any possible slippery floors and also provides much-needed ankle support with padded ankle guards.


The interiors are very comfortable, making the boot very usable over long work hour stretches, which is a plus mechanic operation that usually involves long working hours.



  • Water-resistant

  • Very comfortable

  • Ankle pad protection

  • Steel toe protection

  • Highly durable leather finish

  • Sizes can be a little inaccurate for larger feet

Thorogood - Polyurethane Footbed

The Thorogood Men's Gen Flex 2 series is a product from one of the United States' most trusted brands, making it a sure-fire product in terms of quality. The Genflex boots offer a safety toe and safety shank with a bold design that makes it easy to remove footbeds.


This statement piece on your feet offers a much-needed grip and tightening over your feet. 

Thorogood Mens Genflex image

It also has metal eyelets and hooks, making up a lace system that makes lacing not only quick but also efficient as well. These shoes also offer much-needed toe, side, and heel support against injuries.


The Thorogood Gen flex contains a very supportive shank that provides much-needed support as well as a gel-infused midsole for added grip and shock absorption. The soles are also removable allowing for customization based on the working environment.


  • Toe-side – ankle bumpers

  • Gel-infused midsole

  • Removable soles

  • Protective shank

  • Removable insoles


  • Quite costly to purchase

Wolverine - Steel-Toe

The Wolverine men’s steel shoes, as the name suggests, provides that dogged feel whenever you throw it on. These shoes have all of the protective features that will protect your feet in the workshop, all thanks to an unfazed leather design, lightweight and breathability features.


Made from flexible leather, Wolverine Raider boots has an ankle shaft that’s 6 inches tall for much-needed protection.

Wolverine Steel Toe image

These shoes are oil, heat, chemical, and slip-resistant. Thanks to the manufacturer and their ingenuity to carefully construct this design. The shoes also have an ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 approved steel toe for electrical hazard resistance.


The Wolverine is lightweight and has comfort gel pads that absorb shock while in motion. The transferred bounce to the feet is because of the shocks as added features. The lightweight shank also offers much-needed support across the arches and restrains the forefoot from moving around too much. The footwear also have removable insoles.


  • Steel toe protection

  • Removable insoles

  • Electrical hazard resistance

  • Crossdress look


  • Laces wear over time

KEEN Utility - Waterproof

Keen Utility Pittsburgh work shoes with the look of a hiker shoes is one of the few waterproof mechanic shoes you can find in the market.

They offer necessary toe protection, and with its multi-versatility, it is perfect for outdoor usage, and very beneficial to mechanics.

These footwears have a sleek design and are up for any dangers mechanics face when in a hazardous working environment.

KEEN Utility Pittsburgh image


The Keen Utility Pittsburgh work shoes offer a multicolor design with four color options to choose from, and each model has attractive laces and heels with splashes of contrast. The top part is constructed from leather and fabric for that premium feel with the Keen signature imprinted on it. Best feature if Keen is its waterproof leather membrane for additional protection from getting your feet wet. The shoes also have toe and heel bumpers for further protection from scratch and shock.


These footwears come with a full-length TPU shank that protects your Achilles, thereby providing heel and ankle support. The exceptional support from Keens' custom heel lock system keeps your heel stable and prevents ankle locking.


  • Steel toe protection

  • Dry waterproofing membrane

  • Multiple color variants

  • TPU shank protection


  • Quite tedious to put on

Dr. Martens - Industry Boots

If you require superior strength and stabilizing traction, then the DR Martens Ironbridge boots should be the right candidate too. With a slip and oil-resistant PVC outsole, heat-sealed, and guaranteed durability.


These shoes feature a tread design that is guaranteed to keep up with whichever tough terrain you go through.

Dr Martens Ironbridge Image

The DR. Martens Ironbridge offers padded footbeds that deliver soft support from toe to heel while also keeping your feet dry with the moisture-wicking lining. With its ASTM approved steel toe, it can protect you while working through the most extreme environmental conditions.


These shoes feature a tread design that is guaranteed to keep up with whichever tough terrain you go through. The DR. Martens Ironbridge offers padded footbeds that deliver soft support from toe to heel while also keeping your feet dry with the moisture-wicking lining. With its ASTM approved steel toe, it can protect you while working through the most extreme environmental conditions.


  • Full leather body

  • Water-resistant

  • Removable insole


  • Soles tend to break off over time

Timberland PRO- Unique Comfort System

The Timberland Pro men’s Pit Boss boots are high quality and comfort boots that come in at a very reasonable price. These shoes have excellent premium safety features with a lightweight design for much-needed flexibility.


The Timberland Pro Men’s Pit Boss boots have that casual look and feel, making it multifunctional depending on preference.

Timberland PRO image

The shoes feature smooth and blemish-free leather with a padded collar for better ankle support. These shoes come with an ANSI rated steel toe design for feet support and a cambrelle lining that prevents smelly feet.


The Timberland Pro Men's Pit Boss boots come with a Nylon shank that gives your Achilles enough support, so standing on ladders would never hurt your feet. These boots don't have a restriction on movement except for needless ones. With an open-cell polyurethane footbed, your feet are sure to remain fresh.


  • Reasonably lightweight

  • Electrical hazard resistance

  • Removable insole

  • Steel Toe


  • Soles can rip off is not maintained properly

Shopper's Guide: Work Boots for Mechanics

mechanic image

Toe Protection

The best mechanic boots have reinforced toe protection plates that can withstand the weight of heavy items falling on your feet. The mechanic profession involves hazardous environments with a high risk of injuries. Wearing boots with toe protection can assure users against these scenarios.

Steel toes and composite toe protection are ASTM rated for safety. Composite toes are lighter compared to steel toe protection. Better to confirm the toe protection quality before shopping for work boots as some brands claim to contain this feature, but in reality, they aren’t ASTM rated.

Boot Soles

The mechanic workspace usually has various residues on the floor, thereby exposing them to potentially slipping and further result in horrendous injuries as you can fall on sharp objects.

A right mechanic boots should have strong and flexible soles that allow users free movement, but should also protect against any unusual movements while wearing it. The soles should not break or crack on repeated pressure over time and should be oil and slip resistance.

One wrong action can send you to the ER due to accident and injury, but if the construction of the soles were perfect, it most likely not be the case.


Mechanics, as most of us know, tend to work long hours in a day. This can sadly result in sweaty feet. Sweating on the feet is because of the constant stress on the feet and friction while on the move.

Blisters and scars are also some of the potential risks when wearing the boots for hours, but with having a well-padded, and designed work boot, this wouldn’t be the case. A right mechanic work boot should have a comfortable insole, which can prevent pain during strenuous working situations.

Some boots even go as far as providing removable insoles to give the user an option to remove or change it depending on personal preference and feet condition.


Who would want to work while your feet are soaking with water or chemicals? None of us for sure!

Waterproofing is another factor you should consider when purchasing any work boot. Waterproofing is excellent for rainy days and wet workspaces. It is a crucial factor that you do not want to miss, but would always be dependent on the nature of your workstation and work environment.

The Gore-Tex technology that some manufacturers develop is highly valuable because they make the boots lightweight and resistant to water.

Electrical Hazard Resistance

Surely electric shocks aren’t fun experiences. Electrical hazards are also a factor you should consider before purchasing any boots. Electrical accidents can be life-threatening.

If you are a mechanic who works with electrical related machinery, you should have an idea of the potential of stepping on exposed wire or circuit.

Electrical hazard safety is co-related to passing to the standards or ratings of ASTM. Always make sure to check this because the ratings will show how much shock impact the boots can withstand.


Working as an auto mechanic involves movement. There's a big possibility that when mechanics try to move quickly, they can incur injuries or worst-case scenario, accidents. With that in mind, you’ll need the best protection for your feet to prevent these from happening.

Most work boot producing companies take that into account and create boots that do not only contain various pads for protection but also support the ankle with bracing to restrict specific movements.

Insoles play a vital role in absorbing impact when walking on rough surfaces. So, when getting a work boot, it is essential to look into the insoles too.


Traction is a critical feature that all work boots should have. The possibility of stepping on oily floors is no new news to mechanics. The best solution to that problem is to choose oil-resistant work boots that offer grip to prevent skidding on contact with a slippery surface.

Soles of the boots should offer sufficient grips like the ones used for hiking, adventure sports, or other outdoor activities. The need for traction is a must as it can also save you from having injuries.


Being a mechanic is quite a strenuous job due to physical and mental requirements. You wouldn't want any foot discomfort to add up to the task.

If you have sweaty or blistered feet, you would be tempted to remove your shoes due to the pain or discomfort. Luckily, most mechanic work boots have you covered with relaxing innersoles and provision for your feet to breathe.


Before purchasing any mechanic work boot, you seriously need to ask yourself a few questions like what type of environment do I work in? What agents or chemicals are likely going to encounter while working in the shop? How quick would I need to have my shoes on?

The best mechanic work boots offer several extra and significant features such as water resistance, speed lacing system, and removable insoles. And always, you would need to consider what best suits you before shopping.


Yes, consider your pocket size when purchasing any mechanic work boot. We have covered several products based on features, pricing, and availability. If you consider these features, well, surely you can get the perfect pair of boots from the list above.

Regardless of your shoe budget, you can assure that we have you covered as products on our list have reasonable value price tags. You should also take into consideration that less spending is often related to less value. It won't be a problem if you choose the right fit and read the features of each boot before buying.

Institutions that are Responsible for Safety Standards


The Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) generally affects Mexican and Canadian carriers or vocations, which are subject to the Federal Motor Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). These are carriers that involve transporting passengers or cargo and hazardous materials for interstate commerce purposes.


The international society of automation (ISA) has been at the forefront of developing standards in manufacturing and process industries. They have a functional Safety-safety Instrumented System (SIS) specifically designed for the industrial sector. They have no limitations regarding scope as they have various standards taken at hand by manufacturers all over the world.


American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) uses codes in setting various safety standards for footwear. They rate shoes not only based on safety but also on several other features like gender and date of the rating. An example of an ASTM code is; ASTM F2131-11 M 1/75 C/75 EH PR.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Best Brand for a Heavy Equipment Mechanic?

There’s no specific brand that you can narrow your view to when considering which offers the best safety for heavy equipment mechanics, all you need to do is analyze boot features and pick according to what you feel would best work for you.

Are there Non-Slip Types?

Yes, there are nonslip type work boot brands such as the Merrell, sketchers, and others, respectively. But in terms of mechanic work boots, in particular, manufacturers clearly understand the nature of the job and its potential risks. They ensure all boots offer some grip function to prevent falling.

Are there Brands for Women?

Work boots are for women too. Mechanic work boots are mostly for the user's safety and protection. Although fashion is something that they consider, some brands offer casual style and feel. Boots for men also have different variants, so for ladies in the field of auto mechanic career, all you need to do is choose a reputable brand then find a smaller size and strap-on.


Work boots are so important that they can be the determining factor between safety and injury. All kinds of tools drop while mechanics do their job in the workshop. Mechanics can injure their feet, which is a no-brainer that all mechanics should have safety work boots while working.

The best work boots offer a foray of safety assistance and prevention, to name a few, oil resistance, waterproofing, and slip resistance are critical features to look into. They offer all of this and more with no hindrance to movement, thereby ensuring that you are safe and can definitely improve user's work efficiency. The reviews listed in this article are in-depth, and we are confident that you would find something that suits you best.

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