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10 Top Pick of Best Winter Work Boots – 2020 Updated Reviews

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Working in winter isn’t easy especially if you don’t have the right winter working boots. When your work requires you to walk through snow or sleet, you need proper boots that can keep you in the balance as well as keep your feet warm. On construction sites, this can become worse as you're supposed to be on your feet for most of your day.

To help you find the right winter construction boots, we’ve compiled this list based on the features we think as necessary to deal with the cold on construction sites. We hope you’ll leave this article with a boot that makes your life easier.

Top 10 Work Boots for Winter Review

Timberland PRO - Waterproof

We’re kicking off our list with the best construction winter boot that we know of. The Timberland Pro is designed to provide you everything from durability to insulation and from waterproofing to comfort. Nothing gets left behind but it sure comes with a cost.

 However, if you’re working in a tough environment and you want to get your hands on a pair of boots that break in with your feet easily, then the price of this boot won’t bother you. Even on the first day of wearing these boots, you'll know that you've put your money in the right place. Besides, its equipped with a top-notch anti-fatigue technology that comforts you even on your most tiresome days.

Timberland PROComposite-Toe Work and Hunt Boot image

Made from premium full-grain leather, this mid-high boot guarantees superior insulation while keeping the style on point. Keep in mind, this boot comes in a few different variants differentiated on the bases of insulation. Starting from 200g of insulation for a mild cold to 1000g for extreme cold weather. However, we would recommend you stick to the lower end of insulation to keep the weight of the boot as low as possible.

We found the rubber outsole very sturdy. It can survive the harshest of abrasions. It also ensures maximum traction while its midsole coupled with a fiberglass shank ensures the best support for your feet. Instead of using a steel toe box, it has a rubber toe box to avoid increasing the weight of the boot.

The lacing is super easy and fast while the insole is removable and comfy. Keeping all this in mind we decided to rank it as the best cold weather work boots.



  • Waterproof

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to Break-in

  • Anti-fatigue Technology

  • Easy Lacing System

  • Durability of Leather

Muck Boot - Imported

This brand makes some of the best and warmest winter work boot of all. This one is of a similar line as it can keep your feet warm even in -40 ° when there is deep snow or slush. If your work requires you to walk in frigid weather where the snow reaches your knees, then these boots will keep your feet and legs protected from the cold, the shocks and the moisture.

 Made from a collection of rubber and neoprene, these will provide warmth and waterproofing up to 14 inches. The rubber outsole contains lugs to guarantee the best traction while you’re walking through snow or slush. We found it quite comfortable but keep in mind the toe box isn’t steel reinforced.

Muck Boot Arctic Sport winter Boot image

However, the style is quite catchy and doesn’t get distorted with a moderate kind of abrasion. Some buyers claim that a pair of this boot has survived for 4+ years. Even if it survives two years for you, it’s worth the price.


  • Warm

  • Waterproof

  • Great Traction

  • Comfortable


  • Not Stylish

KEEN Utility - Breathable

These are another pair of great boots for snow and ice. We highly recommend these if your priority is American made boots that last long and provide superior comfort. They are so sturdy and durable that some buyers claim that they’ve survived for 3+ years even with the harshest of abuse.

We know you’re more interested in the insulation of boots right now and that is what we are going to inform you about. Coming in with a 600gm of insulation and a Dri-Lex Waterproof Membrane Liner, these boots will keep your feet warm and dry even during extreme snow and slush. Don’t worry about breathability as well because these construction winter boots ensure that by providing the breathing nylon mesh in the uppers.

KEEN Utility Comp Toe Work Boot image

In terms of safety and functionality, this boot is also great. It has a composite toe box that provides enough protection to keep you safe whilst also ensuring to not burden your feet with too much weight. This composite toe box is also better than steel because it does not conduct cold as steel does.

The outsole delivers quite well in terms of oil and slip-resistance. The outsole and midsole collectively absorb all kinds of shock, proving quite effecting for workers in construction sites. Excellent support is delivered by the thermoplastic polyurethane shank. Keeping all this in view, we highly recommend these insulated work boots for winter.


  • Durable

  • Insulated

  • Waterproof

  • Breathable


  • Not Steel Toed

Carhartt - Composite Toe

These good-looking boots are one of the best men’s winter work boots. They don't just look tough; they are tough enough to withstand the harshest of abuse. Made from a durable brown oil-tanned leather, abrasion-resistant Cordura and black abrasion-resistant leather to ensure they deliver on the durability while delivering high performance in other aspects.

 To ensure ultimate safety, they are made compliant to ASTM 2413-11 standard for electrical hazards. Therefore, you can work carefree in an environment where there is a risk of loose wires and live currents. Furthermore, to keep you safe from fires as well as frostbite, these boots are equipped with1000 grams of LiteFire insulation.

Carhartt Composite Toe Boot image

To ensure your feet are dry these boots are equipped with an excellent waterproof ability membrane while also providing a nylon mesh to ensure breathability. Additionally, being tall gives them the advantage of keeping your feet dry even when you walk through puddles or water up to 1 foot. The rubber padding on the collar ensures no moisture seeps from above.

 The outsole is very sturdy and will keep you in balance even on the most slippery surfaces. It will also not be deteriorated by chemicals or abuse. The midsole is quite efficient at absorbing shocks while the composite toe box is quite good at protecting your toes from falling objects.

 Also, these boots do not compromise on comfort. They are equipped with the OrthoLite insoles that keep your feet relax, soothing and get going. You should definitely buy these boots for snow and ice. Keep in mind, they provide a bit more room then the Keen Boots.


  • Stylish

  • Durable

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Waterproof

  • Comfortable


  • Bigger Sizing

EVER BOOTS - Comfortable

If your budget is low, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy good winter work boots. These from EVER Boots ensure that they keep your feet warm and energized while you work in cold environments. However, they are not for extreme cold weather. They are nice looking shoes for moderately cold weather.

They do provide good comfort and long-lasting durability due to their removable cushion insoles and good year welt construction. The rubber outsoles are sturdy and ensure good traction. The steel shank gives excellent support. Although, the company proclaims that these boots are ½ a size bigger than Caterpillar or Timberlands, but many buyers claim that these boots broke in with their feet with in the first wear.

EVER BOOTS Construction boot image

Since they are optimal for engineers and professionals to wear in offices and not sites, they are equipped with a soft toe box which helps keep the weight of the boot low. Therefore, they are not optimal for dangerous environments where there is a risk of falling objects.


  • Affordable

  • Comfortable

  • Durable

  • No Break-in Period


  • Not Suitable for Extreme Cold

KINGSHOW - Slip Resistant

These are other snow working boots in the low-price range delivering great value for money. We'll be honest with you by letting you know that these boots aren't as durable as the other boots in this list. Sure, they'll survive one winter season or two, if you take good care of them but not more than that. They will also not withstand as much abrasion as the other boots in this list.

KINGSHOW Snow Boot image

Other than this, these are great boots in terms of style, comfort, and traction. They are waterproof as well as warm enough for moderate snow and slush. If you're low on budget this season than you can try these for a winter or two while you save for the more expensive ones.


  • Affordable

  • Stylish

  • Comfortable

  • Good Traction

  • Waterproof


  • Durability Issues

Kamik - Oil Resistant

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of extreme cold-weather work boots, then this pair from the Kamik's will work wonderfully for you. They are extremely warm and prove effective in prevention against moisture from outside. They don’t wear out easily and are resistant to chemical or oil stains.

They are also quite good at keeping you in balance on slippery surfaces, but their disadvantage is that they are not breathable. If you wear them for many hours on end and do chores that cause sweat, that sweat is going to stay there until you take the boots off to let it dry.

Kamik Icebreaker Work Boot image

They are easy to put on and they are quite stylish. They'll work quite well on hiking expeditions to colder regions. However, keep in mind to buy a size ½ bigger than the ones you normally wear. For a price like this, it's hard to find such good cold weather work boots.


  • Affordable

  • Good for Extreme Cold

  • Chemical and Oil Resistant

  • Slip Resistant

  • Easy to Put On


  • Lacks Breathability

NORTIV - Great Support

This is another thermal work boot, that proves quite effective in many aspects whilst being very affordable. Its 200gm Thermolite insulation makes it optimal for temperatures as low as -25F. The rubber padded collar and snug fit lacing make sure your feet stay warm. The outsole is also quite good enough to provide the finest traction in snowy and slippery terrain.

NORTIV Work Snow Boots image

These boots are waterproof and breathable. The Cushioned EVA footbed provides the first-class comfort while the rubber outsole quite efficiently withstands abrasion, oil and chemical contact.

They are also kept lightweight to avoid fatiguing the feet. You can try this pair if you have a low budget and still want to avail all these features.


  • Affordable

  • Great Traction

  • Waterproof

  • Breathable

  • Lightweight


  • Eyelet Issue

Wolverine - Leather

Can there be a list of work boots without a wolverine boot in it? We don’t think so. Wolverine boots never disappoint and therefore, we selected these for your wintertime as they are quite suitable for the cold weather.

Surprisingly, they are quite warm and waterproof for a price this low. However, they do lack the durability that other boots in this list have. Some buyers say they work only for 6 months, usually giving up on the color.

Wolverine Dublin W04780 Boot image

Although 6 months might seem like a very short life for snow working boots like we said it first, they are very affordable, warm and waterproof. The comfort is also superb while the outsoles provide amazing traction.

If you're being required to work in snowy winter for once and you don't expect to be working in the same cold for another winter, then we suggest you try these and save your self a lot of money. Being a renowned brand, Wolverine won't disappoint you.


  • Warm

  • Waterproof

  • Affordable

  • Good Traction


  • Lacks Durability

Chippewa - Electrical Hazard Resistant

Last but not the least, the Chippewa Men’s EH logger is one of the best steel toed winter boots. This brand has been a front runner in making work boots for Americans for over a century. Their boots never disappoint either in fashion or function. This is why we’ve brought this one for your winter work life to keep your feet warm, safe and energized.

Chippewa uses hand-craftsmanship and premium raw products to create the best quality boots. Similarly, these boots also deliver the durability, warmth, comfort, and support you expect from the best safety toe winter boots in the world. They are made compliant to ASTM standards, for impact and compression as well as compliant for electrical hazards. This allows you to work care-free in riskier environments.

Chippewa Steel-Toe Logger Boot image

The company’s proprietary Chip-A-Tex delivers the best waterproofing while the Dri-lex lining guarantees marvelous breathability. If you can afford these, we would strongly suggest that you don't waste any more of your time and purchase these. Just make sure you confirm the right size for your feet before placing the order.


  • Stylish

  • Durable

  • Warm

  • Comfortable

  • Electric Resistant


  • Lace Issues

What to Consider in Choosing the Best Cold Weather Work Boot for Winter?

The company’s proprietary Chip-A-Tex delivers the best waterproofing while the Dri-lex lining guarantees marvelous breathability. If you can afford these, we would strongly suggest that you don't waste any more of your time and purchase these. Just make sure you confirm the right size for your feet before placing the order.

Safety Toe Protection

We know how important the safety of your toe is and we also know how vulnerable they are on construction sites, but steel toe boots are not always feasible. Steel and other metals, although they ensure safety, add a lot of weight to the boot and they conduct cold which can be detrimental to your feet's health in winters. Switching to composite toe boots will not only reduce the unnecessary weight but also avoid conducting the cold.  

Don’t worry, a good composite toes box is also impenetrable for most nails and they can prevent against impacts and accidents as well. Therefore, if the risk of accidents is not too high, we highly suggest you switch to composite toe work boots for winter.


Before you buy a winter logging boots, ensure you’re buying the one that has insulation enough for your needs. Insulations start from 200g and go all the way form 400g and 600g to 1000g for the most extreme cold weather. 

However, not everyone needs the warmest winter work boots as they can cause sweating, if the cold is not enough and become a burden on your feet. So, buy boots with insulation enough for your environment.


No matter where you work, waterproof boots are a necessity, but it becomes more urgent in winters, especially in snowy winters. Try getting your hands-on waterproof lining, especially the ones reviewed as “good” by buyers. We suggest you buy from our list as all of the boots recommended are waterproof.


Lastly, traction is also a very important feature to look for when buying a pair of cold weather work boots as the surface is usually prone to slips due to snow and sleet. Make sure they have moderate lugs at least. Being slip and oil resistant is also a must feature for boots for snow and ice.

Benefits of Buying a Winter Work Boot

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Stay Protected From Sicknesses

Buying a winter work boot can save you from sickness by keeping your feet warm even during extreme cold or snow. Keep in mind our feet are sensitive and if they are protected from the cold. We would not be able to function.

Avoid Injuries

A good thermal work boot will have good enough traction to prevent slips and falls that are often caused by ice. Thereby preventing you from injuries that are very common in workplaces. A normal shoe might not do the same.

Prevention from Moisture

Although moisture inside a boot is a big problem, no matter what the season is but it becomes crucial during winter. That's because the moisture in winter is cold and can cause much more irritation than it can for the rest of the year.

Why the Winter Season is Challenging for Workers?

Winter is the most challenging season for workers as their feet are prone to the cold, thereby irritating them and reducing their productivity. In the case of snow, this situation can get much worse as there is a risk of moisture seeping in through the uppers and causing frostbite.

Floors are also slippery due to ice and workers can fall off them if they don't have the right shoes. Although extreme cold weather work boots have been around for centuries all most all of them tend to weigh too much and cause fatigue.

Recent advancements in craftsmanship and products have allowed manufactures to produce boots of every category with every feature. Now you can have the warmest and protective boots that are comfortable and lightweight as well.

Workers Who Need an Insulated Work Boot For Winter

Although, everyone, except for those living in southern regions, needs to have at least one pair of warm boots for the winter. It doesn't mean that these boots are meant just for workers but anyone who leaves their home, either it's for a casual walk down the park or a dash to get your chores done. Therefore, everyone must have at least one pair of winter boots but for workers, it becomes a necessity. These could be:

  • Construction workers
  • Sewage workers
  • Engineers
  • Policemen
  • Delivery boys
  • Fishermen
  • Mechanics
  • Mailmen
  • Shipyard workers
  • Technicians
  • And for all those that working or walking in the snow.

Types of Winter Boot Insulation

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There are four types of winter boot insulations.


This is a very common type of insulation and it's quite effective in retaining the warmth as well as drying the moisture that develops with the boots.

Fleece and Shearling-lined

This is also very good insulation but not suitable for extreme cold weather. This is used in manufacturing casual shoes because of its lightweight and quite comforting.

Removable Wool and Felt Liners

This is a traditional type of insulation that can provide warmth. It can also be removed and replaced. It’s not used very commonly now because it can become expensive.


This is a synthetic fiber form of insulation. It provides warmth while being breathable. It's also flexible allowing your feet to relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good best winter work boot brand for sweaty and smelly feet?

Although we have included only those boots in our list that provide enough breathability to avoid sweat from building within. However, if you're still insisting on knowing the best one then we would name the Keen Utility work boot as the best one for sweaty and smelly feet.

What composite toe boot brand is great for extreme cold weather?

For extremely cold weather, we would name the Carhartt, Kamiks, Mucks, and Chippewa as they have the insulation necessary for such conditions.

What winter work boot brand is great for women?

For winter work boots for women, we would recommend you buy Muck Arctic Adventure Women's Winter Boots. It is lightweight. It has a rubber outsole which makes it waterproof. It alseo provides exeptional warmth which makes it ideal for winter.

Are cheap work boots good for winter?

Yes, the Nortiv and Everboots we’ve included in our link are cheap work boots that are good for winter.


We hope you've not only found your favorite boot from our list, but you're also fully educated on the subject. If you still have some queries, ask them in the comments and we would love to answer them for you.

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