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7 Best Wildland Firefighting Boots – 2020 Reviews & Rating

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Wildland firefighting is one of the toughest jobs there is, and you need shoes that can stand up to the task.

There are work shoes for every kind of job, but you need some specific features to be successful at firefighting in the wildlands.

Compromising on quality is not an option when your life and your teammates are at risk.

That is why we have come up with this list of the seven best work boots. These shoes are specially designed and crafted for firefighting in the wildlands. We are sure that you will be able to find your perfect pair on this list.

Get ready.

7 Best Wildland Firefighting Boots - Reviews & Update

White’s Boots - Lace-To-Toe Boot

Made in the USA, these ten-inch shoes are made of top-quality leather, making them water-resistant and best worn for hardwearing.

The leather is premium full-grain oil-tanned quality, giving it an even longer life than regular leather. They are equipped with a Vibram sole that enhances grip, helping you stay on your feet on any surface.

Additionally, these boots are also completely rebuildable, giving them an even longer life and value.

What do buyers say?

Customers who bought this pair of shoes were pleased with the comfort they provided.

Whites Boots 400VLTT image

The unique arch support system that is built into these shoes provides amazing relief to the heels and midsoles of the feet, which take a lot of pressure.

They are particularly comfortable when walking on uneven ground or on grounds that are covered with loose rocks or gravel. There is also virtually no break-in period, which makes them one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.



  • Water-resistant

  • Durable

  • Good Grip

  • Rebuildable

  • Comfortable

  • Great Pressure Relief

  • Bottom soles might fall out

Scarpa Fuego - Ideal for Outdoor Activities

Although these shoes were designed for climbing, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, and other outdoor pursuits, they are also perfect for firefighting in the wildlands.

They are made of 100% pure leather, which is inherently durable and also resistant to water damage.

Here's more.

They are fitted with Vibram soles that provide excellent grip on slippery surfaces or loose gravel. These shoes have a Pro-Flex XT insole and an EVA-MP midsole that makes it super comfortable to wear for long periods.

Scarpa Fuego image

These boots are very popular among wildland firefighters who serve on the front lines.

What do buyers say?

The durability of these shoes is what makes them so attractive to wildland firefighters. They are also very comfortable, providing great ankle support on uneven surfaces like forest grounds.

The only problem with these shoes is that there is something of a break-in period. This, most of the time, causes some discomfort, especially around the shins. However, most customers said that it was worth it once their shoes were broken in.


  • Water-resistant

  • Durable

  • Slip-resistant

  • Comfortable


  • Difficult to Break-in

Hathorn Smoke Jumper - Made in US

These ten-inch smoke jumpers are made of high-quality leather, which means that they are naturally heavy-duty and water-resistant. It lasts longer than most shoes since the leather is premium full-grain oil-tanned quality.

These firefighting shoes are built with a Vibram sole that offers enhanced grip, improving your mobility, and agility on any surface.

In addition to all this, these shoes are also completely rebuildable. So, you don't need to worry about changing them anytime soon.

What customers say

People who bought this pair of shoes were very satisfied with the comfort they provided.

Hathorn 110V image

They are equipped with a special arch support system in the insole and midsole that provide great comfort to the heels and midsoles of the feet.

They are particularly comfortable when walking on uneven or grounds with stones. It is considered one of the most comfortable boots on the market since there is no break-in period.


  • Heavy-duty

  • Water-resistant

  • Durable

  • Slip-resistant

  • Rebuildable


  • Sizes tend to be bigger

La Sportiva Men's Glacier - Heat Resistant Rubber

Based on the design of classic mountaineering shoes, these firefighting shoes are the first choice for many backcountry firefighters.

These shoes provide comfort that is absent from their standard-issue front line boots. They are lightweight, comfortable, and durable without compromising on the heat resistance, ankle height, and metal shank that are required for this kind of work.

The synthetic sole is resistant to temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius, making these boots an obvious choice for firefighters.

La Sportiva Glacier image

What buyers say

Buyers of this pair of footwear were pleased with the durability and comfort that they got from them. These boots have lasted through five and six-month-long fire seasons without falling apart.

They are insulated, making it somewhat bothersome on really hot days, but it protects the feet from getting burned, which is the main priority of firefighting shoes.

Overall, the comfort and durability of these shoes make them very popular among wildland firefighters.


  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable

  • Durable

  • Heat Resistant


  • Can De-laminate Easily

Danner - Athletic Design Sole

These lightweight work shoes are designed after the classic alpine hiking shoes, making them very effective in firefighting in the wildlands.

They combine the athletic and supportive fit of traditional hiking boots with the toughness and durability of a great pair of firefighting shoes.

There is ample room around the toes, giving you plenty of wiggle room and comfort. The heel is designed to have a firm grip on any surface, thus increasing your mobility and decreasing your chances of taking a fall.

Danner Wildland Safety Boot image

How about the reviews?

These boots are a great choice for wildland firefighting due to the comfort they provide. The insulation makes them get a bit hot during firefights, but most firefighters feel that the tradeoff is more than worth it.

There is some discomfort in the beginning during the break-in period that does last a few days, but it is reportedly not super uncomfortable and is very easy to get through.


  • Lightweight

  • Good Support

  • Durable

  • Spacious Insole


  • Insulation is weak

AdTec Men's 1964 - Fire Resistant Lace

Made with 100% genuine leather, these ten-inch work shoes are as tough as nails. The leather is full-grain and is resistant to high temperatures of up to 500 degrees, making these shoes ideal for firefighting.

The Goodyear Welt construction is what makes them tough enough for wildland firefighters. Even the laces of these shoes are resistant to high heat and flames.

How about the reviews?

People who bought these work shoes were very satisfied with the comfort that they provide. The insole is plush and comfortable, reducing the pressure on the soles and heels of the feet.

AdTec Mens 1964 image

The heels of the shoes provide excellent grip on uneven surfaces like the ground you would find in the wildlands.

There is a bit of a break-in period, but it is not too bad, and the discomfort is more than manageable and worth it for the quality of these shoes in the field.


  • Durable

  • Heat Resistant

  • Laces are Flame Resistant

  • Comfortable

  • Good Pressure Relief


  • There is a break-in period

Thorogood Men's 14"- Puncture-Resisting Insole

This is a great option too!

These eight-inch shoes are resistant to fire, water, and cuts, making them perfect for fighting fires in the wildlands.

The Goodyear storm welt construction makes these shoes among the toughest on the market.

The Vibram outsoles of these shoes make them resistant to slippage on loose gravel and icy surfaces. They are also fitted with toe guards to keep your toes safe from falling objects.

Thorogood Mens 14

How about the reviews?

The comfort that these shoes provide is what keeps customers happy.

They provide excellent arch support that helps take a lot of pressure off of the arches and heels of the feet. They are also very durable, with many customers using them on 12 and 24-hour shifts without causing much damage at all.

However, some buyers found that these shoes were somewhat heavy but still like them nonetheless, because of the value they provided in terms of comfort.


  • Water Resistant

  • Heat Resistant

  • Durable

  • Slip Resistant

  • Toe Guard Protected


  • Not Lightweight

Shopper's Guide When Buying Wildland Firefighting Boots

wildland firefighter image

Protection and Heat-Resistance

Here's what you need to know.

As a firefighter, you are putting your life on the line or at the very least, risking a severe injury.

It is essential to have shoes that will protect your feet as much as the rest of your gear protects your head and body.

Your feet are basically what you use to move around - like the wheels on your car. If your tires are punctured, your vehicle cannot run, and this logic applies to your feet.

Take note.

Buy shoes that protect your feet from the fire and falling objects to ensure that you can get out alive and in one piece.

Heat Resistance

Your biggest enemy in a firefight is the fire itself.

If your feet were to get burned while you are in the middle of a raging forest fire, it could spell doom for you.

This is why it is imperative that you buy yourself a pair of work boots that are resistant to very high temperatures. Some on the market can handle temperatures of up to 500 degrees.

This may seem like overkill to some, but if it means that your feet are more likely to be safe in a blaze, then it is worth it.


Let me tell you this.

This may not seem like an important thing to consider when buying a pair of work boots for firefighting, but it is.

The fact is that no matter how much protection they provide your feet if they are not comfortable, you will not wear them.

Especially in the wildlands where you will be hiking out to a blaze in the middle of nowhere, lugging several kilograms of firefighting equipment, you don't want your feet to be sore by the time you reach your destination.

Find a pair of boots that have as much in terms of safety features as it does protective features.

Outdoor Resistance

Here's more.

Since you will be working in the outdoors, fighting fires in remote forests and jungles, you will need shoes that can take the pressure of hiking over very long distances.

If your shoes fall apart by the time you reach the fire, there is no point in even wearing them. You will need footwear that can take the pressure of being walked over uneven terrain, along with the extra equipment on your back, like your fire hose and oxygen tanks.

A tough and hardy shoes is the only option for a tough and hardy firefighter.


Remember this.

Fighting wildland fires means that you will be traversing rough terrains like steep hills and uneven forest terrain.

This means that your ankles will need to be well-supported to prevent them from getting twisted or sprained while you are traveling to or from the fire.

Even in a firefight, you will need to be able to turn your ankles at extreme angles to avoid hidden dangers.

Ankle support plays a crucial role in the safety of wildland firefighters. The highest quality of work boots is usually designed with great ankle support for hiking and firefighting.


In a firefight, you will come in contact with wet surfaces very often. This, coupled with the fact that you may have to fight fires at great heights, means that you run the risk of suffering a severe fall.

This is why your shoes should be equipped with excellent traction. The better the grip your shoes have on the ground, the lesser the chances of you falling and suffering an injury.

The best soles in terms of traction are the famous Vibram soles, and they are available on almost all the best work boots. The deep and intertwining thread of these shoes provides the best traction of any footwear and does the job of keeping you on your feet while you fight a fire.

Categories of Firefighter Work Boots

firefighter image

Logger Boots

Logger shoes are built to be extremely tough and durable, placing a higher priority on protecting your feet than on anything else.

These shoes are so tough that you can use them regularly for years in the harshest situations without showing any signs of aging. Smokejumpers fall into this category of shoes. Their top laces and eight to ten-inch shafts are dominant their characteristics.

They look like the kind of shoes that a lumberjack would wear, which is why they are categorized as logger boots.

Hiking Boots

Designed for hiking and trekking, but some shoes in this category have all the features that a firefighter needs.

They are as tough and durable as logger shoes, but for some people, they feel more comfortable to wear over long periods.

They are also designed to provide excellent support since hiking involves navigating dangerous terrains.

If you prefer wearing hiking shoes over logging shoes, there are plenty of options that are as heat resistant and durable as any work shoes that was designed for firefighters.

Required Standards for Firefighter Work Boots

For boots to be fit to wear for firefighters, there is a standard of requirements that they need to meet.

This standard is known as the NFPA standard and is set by the National Fire Protection Agency. If a pair of boots do not meet these standards, then they are not permissible to wear while you are on duty.

For instance, for a pair of boots to meet these standards, they must measure a minimum of eight inches from the bottom of the heel to the top of the boot, and they must be equipped with non-slip, melt-resistant Vibram soles.

The boots have to protect the ankles and lower legs from injury for them to pass the NFPA standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fire station shoes?

The main feature that fire station boots need to have is the ability to be taken off very quickly so that you can get into your protective gear as soon as possible when you hear the alarm.

Even though you won't be using your station boots outside of the station, you should still look for boots that offer over the top protection.

Heat resistance is a must-have as you will be faced with high temperatures, even in the fire station. Your boots should also be resistant to electrical hazards like live wires, open electrical circuits, and the like. Station boots should also be resistant to slippage as the station floor will often be wet.

Are steel toe boots recommended for wildland firefighters?

Steel toe boots are not recommended for firefighters. The reason is that steel is a perfect conductor of heat, so having a steel toe work boot would defeat the purpose of the heat resistance.

What happens with steel toe shoes is that the steel heats up, creating an oven-like atmosphere in the boots. This raises the temperature inside the shoes to levels that cause serious pain and often lead to blisters and burns.

Steel toes are also less of a priority for firefighters than comfort, heat resistance, and traction.

Are slip-on types recommended?

Slip-on boots do have their place in jobs like firefighting, but they may not be the best option for firefighting in the wildlands.

Unlike urban fires, which take place in buildings that have smooth horizontal surfaces, the wildlands will throw the most unpredictable terrain at you, which is why it would be better to wear boots that need to be laced up as these boots will hug your feet more effectively.


To wrap it up,

If you are in the market for a new pair of work boots that you plan to use to fight wildfires out in the woods, then this article should set you on the right path.

We are certain that these boots will do a great job in protecting your feet from the flames while you go about protecting the world from those raging forest fires.

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