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6 Top Rated Waterproof Military (Tactical) Boots – Reviews & Ratings 2020

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Anyone who has taken his or her combat shoes in rough, rugged terrain and stepped into puddles and ponds, knows the importance of quality waterproof shoes. Water seeping into your boots in cold winter days can make your life unbearable. Similarly, walking through snow might make your shoes wet, not just from the outside, from the inside as well.

Although Military shoes can be expensive, it doesn’t guarantee waterproofing. Therefore, the wiser decision could be buying waterproof shoes that have everything you need.

Here we are going to give you a list of our carefully selected waterproof Military boots for the winter.

6 Best Waterproof Military Boots Reviewed

So here is a list of our carefully crafted and tested shoes that will ease your foot while you worry about your work.

Bates - Adjustable

The Bates men's 8 Inch waterproof tactical boot is a must on every list of the best waterproof tactical boots. They are unmatched when it comes to keeping your feet dry in all weathers. 

The waterproof membrane resists water outside from going in, whereas the breathable mono mesh provides ventilation to avoid sweat from developing inside the boot.

These boots are great for temperatures from 0-90F.

Bates Waterproof Tactical Boot image

As for the durability, these shoes will outlast many winters without compromising on their functionality. These shoes compromise pure leather, and a synthetic outsole, both of them are abrasion and oil resistant. The nylon mesh is coated with thermoplastic polyurethane.

The toe box is made non-metallic to provide you with a security free experience. Bates has been a frontrunner in the boot making industry, which for the most part, is due to their comfortability.

All of their shoes will make your work life so much easier, but this one will especially since it features anti-fatigue properties owing to the dual-density EVA midsole and dual-density footbed. The removable insole enhances cushioning while the shank provides the necessary support and stability.

The outsole qualifies the SATRA WTM 144 test for slip resistance, thus guaranteeing superior traction. Their traditional lace-up design and YKK nylon zippers make them super easy to put on and off.

Ohh! Did we forget that they are also super easy to break into?



  • Breathable

  • Durable

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Oil Resistant

  • Zipper Issues

Smith & Wesson - Budget-friendly

The Breach 2.0 is a tactical shoes made with superior craftsmanship. But, unlike other footwear, it is sold at an accessible price.

Despite that, for any purchase made through Direct Premium, the company promises to donate a portion of the purchase to Operation First Response, a charity for our wounded servicemen. 

The durability and comfort will allow you to work in all environments without having to worry about your shoes. The boot is made from leather and nylon, guaranteeing outstanding protection and abrasion-resistance.

Smith & Wesson Waterproof Side Zip Boots image

Smith & Wesson’s Hydroguard waterproofing system has been tested through swamps, puddles, and streams but never failed at providing quality water retention. The gusseted

The comfort is jaw-dropping, as the EVA midsole is coupled with board-lasted construction providing torsional rigidity and reduced foot fatigue for long hours at hand.

The gusseted sole and steel shank play an essential role in ensuring superior support. The rubber outsole features an innovative grip pattern allowing the boot to withstand different terrain. Conclusively, if you’re short of budget, you don’t have to worry, the breach 2.0 can prove amazing waterproof combat boots for you.


  • Affordable

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Abrasion-Resistant


  • Leather Cracks

5.11 - Antibacterial

For anyone in the military, police service, or the firefighting services, the 5.11 have been the go-to option for a long time. They provide everything a waterproof tactical shoes should have without being tough on the wallet. 

The ATAC 2.0 comes with genuine leather and 1200-denier Cordura nylon, both making these shoes unbreakable. The triple stitching makes sure your boots withstand the toughest of times.

The ATAC 2.0 comes with genuine leather and 1200-denier Cordura nylon, both making these shoes unbreakable. The triple stitching makes sure your shoes withstand the toughest of times.

5.11 Tactical Military Storm Boots image

The synthetic sole provides good traction and durability but, most important of all makes the shoes very lightweight. Users often wear them 9-10 hours a day without getting tired due to its lightweight as well as its comfort.

The ATAC 2.0 comes with an Ortholite full density insole and Achilles heel support giving one of the best comforts and support you will ever have with any waterproof Military shoes.

They have many added features such as a full-grained leather toe for better ventilation, a YKK side zipper, and a hidden pocket for keeping a tactical knife.

Not to forget, Agion@ anti-bacterial drilex lining is also added to protect your feet from microbial infections. So, we highly recommend you consider these because, with all these features mentioned above, they have a fantastic style.


  • Strong Stitching

  • Has a Hidden Pocket

  • Antimicrobial

  • Support


  • Side Panel Can Be Torn

Danner - Breathable

For all Tactical boot lovers out there, buying Danner shoes is like a dream come true. 

The Danner Tachyon GTX might cost you much more than the other shoes in this list, but they feature everything a boot lover needs.

However, if you pay the price, you won’t regret it because it will look awesome. It lasts long enough and gives you the comfort you dream of.

These Tachyon shoes are built from full-grain leather and 500-denier nylon upper to persist abrasion and contact with all sorts of fluids. The Gore-Tex liner makes them super lightweight and quick dry without compromising on their waterproofing ability. These shoes will keep your feet dry through snow and rain.

Danner Duty Boot image

The outsole is designed with pentagonal lugs to provide outstanding traction. The boots are made extremely comfortable and shock-resistant by the EVA midsole. The PU inner sole adjusts to your foot shape and thus prevents your feet from fatigue and pain. This cushioning, coupled with its efficient speed lacing systems, allows them to break in with your feet on the first day.


  • Lightweight

  • Quick Dry

  • Great Traction

  • Shock Resistant


  • Pricey

Under Armour - Ideal for All Season

What started as a T-shirt brand, now makes everything of excellent quality from sportswear to accessories and from footwear to tactical gear for athletes and hikers.

Their quality and style are unmatchable all around the world, no matter what product they make.

Under Armour Tactical Boot image

Take this shoes, for instance. The Stellar Tac Military shoes is one of the best waterproof Military shoe out there. Its rubber sole is designed to provide you a slip-resistant and abrasion-resistant experience. 

The upper is made from pure leather and 900D nylon textile, making them extremely light, soft, and tear-resistant. The leather and nylon present a very stylish and quick-dry minimalist look.

The shoe will restrict water during rain, snow and while running through puddles. It will also look new with every polish and will get comfortable with your feet in a matter of a few days.

The laces are adjustable, and the insole cushion will comfort you while you wear them on long work hours. So, for anyone looking for amazing waterproof tactical shoes and has a mid-range budget, we highly recommend these.


  • Slip Resistant

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Adjustable Laces

  • Tear-resistant


  • A Bit Difficult to Put On

Rocky - Good for Cold Weather

Now, we’ve saved the best one for the last because we know these shoes are very expensive, and not many will be able to afford it. However, it is no doubt the ROCKY’s S2V is the best Military shoe out there.

They will not only keep your feet warm in the winter, but they’ll also be breathable in the summer.

The Gore-Tex lining provides excellent ventilation without sacrificing the waterproofing capability of the shoe. It also keeps the shoe lightweight. 

ROCKY Cold Weather image

They’ve been recommended as the best waterproof boots for training in the snow and hiking in terrain where puddles and wetlands are very common.

They are GSA-approved, Uniform Compliant (AR 670-1), and Berry Compliant, making them the pride of US manufactured products. The upper is equipped with proprietary high-walled Vibram soles, providing superior comfort and support.

Since they are designed for wars, anti-terrorist missions, and rescue missions, they are equipped with PTFE coating, allowing them to withstand fire and flame.

It features a Roll-Stop Ankle Stability system that protects your ankle from turning the wrong way and developing any strain. They are made super-comfortable due to their fiberglass shank, Lycra tongue, and soft cushioning. Furthermore, the lace-ups are adjustable and makes them easier to put on and off.

If you can afford the Rocky’s, we guarantee you that they will be a bang for your buck.


  • Breathable

  • Lightweight

  • Berry Compliant

  • Comfortable


  • Pricey

Buyer's Guide for the Best Waterproof Military Boots

buyers guide image for waterproof military boots

Now that we’ve given you our top picks for the Best Waterproof Military boots, its time we also guide you on the specific characteristics you should be looking for.


Durability is something you shouldn’t compromise on when buying Tactical shoes because they are meant to be used in rough terrains. If a tactical shoe can not last long, it's not worth it because a lot of professions require you to wear these shoes every day and for several hours. 

You can not afford to buy every year since they are expensive as compared to other shoes. Pure leather boots will last longer than a synthetic rubber one. Look for triple stitching since it is very durable. 


Military shoes are often seen as heavyweight and difficult to wear. That’s because traditionally, they were heavy, but now better materials have been introduced. 

However, the weight of the shoe is very important because you don’t want to be exerting too much force to walk, you should always prioritize lightweight shoes over heavy ones. Heavy shoes will also make you tired fast, and you won’t be able to hike or run in them.

With that being said, the more the insulation, the heavier the shoe. Therefore, we need a balance of lightweight and insulation so that we can take advantage of both the features. A lot of shoemakers are adopting the Gore-Tex lining because of its breathable, waterproof, and lightweight.


When you’re hiking through rough terrain or marching on the pavement, you need your boot to support you. Your ankle and heel are most vulnerable to pain, and therefore you’ll get fatigued very quickly if your boots are not supportive.

Fiberglass shank and orthotics can both provide great support for the feet rather than conventional shanks and soles. Your inner soles can wear out, but if they are not removable, either you’ll have to add a removable one on top, which could tighten the boot for your feet, or you can wait until you’re done with the boot as a whole.

Sound Reduction

Traditional military boots were noisy, and even today, cheap boots can be very squeaky. However, good waterproof military boots are now made with such fine craftsmanship that they make a minimal sound. 

What are Tactical Boots?

Tactical boots are high-grade boots designed for the military, police, or rescue workers to allow them to work in the harshest of the conditions. Some are designed with a focus on waterproof abilities, whereas others are designed to withstand cold regions. Some are designed for Military exercises, whereas others are designed for engineers to work on sites.

However, recently, backpackers and hikers are using more and more tactical boots because they can provide support and comfort while hiking and yet keep your feet warm and protected. Unlike sneakers, they don’t break easy, unless you buy the cheap ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are waterproof boots recommended for rucking?

Yes, not only are they recommended, but they are essential for rucking. They will outlast all terrain. You won’t have to worry about getting your feet wet in case you come across puddles or wetlands. They will safely allow you to accomplish your tasks in rain, snow, or sleet. In case you buy some military boots that are not waterproof, you’ll be constantly worried about protecting your boot from getting wet.

What's a good waterproof tactical boot brand for women?

According to our list, the Under Armour Stellar Tac Boot will be the best Waterproof tactical boot for women because of its light weight. It's comfortable than the rest of the boots on our list.


In case you are still wondering what the best waterproof boots for you will be, know that any boot from our list will not disappoint you, and if a boot does not break in with your feet, these brands are very cooperative and will provide you a refund.

If you’ve read till the end, we would like to give you a bonus tip. All these brands offer discounts on special occasions and offseason. So, get your favorites for a lesser price.

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