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Our 10 Best Picks of the Best Red Wing Work Boot – 2020 Complete Guide

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We all know that proper footwear is one of the essential equipment when it comes to working in difficult or demanding conditions. On the other hand, some so many different models are suitable for distinctive conditions you experience at work. How can you choose the right one?

Don't worry, we will share the characteristics and tips to help you get the right pair. We will stay focused on collections of well-known prestigious brand Red Wing Shoe Company. Have you already heard their compelling story? How did it all start?

Once upon on a time or, to be precise, at the beginning of the 20th century, there was a shoe merchant named Charles Beckman. He decided to start his manufacturing company of rugged shoes and boots. The brand was developed in small Minnesota town and it started growing up pretty quickly ever since its beginning.

Their shoes were specifically adjusted to demanding working activities or industries that required high quality safe and long-lasting equipment. Miners, farmers, and loggers were just some of their target groups to which these shoes were intended to.

During the century, their company grew and more and more factory and other workers started using their footwear. Their boot models were also quite handy on muddy terrains amongst WWI soldiers.

After the war, Red Wings footwear gained even bigger popularity and pretty quickly became a synonym for quality, safe and long-lasting footwear suitable for all working conditions.

We prepared a mini-guide with plenty of useful information and a list of features you need to pay attention to before your purchase. In the end, there are 10  best red wing work boots that will definitely make your choice easier.

What to Consider in Buying a Red Wing Work Boot?

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Before buying your boots, keep in mind that you need to adjust them to your feet instead of doing the opposite. So, what are the things that you specifically need to pay attention to?

Type of Collection

The Red Wing Company offers three different types of collection.

The first one is the Irish Setter. It stands for a traditional brand known for decades of producing top quality shoes. Their footwear is suitable for hunters and different types of workers who spend lots of their time outdoor.

Vasque provides you with Red Wing hiking shoes. Campers, hikers and backpackers are those types of people who will simply love this collection. "We live to get outside'' is their motto when it comes to this particular footwear line which is based on presenting tough and top-notch leather shoes.

Red Wing Heritage, on the other hand, is a collection they have presented during 2008. Its main focus is on leather handcrafted and lifestyle footwear suitable for everyday occasions.


Plenty of their shoe features are similar, but there are still some slight differences that can drastically change your decision of which footwear to purchase. Not all footwear are the same; farmers and factory workers are certainly not going to use the same model. Check your footwear's features to get a pair that's even more than suitable for your daily needs.

Material and Construction

Did you know that producing one Red Wings shoe takes around 250 steps from the starting point to finish? We are not going to mention each of those, but some pretty interesting facts will show you how thorough and great they are when it comes to footwear manufacturing.

First of all, the process starts with choosing the right material. All of their shoes are produced out of leather handcrafted at S.B. Foot Tanning Company. That is a high quality US producer of fine leathers that has been collaborating with Red Wings ever since their beginnings in 1905. Red Wing bought this company in the 1980s.

To move on – when they prepare and finish their leather, they cut it into patterns and later sew on shoes and footwear by using Puritan Stitch machines. That provides them to get unique tripe-stitch lines which brings the quality of their shoes on a whole new level.

They finish the manufacturing process by attaching the upper to the midsole and outsole, using the Goodyear welting process.

Safety Protection

Another thing you need to closely pay attention to are safety features. Firstly, check out if your work conditions require steel toe shoes or not. Those boots have toe-box that is made of heavy thick steel and they are adjusted to protecting your feet from heavy objects that may fall on them and cause some serious injuries. Also, keep in mind to check if the soles are suitable for slippery ground and if your shoes are electrical hazard resistant.


Physical long-hour work is a tiring activity by itself – you don't want to come home feeling even more exhausted just because you didn't choose shoes that are comfortable enough for an entire palette of your working activities.

Remember that your feet carry the weight of your entire body. Also, consider checking sweat-resistant insoles, since comfort depends on the dryness of your feet as well.

Durability and Quality

Your work boots purchase is not something where you want to save your money. If you try to buy a cheaper model, you might end up replacing it only a few months later. That's something that will cost you even more than this option where you choose top quality ones at the start. Keep in mind you want your shoes to be safe and comfortable; as well as long-lasting.

Durability also depends on the working environment, so try choosing shoes that are precisely adjusted to your specific working conditions. Also, quality goes hand in hand with durability. In other words, Red Wing is a company that happens to be on the market for over a century – that fact speaks for itself.

Design and Color

Red Wing boots offer plenty of designs and color options you can adjust to your preferences and needs. This company has a pretty detailed and well-organized website where you can find all those and some other features that might affect your final choice.


Since your job involves long hours of walking and standing, it's crucial to get boots with high-quality insoles. As you have already noticed, this brand comes in many heights and different styles. Their footwear also offers all kinds of insoles that are adjustable to your feet's condition.

Original ones are quite durable since they are crafted out of Red Wing polyurethane and microfiber. They are also specific because of including a gel pad that softly braces your feet, while also keeping them stabilized.

Comfort insoles come as a refreshing solution because they have a molded arch and a low-profile heel cup which helps with stability and support. Also, one of their main features is a Memory Foam Comfort force system that allows your feet a pressure release as well as molds according to their shape.

Orthotic insoles have a core foam inside of an EVA shell which makes them quite handy when it comes to long-hour walks or standing. They also have cushioned heel cradle that protects your foot. Their other important feature is also having anti-micro bacterial technologies that help with odor.


If you need shoes for all kinds of different weather conditions, make that sure your feet have enough space during warmer days as well as during colder ones. You may be wearing double or knitted socks over winter so you need to leave some space for that too.

Make sure to take your time while trying them on in a Red Wing boot store or simply check the Red Wing sizing chart if you are don't have one in your town.

Top 10 Best Red Wing Work Boots Reviewed

Having all these features above considered, it's time for our standard 'top 10' list where we want to go through best Red Wing work boots reviews. Ready to check it out?

Irish Setter – Lace-up

Irish Setter is the first brand of the Red Wing collection that comes on our list. These excellent high-quality footwear that are made of 100% leather. As a matter of fact, the trout brook leather we have on this model is the same one S.B. Foot Tanning Company tanned exclusively for the Irish Setter brand.

This specific leather got a name after the trout brook, a certain kind of fish which flows just outside the back door of their factory in Red Wing, Minnesota. That particular material is one of the most important features that makes these footwear so durable. They are also quite comfortable and will keep you safe from electrical hazards.

Irish Setter 83605 Work Boot image

Also, this is a heat-resistant solution which means the brand developed outsoles that have been successfully tested on a minimum of 475 degrees Fahrenheit.



  • Pure Leather

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Electrical Hazard Resistant

  • Heat Resistant

  • Break-in Period

Irish Setter Ely 83607 – Electrical Hazard Resistant

The story says that in 1950, Red Wing Company came up with shoe style made of extraordinary Red Russet leather which actually inspired the name of the Irish Setter brand. Irish Setter then became a well-known footwear brand with specific footwear suitable for generations of workers and hunters.

Over the decades, they improved their edition which led to this Ely 83607 work shoes that are convenient for outdoor jobs and all kinds of working environments.

Irish Setter Ely 83607 image

These high-quality Red Wing shoes are a durable 6-inches lace-up work solution crafted with full-grain Crazy Horse leather. That kind of leather got a name because that exact type of leather comes as a quite popular choice used with horse saddles. They smooth out the surface of full-grain leather and finish the process by applying a specific kind of wax on it.

The advantages of this kind of leather are durability, strength and unique look which combines antique and luxury touch. Also, they are quite safe and suitable for protecting you from electrical hazards.


  • Durable

  • Luxury Design

  • Safety Protection

  • Electrical Hazard Resistant


  • Toe is Not that Sturdy

Irish Setter Wingshooter – Waterproof

Another excellent footwear this prestigious brand offers are also these waterproof hunting shoes. They are quite high which is why they softly seal ankles keeping them stabilized. Their EVA midsoles reduce weight while also provide an underfoot cushioning – that part makes them extremely comfortable.

Coupled with that, one of their quite important features is an UltraDry Waterproof technology which will get you safely through puddles, mugs and all kinds of weather conditions.

Irish Setter 838 Wingshooter image

Synthetic soles are adjusted for walking on oily terrains without slipping. Also, they have a pretty high-quality and speed-lacing system with contrast moc-toe stitching.

These footwear come in two different colors: amber and red.


  • Waterproof

  • Slip-resistant

  • Speed Lacing

  • Comfortable


  • Loose Stitching

Irish Setter - Steel Toe

Here, we have a Red Wing steel toe boots that come as an exceptional solution when you need some safe, comfortable and top quality work shoes. As you can see, one of their main characteristics is a safety toe, which is a required feature when it comes to certain job positions where you spend lots of time in difficult or risky conditions.

If you want to make sure you are choosing safe working steel toe shoes, always check if your footwear meets ASTM F2413-11, I/75C/75 standards for impact and compression. That means their upper part is resistant and adjusted to accidents that might include dropping heavy objects nad your feet or compressive loads up to 2,500 pounds.

Irish Setter 83624 image

This model even developed an advanced steel toe system called King Toe. That technology has a toe box that's larger than standard IS work boots for 44% of more toe room.

Besides that, they are also electrical hazard resistant as well as suitable for walking on slippery grounds.


  • Comfortable

  • Safe

  • Toe Protection

  • Electrical Hazard Resistant

  • Slip Resistant


  • Supple Leather

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger – Triple Stitched

Checking all kinds of boots from Red Wing Heritage collection brought us to these excellent Iron Ranger ones. Do you know where that name comes from? Minnesota happened to be North America's biggest producer of iron ore which implied there were lots of hardworking miners who could definitely use a pair of Red Wing safety shoes – which were eventually named for them.

These ankle-high shoes are extremely warm and comfortable for your feet. They have Vibram 430 Mini-lug outsole that makes walking on any kind of surface easier and safer. Besides rubber soles, one of their quite important features is also a triple stitched system. That provides them with some extra strength and it keeps leather welt together with other boot parts.

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger image

You can clean them by using warm water and a soft-bristle brush which will remove dirt. It's also recommended to use a conditioner specifically created for Red Wing Shoes. It provides your boots with extra protection by giving them an invisible layer that stops water, oils, dirt, and mud soak up to your boots.


  • Warm

  • Comfortable

  • Durable

  • Safety Protection


  • Break-in Period

Irish Setter 83606 – Aluminum Toe

Back to Irish Setter once again – only this time we have these 6-inch tall lace-up aluminum-toe work boots made of full-grain leather.

Did you know that type of leather is the most expensive one? Full-grain leather implies material hasn't been sanded or buffed in the manufacturing process of removing imperfections. It looks even better as time goes by and is also the strongest and most durable leather which comes as a good excuse for price.

Irish Setter 83606 image

Their removable polyurethane footbed makes them extremely comfortable, while electrical hazard resistance and ASTM F2413-11, I/75C/75 standards make them quite safe.

This Irish Setter model has outsoles that are chemical and heat- resistant as well as suitable for slippery grounds.

The main color of this particular model is brown.


  • Heat-Resistant

  • Electrical Hazard

  • Safety Toe

  • Waterproof


  • Sole Issues

Red Wing Heritage Chukka – Lightweight

Blending a traditional look and top quality has resulted in Red Wing Heritage's new Chukka boot model. Keep in mind you can use them for work, but these shoes don't have a steel toe system or some other safety features you might need for your working environment.

On the other hand, being steel-toe free makes them lightweight and suitable for long-hour walking. Handcrafted of soft and top quality leather, this pair also has a three-eyelet lacing system that looks pretty well.

Red Wing Heritage Chukka image

Its durable leather soles improve balance and remove pressure from your feet while walking or standing for a longer period. To be precise, these Red Wing boots have Atlas tred sole suitable for walking on oily or slippery ground. They are also quite easy to clean by using a soft bristle brush and warm water.

This is one of the most affordable both work and casual shoes that come in six different colors.


  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable

  • Pressure Relief

  • Slip Resistant

  • Affordable


  • May experience foot pain

Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc Toe – Synthetic Sole

Moc Boots are one of Red Wing's most favored and oldest styles that have been extremely popular amongst the male population across the globe. Their casual look makes them excellent for everyday use. They are made of long-lasting rough dark oil slick leather, finished by Norwegian welt construction which provides additional strength and quality.

The thick synthetic sole is even more than suitable for oily or slippery terrains. They are waterproof although it's still recommended to use a moisturizing conditioner that creates an extra protective layer that will keep your boots safe and clean.

Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc Boot image

These comfortable work shoes are often worn by light factory workers or farmers. Their durability is backed up with Goodyear triple welt constructions.

They are available in a couple of different colors. When it comes to sizes, it's recommended to order a one-half size smaller than your regular shoe size – but keep in mind to always check size charts if you don't have an opportunity to try them on.


  • Durable

  • Slip-resistant

  • Waterproof


  • Not Too Comfy

Red Wing Heritage Roughneck – Lace up

Over here we have a durable ankle-high work boot featured with round toe styling. Full-grain leather these top-notch boots are made of is stan-, perspiration- and water-resistant.

EVA midsole system makes this boot extremely comfortable, while Vibram lug outer sole protects you while walking on slippery surfaces.

Sure, they are waterproof, but your boots are going to last longer if you use All Natural Leather Conditioner we have already mentioned in some of our reviews above. Simply rub it in all over their surface so you can create an equally spread layer that will keep your boots water and dirt resistant.

Red Wing Heritage Roughneck image

Once again, the cleaning process includes warm water and soft bristle brush only - after you finish, use a dry cloth to wipe away dirt remainings.


  • Easy to Clean

  • Water Resistant

  • Comfortable


  • A Bit Pricey

Red Wing Iron Ranger – Natural Leather

The first thing that definitely can't go unnoticed when it comes to these premium and durable Ranger boots is a bold, rugged look they have. There is a contrast stitching system that adds a new quality level to this specific footwear.

Besides the great look, they offer you needed protection and comfort. There is a double layer bump toe cap which allows your feet to have more wiggle room, while also decreasing chances for finger cramping. This model has the Vibram 430 mini-lug outsole which turns your walking on oily surfaces into a much safer activity.

Red Wing Iron Ranger image

Besides, the Iron Ranger model has water-resistant and oil-tanned uppers that are perspiration, oil- and stain-resistant and are one of the best Red Wing work boots in general.


  • Comfortable

  • Safety Protection

  • Waterproof


  • A Bit Pricey


Which pair you of these Red Wing shoes you believe will suit you the best? Their footwear protects workers in more than a hundred countries across the globe for such a long period. According to the way Red Wing runs a business, their success is simply a result of years of hard work, paying attention to details and preferring quality over quantity.

After all, that is exactly why we strongly believe you will be able to find a perfect pair that will suit you best!

Simply keep an eye on features that are required for your working position and check all relevant information related to the safety characteristics or other criteria that might bring you closer to this purchase. We are here for any additional information you need and more top lists that might help you with some other further purchases as well.

In the end, don't hesitate to share your own experience with us – we are waiting!

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