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Best Pull-on (Slip-on) Work Boot 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide & Top Picks

best pull on work boots featured image

You are getting into the feel of it!

Pull-on work boots?

Hmmm, Why not?

For the longest time, these have been the most useful footgear. Looking back, our seniors were comfortable wearing them too.

You know Why?

First, some of its essential features are, it is durable, reliable, and has strength; secondly, people can use it all year round. Many, if not all, have picked this type of footwear.

In our days, depending on your taste and style, pull-on work boots can be trendy and can yet be worn while on the job and most of the time, on fieldwork. Having to work with a kind of shoes that's a perfect fit will undoubtedly balance your lifestyle.

And so there goes, the shoe companies took advantage of it and have tried to plunge in, targeting more consumers, young and old alike. Of course, the design and appearance were looked into and was considered significant.

Popping questions say, "what kind of fabric and even texture to use? Will it satisfy and give comfort to the one wearing them? How about its durability? Its dependability? Can it stand heat, rain, or even cold weather?" These are just a few to consider in choosing a design.

We want the best for you so you can spend your money wisely and own something that you deserve.

And now, let's take a look at some of the designs offered in the market for you to choose from:

Our Top 10 Picks of the Best Pull-on Work Boots Review

Chippewa - Thick Rubber Sole

Handcrafted in the US, Chippewa footwear have a wide range of styles that can be fashionable. Carefully custom made for comfort to people on the go and with an active lifestyle.

Thanks to its uniqueness, these footwear are adaptable to wet and rough grounds. Just as you are into various activities or tasks, these boots can do a lot of things for you too.

The rugged upper leather and short shaft will last for an extended period.

Chippewa Handcrafted Pull-On Boot image



  • Drill Vamp Lining and 5 Iron Texon Insole

  • It works well on warmer climates by regulating the temperature to keep your feet cool in hotter conditions and warm in colder times. 

  • Prevents moisture from seeping in so as not to sweat

  • Built to last in hard working conditions

  • Can hold on dirt, mud, rocks and mud surfaces

  • Runs large

  • Takes about a week to break in. However, it is recommended to wear thick socks to avoid blisters.

  • They are not waterproof therefore apply a water-resistant application before going out in wet weather

  • Some issues on locking lace hooks

  • Slippery on icy surfaces

  • No steel toe reinforcement, and low synthetic outsole

Having said all, Chippewa Boots sure has its share of minor cons but definitely, be considered in your wish list!

Why not run along with our list and get your pick? Be at your best while on your feet!

Justin Original Work - Made in US

H.J. Justin started in the shoe business year 1879 as a boot repairman. He then mastered his craft of creating boots and later on, built the company in his own home.

Justin Boots 4440 is one of the most authentic, reasonably priced, and very stylish Western shoes. The air and gel insole pads were developed to adsorb fatigue when walking or standing for long hours. These work shoes have a variety of styles to pick from that can quickly go with your choice.

Justin Original Work pull on image

Well, let's check out a few pros and cons to help you decide if this is the right boots for you.


  • J-Max® system to provide comfort and feet fatigue

  • TPU shank to support the arch of the feet

  • Dri-Lex® lining is a removable insole

  • Polyurethane outsoles with heel and ball support


  • It has no steel toe reinforcement

  • No interior lining

  • Runs large

  • It has no electrical hazard protection

NOTE: Without any interior lining, you might think that the upper part of this footwear would feel a little harsh, but it would not. As long as you put on some good socks, you could hardly tell the difference.

So will you give it a thought and consider getting this kind of boot?

Please keep us posted!

Ariat - Waterproof

Ariat is known for its high-caliber work boots and the Workhog style. It was made to meet the needs of those who are more on the athletic side.

The design of the upper leather and Goodyear welting is unquestionably exceptional. Made from quality leather, rubber sole, and a shaft that measures approximately 10" from the arch.

Its round front toe is a winner and impeccably coupled with a waterproof pro feature that can resist water entry or snow.

The sole has a lightweight cushioning EVA midsole with Ariat's highly abrasion-resistant oil and slip-resisting features.

Ariat Workhog Pull-on image


  • ATS Max platform gives full-body stability and thus decreasing the intensity of foot fatigue

  • With Duratread outsoles to give you the maximum comfort

  • Has lightfoot cushion

  • Resistant to oil

  • Slip Resistant

  • Moisture-wicking and gel-padded footbed for comfort

  • U-Turn Entry System makes it easy to wear


  • No steel-toe reinforcement

  • You may want to order a half size down if you have narrow feet

  • You need not worry a thing about slipping because of the excellent quality of the materials used

Georgia Boot - EVA Midsole

Georgia Boots Shoe Manufacturing Co. originated in Atlanta, Georgia. They are one of the top brands in the shoe industry that continuously deliver quality made footwear in the market.

Leather for this footwear are made from full-grain and split suede leather. The full length of the foot is stitched up to reinforce the leather and make it less prone to tears from regular use.

It's steel-toed to further protect the toes from dangers of compression in the work field. Outsoles are from rubber with EVA midsole making it oil and slip-resistant.

Constructed without a single nail to make it electrical hazard but note that this is not intended to protect the user from electric shock.

Georgia work boot image


  • Insulated

  • It has a waterproof system that, even in the meanest outdoor condition, your feet can be dry

  • An airflow channel for cooling when warm and can also relieve foot fatigue

  • Shoe company accepts product return or a full refund if you are not satisfied with it


  • No steel toe reinforcement

  • No electrical hazard protection

  • Shallower lugs but a reasonably decent grip

  • High break-in period to loosen the leather unlike any other boot

Carhartt CMU 1242 - Polyurethane Insole

Carhartt CMU 1242 has designed boots to have cushioned insole for comfort. It features 100% imported leather. Its shaft measures approximately 11.5" from the arch while the opening size is approximately 16".

How to wear them? Well, you have to slide your feet down inside, and you are ready to go. Having to stand all day working, doing a lot of walking, and climbing, this type of boots can carry daily tiresome activities and needs a little maintenance.

What's unique about it?

Carhartt CMU1242 image

Its leather has been oil-tanned so that it can resist wind and repel water. The oil and chemical-resistant agents in the boots protect the thread of these boots from corrosive chemicals. Also, the inside is soft, light and breathable, flexible, and can bend to follow your foot movements.


  • Steel toe reinforcement

  • Direct-attach welt outsole

  • Lightweight

  • Oil, chemical and slip-resistant

  • Heel stabilizer to support the ankles

  • Electrical Hazard


  • Unlined

Timberland Pro- Abrasion Resistant

If you need real boots, the Timberland Pro Powerwelt maybe the answer. Satisfactorily built inside and out. It has a rugged feel that is distinguished by its first-class full-grain scratch-resistant Ever-Guard™ leather.

Absolutely durable and ergonomically designed to support every movement and step. The steel inserts in the shank give structure and stability on the boots. Its deep lugged rubber outsoles are remarkable, which makes them the best for users related to any field or industrial work.

What's more?

Timberland Powerwelt image

They developed a comfort system that can reduce foot fatigue, while soles that have their Ladder Lock™ properties can resist oil, and most importantly, it doesn't leave markings on the ground. The company offers a 30-day comfort guarantee to customers, which made it a home run!


  • Waterproof, oil-resistant, and electrical hazard protected

  • It has a second layer of protection under the foot against live circuits or energized conductors

  • Easy to wear

  • Cambrelle® lining that prevents stinky shoes and smelly feet

  • Steel toe reinforcement


  • No side tabs

  • Heavy

  • Narrow shaft

  • Not insulated

Wolverine - MultiShox Comfort System

This brand was established in the US in the year 1883 in Rockford, Michigan. Their designs are indeed timeless and crafted to give comfort to its users.

Wolverine Multi-Shox boots are from Imported leather and rubber sole. Its contoured welt gives the shoes the freedom to bend and be flexible in some areas needed to provide comfort and support to the user.

Wolverine Raider Romeo Contour image

Its removable cushion and the Multishox system is a winner because the compression pads can take in pressure and return the energy exerted when walking or standing.

These boots can stand any undesirable weather conditions and can still provide comfort even on the toughest times. It is lightweight and durable, which makes it suitable for work.


  • Removable cushion

  • Lightweight

  • Has steel toe

  • Contoured welt for bending and flexing

  • Rubber lug sole


  • Too Narrow and not for wide feet

  • Not for high arch users

Golden Retriever 9905 - Anti-microbial Insole

Golden Retriever 9905 is from a full-grain Buffalo leather that is used best for farming or some yard work. Not recommended for industrial use since it is missing some unique features that best support security when wearing it in these work sites.

It's 10.5" shaft is wide enough to give room for the feet to slip in it comfortably. Although it doesn't have the regular tabs at the sides, it's not considered a drawback since you can slide your feet in, pull, then you have your shoes worn in a flash.

Golden Retriever 9905 image

The wedged outsoles are made from rubber but have lesser traction than other boots listed in this article. Comfort level is entirely not a question. It's PU cushion with antibacterial property helps in eliminating and preventing unwanted odor from sweaty feet.

It can support the arch and heel of the foot, but still, not recommended to flat-footed users because of its narrow front toe box. These shoes will best support and fit narrow footed people but should be cautious as to when and where to use them. The boots have no steel toe reinforcement and don't have an electrical hazard, so you better BE CAREFUL.


  • Slip-resistant

  • Lightweight

  • Anti-microbial cushioned insoles

  • Can support the arch and heel of the feet

  • Broad shaft so users can slip on it with ease


  • Poor traction

  • Not electric hazard resistant

  • Smaller than its true size

  • No steel toe reinforcement

Dr. Marten's - Idal for Industrial Workers

Browsing from this product, you can very well see how Doc Martens treats its consumers. Its lace-free design makes it easy to wear and pull off your feet, thus makes it convenient and perfect for people on the get-go.

Dr. Martens 2295C2365, crafted from durable and flexible leather for superior durability and comfort. The slip and oil resistant lugged outsoles provide traction on a variety of terrains. They are electrical hazard-resistant too for protection against shock. In other words, these boots are your superior feet protection to get you through a hard day's work.

Dr Martens Icon Industrial image


  • Well-cushioned insole

  • Electrical Hazard Protection

  • Awesome leg support

  • Has steel toe

  • Duratread leather

  • Has airwave midsole


  • Heavy

  • Smaller in size

  • Not recommended for heavyweight users, narrow feet users, and flat-footed people

Caterpillar - Ideal for Factory Workers

These boots from Caterpillar might interest you because just by merely looking, it was designed beautifully and made to safeguard the feet from injuries while at work.

These pull-ons has clean Goodyear welt stitches on it and a shaft made from leather. Soles made from rubber, it is lightweight and has a strong foundation to protect and support the feet.

If you are working in factories or operating heavy types of machinery, well, these are the ideal footwear for workers in this field. The steel toe inside it surely protects you from heavy objects falling on your toes. These boots have been tested by ASTM to assure you that it is reliable and safe to use.

Caterpillar Revolver Pull on image

It is trendy, comfy to wear, true to its width and true to its size, therefore no need to get an inch larger.


  • Made from full-grain leather

  • Waterproof

  • Very superior ground traction

  • Very well designed and tough

  • Oil and water-resistant soles

  • Lightweight even if it looks heavy


  • Has no interior lining for added comfort

  • None electric hazard

  • Not recommended for narrow feet users, but if you insist, you may want to order a half-size down for a snugger fit

How to Choose A Pull-on Footgear for Work

pull on boot image


This footwear was designed to change the traditional lace-up boots, which has the same functionality. Just don't be surprised that it shows some cowboy boots similarities too.

On the other hand, these were well designed to fit different terrains and a perfect footgear for outdoor or indoor sites.

The height of the shaft should be just right. Usually, pull-on shaft reaches the mid-calf but may vary a few inches. For stockier built, finding a boot with a lower and broader shaft is hard but worth the search.


Most work boots are made from leather and should endure any weather conditions. Whether it is snowy or you're in extremely hot weather, bring it on!

Those who work in wet sites should choose something waterproof while steel toe is important for people who work in industrial sites. Additional slip-resistant rubber outsoles and deep lugs are good for traction in rough terrains.


The owner of Every boot needs durable footwear. Materials used and design would play a significant role in its functionality. Be it for work or an addition to your collection of a wardrobe, and it should give a sense of confidence to the wearer that it is tough and wouldn't break easily.


Pull-ons are more comfortable than other work boots in the market because it's comfortable to wear. All you have to do is slide your feet unto the boot. You don't have to worry about those pesky laces.

Please take into consideration that when working long hours, you should have extra linings to make it comfy.


Different brands have different sizes. Most of these companies are true to size, while others come with a larger size, half size down or half size up.

It should also be capable of enduring weariness, exposure to heat, and cold climates. There's nothing like having to wear hardy boots; it makes you worry-free that nothing can go wrong.

Advantages of Wearing Slip-On Work Boots


Generally, people who are engaged in heavy equipment jobs, mechanics, working on rough surfaces, and loggers are required to put on boots with hard insole and outsole.

The materials should endure long and tough grinds, which would provide protection and keep extra pressure on the feet. It can endure weariness, exposure to heat, and even cold climates.

Having to wear hardy boots makes you confident that nothing can go wrong.


One may ask… Are these comfy? Can you hold up wearing it the whole day? The essential feature of any footgear is comfortability. You have to feel good while on it.

When occupied with rigorous daily tasks, our primary need is comfortable shoes to wear. Slip-ons often come with a well-lined interior to make them easy to put on. The insoles make them more comfortable to wear, especially for long shifts. And, would also be helpful for jobs that require a lot of walking or standing.

Never sacrifice comfort. You deserve to be comfortable even at work!


Convenience is the name. Boots will cover a significant part of your leg down to your toes, so you must find a footwear apt just for you. Wearing shoes that exactly fits, you will add ease and free you from pain.

Not all designs can offer convenience. But some are crafted and made to give you full support.

Pull-ons are amazingly beneficial to people who are always in a hurry. Just slide your feet through it, and whoola you're ready to go.

Treat yourself to a luxury, wear boots in confidence, and experience how comfortable slip-on boots are.


The majority of boots out in the market are insulated. There are many types of insulated boots, which depends on what it is intended for.

Some can stop heat, keep you warm and water-resistant. Some can wick moisture and trap warm air that makes you want to enjoy a freshly fallen snow.

Insulation can create a seal around your feet, traps body heat, and provides impressive loft retention. The ones on your mid-calf works to catch and dispel the moisture.

Pull-on boots have insoles that are removable, thick, or thin. Its primary purpose is to protect you from blisters and insulate your feet from any weather condition.

Take Care of Fatigue

From the time you get up and start your day at work, fight foot fatigue by wearing the boot that fits you.

In choosing a boot, you should examine if it will take care of your feet. There are times when you have to stand on your feet all day long on hard surfaces that can cause fatigue.

Thanks to advanced technology, boot companies have developed special features to address foot fatigue. The boot insole gives the perfect fit for your feet, thus can absorb shock and can even return energy to your feet with every step.

Also, for some top quality footwear, companies have designed a unique sole, insole, and support system designed to reduce feet, leg, and heel fatigue.


Common words you hear, SAFETY FIRST! These are not just empty words but means a warning.

Your feet need a sense of security too. Treat them like giving TLC to your face. They are an important part of you also.

When putting on a pair of boots, make sure they will carry you through your day's affair, protecting you from hard knocks, bumps, and slips. Most pull-on boots have protective reinforcement in the toe that protects the foot from falling objects, punctures, and compression. Look into an added feature that can protect you from electric shock, sharp objects, and heavy objects, and you're good to go!

Possible Disadvantages of Pull-On Work Boots

pull on work boot image

Not Water and Chemical Resistant

It is surely a no-no. Slip-on boots that are not water-resistant or chemical resistant is detrimental to a person's safety.

Workers whose jobs involve exposure to chemicals and water must have proper garments from top to bottom. They must not be allowed to perform their duties unless they fully equipped with their working gears.

Always advise that they must be conscious of their work environment and geared with proper work boots before working. The last thing you want is to have an accident in your workplace.


Again, wearing heavy pull-on boots on the job is also a hindrance to your performance at work. It would be hard to accomplish assigned tasks wearing heavy footwear.

Wearing such boots can wear you down, and you probably won't stand it even for a short time. Heaviness on your shoes will affect your movement and mobility. Instead of doing a job for say 5 hours, it can prolong it to maybe an hour or more.

Not Allowed in Some Work Sites

It is self-explanatory if your job involves heavy lifting, or if it involves climbing, carpentry, or even work settings submerged in water or chemical hazards, then wearing stylish boots are not applicable.

To just put it, wear appropriate work boots. Fashion can't gamble with your safety.

Pull-On Vs. Slip-On

Shaft Size

Pull-ons have much taller shafts than slip-on, with some reaching up just below the knees to provide ample leg protection, while slip-on boots reach up to an inch or two above the ankle.


Pull-On boots resembled that of cowboy boots and are suitable for indoor jobs and yard work, on the other hand, slip-on boots are highly functional used to replace work boots in large industrial floors, often sturdy and stylish.


Pull-ons are often made of materials similar to that of most riding boots, while slip-ons are of treated leather and synthetic textile like the ones for lace-up work boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there brands for women?

One certain big question to ask whenever a man's product comes out in the market is this… Is there one for the women too?

What is good for men is suitable for a woman as they say.

Nowadays, everything should be taken into consideration. Companies decided to produce various boot designs to cater to both men and women. It has been the practice. Shoe companies are very flexible about it.

Are there Western or Cowboy styles?

Yes, of course, there are western or cowboy style boots just for you.
Decades ago, boots were worn already. From there, various designs of boots came to life. Time after time, styles, and designs have differed. Shoe Companies have offered a variety of designs, including Cowboy boots or the western style well recognized by its tall boot shaft.

Should It be Waterproof?

This is a question that has been immediately addressed by shoe companies. They aim to produce a design to suit one's needs, depending on the kind of job a person is involved with.

They have explored ways on how to make boots right for any weather, and especially workers who are more exposed to water. Why get a second-rate boot that has no waterproof feature?

Water can seep in, and the next thing you know, you have another issue of smelly feet to attend to. Mobility can also be an issue when you have water inside your shoes. So better read those features wisely.

Can it be used on concrete?

Because of the innovativeness of these boot companies, the materials they used for boots are durable and used on concrete.

Pull-ons are intended for workers to stand and walk on their feet all day in concrete. If the sole of your boot does not have a strong grip on concrete, the tendency is you could slip and hurt yourself.

Be smart to get a boot that is best on hard and concrete surfaces. Lucky, we have them on our list.


Choosing a pull-on work boot is challenging. You need to check each feature that will fit your needs. See if the design, fitting and comfort is suitable for you.

Other than that, you must first check if your employer will allow wearing slip-on types in your work site since other companies don't allow it due to safety issues.

If you are sure that you really want to purchase a pull-on type, these tips and buying considerations will help you land a good decision. If you still can't choose the best brand, choose among our list and you won't be disappointed.

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