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7 Best Military Steel Toe Boots – Top Picks & Reviews 2020

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Military shoes are primarily for soldiers to use during combat training or real combat actions. However, it doesn’t mean that non-military personnel cannot benefit from that extra layer of steel protection that military steel toe shoes provide.

When you’re all set to devour your fears, conquer the wild-world, explore the unseen, or even work in a dangerous setting, you can’t let some stupid foot problem get into your way. That’s where steel-toed shoes come to your salvage. They are designed with utmost precision and world-class durable materials to provide complete foot protection, good grip, and ankle stability.

7 Top Rated Military Steel Toe Boots Reviewed

5.11 - Antibacterial

A.T.A.C 8” shield boots have been designed to withstand ruthless outdoor conditions. It offers a balanced package of comfort, durability, and tactical utility. It is a CAS / ASTM certified product with puncture resistance and guaranteed toe protection. The upper portion was made from 100% leather and lined with an antibacterial and moisture-wicking material. 

The open-cell foam cushioning ensures that this combat military shoe can protect you from infrequent shocks. The ESR soles ensure that you stay safe from electric shocks and can withstand up to 18000 volts. These military shoes come with impressive features such as a 5.11 shock mitigation system, oil, and slip-resistant outsole, and lightweight.

5.11 Tactical A.T.A.C. image



  • Comfortable

  • Durable

  • Moisture-absorption

  • Antibacterial

  • Difficult to Remove

Magnum – Oil Resistant

Response iii 8.0 military and tactical boots are suitable for a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities that require added protection. The fiberglass base is carved, which is one of the toughest non-metal materials available. The upper portion was manufactured from 100% leather/Nylon. 

This is the best military shoe you can think of when it comes to oil resistance. The aggressive oil and slip-resistant outsole won’t let you become a victim of a fickle tragedy. It is suitable for climbing difficult terrains. The full-grain action nylon and leather combo make sure that your feet stay safe, and your combat shoes last longer.

Magnum steel toe image


  • Oil-resistant

  • Slip-resistant

  • Safe

  • Durable


  • Soles may Fall Out

Belleville – Waterproof

Whether you’re traveling or working to a damp place, Belleville waterproof Temperate Flight U.S Army Air force 790G Goretex shoes are your all-in-one solution. These have the combination of VIBRAM Sierra outsole and polyurethane midsole fitted into VANGUARD sole construction.

The secret behind its superior waterproofing technology lies in its Gore-Tex fabric bootie in combination with a breathable seal that keeps water out. The U.S. Government issues these military combat shoes. Therefore, low product quality is out of the question.

Belleville flight boot image


  • Waterproof

  • Good Quality

  • Breathable


  • Soles May Fall Apart

Bates – Durable

Bates Enforcer 8 inch military steel toe boots are the epitome of durability. The upper is composed of 100% leather/fabric blend and rubber-sole base. These military shoes have passed the ASTM F2413-11 rating, which means they are incredibly durable. 

The outsole is made of rubber, making it highly resistant to slips. Although they’ve set the benchmark for durability, waterproofing isn’t something they are well-known. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t withstand a little wetness.

Bates steel toe image


  • Durable

  • Slip-resistant

  • 100% Leather


  • Not Waterproof

Rocky – Ankle Stability

Rocky S2V shoes are American made military combat shoes. The upper body is composed of 100% leather and textile blend, while the sole is synthetic. These military steel toe shoes have passed ASTM F2412/2413 protective toe standard and ASTM F2412/2413 electrical hazard standard. 

The upper of these boots is triple-stitched, water and flash resistant, and the PTFE coating makes it vastly flame-resistant. A chief feature of these boots is Roll-Stop Ankle stability, which keeps your ankles stable. You can walk very comfortably in these, thanks to Rocky-Airport Cushion footbed. Besides that, the Aegis Microbe shield is also in place to keep the bacteria in check.

Rocky Steel Toe image


  • Toe Protection

  • Electrical Hazard Resistant

  • Water Resistant

  • Flame Resistant

  • Antibacterial


  • A Bit Stiff

Danner – Berry Compliant

Unlike any other steel-toed shoes, Danner RAT (Rugged All-Terrain) military shoes are the only proven USMC rugged shoes suitable for all terrains. These were crafted from nubuck leather, tear-resistant 1000 Denier nylon, an abrasion-resistant polyurethane enforced heel and toe cap. Adding to that, Vibram 360 Dri Ice outsole ensures exceptional durability in any environment.

The best thing about these military combat boots is, it is Berry Compliant, which is an achievement in itself. In case you don’t know, Berry compliance is a federal regulation that is intended for companies interested in acquiring U.S Department of Defense contracts.

Danner USMC steel toe


  • Tear Resistant

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Durable Heel and Toe


  • Scuffing and Peeling Off

FREE SOLDIER – Perfect for Outdoor

FREE SOLDIER tactical military combat boots are a perfect offering for outdoor hiking purposes. The upper is composed of Full Grain Leather and high abrasion-resistant mesh lining making it highly scratch-resistant, breathable, and durable. 

The Mesh lining ensures that the moisture stays out of the shoes. The shoes have an Anti-collision protective toe cap that keeps the toes safe from any deadly impact. EVA Midsoles are equipped to provide maximum shock absorption and cushioning for adequate support. The rubber outsole used in these shoes is competent enough to show slip, oil, and abrasion resistance.

FREE SOLDIER combat boots


  • Full Grain Leather

  • Abrasion-resistant

  • Breathable

  • Durable

  • Toe Protection


  • Small Hooks

Consumer's Guide: Steel Toe Military Boots

military boot image


The first thing to look for in a steel toed army shoe is the level of comfort it can offer. An ideal steel toed military shoe does its job of protecting the feet but not at the cost of your comfort. 

You should never sacrifice comfort because there are several good quality military shoes in the market today, which can also offer protection to your feet. Remember not to fall into the trap of buying a pair of cheap quality steel toe shoes. Yes, it can save a few bucks, but you can end up regretting the decision. When purchasing a military shoe, you should instead think of it as a one-time investment. Go for a shoe that has a superb quality but a real value for money.


The features of any shoes will depend upon the material. But a steel-toe-shoe is not only made up of leather but also a steel reinforcement. TPU, Aluminum, etc. are just a few examples that are added in the manufacturing process of a safety shoe. 

These types of boots are extensively for workers in the construction industries, military, and other occupations. 

Also, there are strict national and international standards/ratings which a shoe must meet. You can often see these certifications displayed on the shoes. 

Besides that, the material used to insulate the inner steel chassis should be able to withstand chemical exposure, resistance to electric shocks, and it should weigh less.


No matter how much a company brags about the quality of its product, the real quality test occurs outdoors. An excellent quality steel toe tactical shoe should be able to withstand shocks in the working environment and not just on the company shelves. 

It is achieved by fitting the military boots and making sure that it has extra cushioning, stabilizing suspension, and exceptional grip on the sole. 

Also, you should make sure to check whether the military shoes you’re buying are shock-proof. Don't forget, always make it a habit to read the label/description.


Are you getting tired at work earlier than you used to? Is it happening ever since you copped a pair of new army steel toed shoes from a steal deal? 

It’s not you, but your shiny and new shoes that are to blame. The more your shoes weigh, the earlier you’ll get exhausted from work. 

Therefore, when you’re buying a pair of new army shoes, foot protection shouldn’t be your only concern. It is essential to make sure that whether you’re purchasing a Nike made steel-toe-boots or any reputable brand or color, THEY SHOULD WEIGH LESS! Usually, it should weigh from 1.1 lbs to 1.7 lbs each. 

The average weight of army shoes may vary depending upon the occupation you’re into and the level of protection required. Still, the best army steel toe shoes are a balanced show.


We don’t work in the movies where the weather changes according to the script. In the real world, we have to be ready to work in any weather. 

Some occupations also require us to work in wet conditions, where being exposed to water is a regular thing. Therefore, water-proofing is another crucial aspect that you should be looking at besides durability, weight, shock-absorption, etc. If you can’t get your hands on water-proofed military boots, at least make sure that they are water-resistant. 


In the past, army shoes used to be a lot taller than they are now. It might surprise you to know that there was no concept of the right and the left foot in the U.S army before the Civil War. 

The current Army regulation for shoes, (AR) 670-1 recommends the shoes to be worn by the army personnel only and with 8-10 inches in height. However, it is not to be strictly followed by civilians / non-military personnel. Steel toe military shoes of diverse lengths are also available in the market nowadays. 

In the practical world out, the height of an ideal army shoe would depend more on the needs of the users than on some measuring scale. 

Safety Features

Buying the army boots which make you feel comfortable and look durable from the outside isn’t enough. You have to take a multitude of safety features into account when buying army boots. 

There are many safety features, such as roll-stop ankle stability technology, puncture-proof seals, cut resistant material, anti-slip outsole, etc. Look into these features when buying steel toe army boots. And of course, with a hardened safety toe inserts and you're good to go!. 

Ease of Wearing

While keeping everything else in mind, don’t forget to check whether you can wear and take-off the army boots you’re about to buy with ease. It’s ok for army steel toed boots to be a bit strenuous to wear at times but not to such an extent that you will stop wearing them. 


Buying your preferred military boots doesn’t have to be a gamble if you’re willing to buy the pair with the best warranty scheme out there in the market. Given the fact that military boots should be as durable, comfortable, and as wearable as possible, you’re naturally going to spend a hefty amount of money on a fresh pair of military boots. 

That’s why, when you have a warranty scheme that covers everything that your military boots have to go through and is willing to compensate you with either a new pair of military boots or 100% money-back guarantee; you’ve no reason to worry at all.

Size Guide for Combat Boots

As compared to a regular running shoe, military combat shoes run a ½ size larger. So, if a size 10 regular running shoe fits you perfectly, you should consider wearing size 9 ½ military combat boots. For the military boots to fit properly without hurting your feet, you should necessarily wear the right socks, properly tie your shoe-laces, and always do a walk test before actually heading out in them.

Composite Toe Work Boots vs. Steel Toe

Steel-Toe Boots are more protective than Composite Toe Work Shoes because of steel chassis. Composite Toe Work Shoes are from non-metal materials like carbon fiberglass, plastic, Kevlar, etc. That’s why steel toe shoes have more chances of withstanding a higher mass impact than the composite toe boots.

What You Need to Know About ASTM Standards

army image

ASTM standards stand for the American Society for Testing and Materials standards, which govern the minimum requirements and testing methods for safety footwear. The footwear will undergo different safety tests, including sole puncture test (PR), electrical shock resistance test (EH), static dissipating test (SD), impact and compression resistance test (I & C), metatarsal test (MT) and Conductive Test. A rating is assigned to the particular footwear only if it passes that specific test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Steel toe Military Boots Safe?

It is a fact that steel toed army shoes are the safest shoes to wear, especially when it comes to the activities that demand protection. However, you can’t wear army shoes for running over long distances or for other similar events. army boots protect your feet from heavy objects, shocks, chemicals, etc. but they’ll damage your feet if you use them for running.  

Are Military Steel Toed Boots Good for Hot Weather?

There are different types of steel toed military shoes for hot weather and temperate weather. The steel toed shoes that are compatible with hot weather conditions are usually much lighter in weight as compared to hot weather military shoes. They have enhanced ventilation facilities, the ability to absorb more moisture, thinner padding, and lightweight outsoles

Do Air-Force Use Steel Toe Boots?

Yes, Air Force officials make use of steel toed shoes as well. However, the kind of steel toed shoes they wear might be a lot different than the ones available to regular consumers. Being in the Air Force isn’t a joke. Air Force officials have to be ready 24/7 for whatever situation may prevail. 


You’re right if you think that finding the best steel toed shoes is not an easy task because, in reality, IT IS NOT. Two things make it even harder for a person to find the right pair of military boots. One thing is the countless number of factors that needs consideration and other thing being the diverse range of military combat shoes available in the market today.

However, we’re hoping that with the right amount of research at a more personal level, this article will be beneficial to you when finding the right steel toe shoes for your job or own needs.

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