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8 Top Rated Military Winter Boots Reviewed – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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It's tough to keep your feet warm during winter. It is even tougher if your job requires you to walk or stand in a terrain filled with snow. That's what a lot of our soldiers and officers go through daily. 

Traditionally, there was no choice, as even the best shoes weren't insulated enough. However, things have changed a lot now.

We have a variety of options for military shoes for winter. Options are ranging from cheap to expensive, but most of us just don't know yet.

So, we've compiled a top list of our favorite military boots that stand out quite well during the cold winter and that we would recommend for you, too.

Note: Although we've mentioned the word "military" over and over again, they are for anyone who's work or passion requires them to spend time in the extreme cold weather.

Top 8 Military Winter Boots Reviewed

U.S. Military Contractors Mickey Mouse - Waterproof

Starting from the U.S. Army Cold Barrier Vapor shoes or more commonly known as the "Micky Mouse" shoes, designed for the Korean war. These are made in the U.S. and have been a forebearer for American Army deployed in cold regions. 

They can keep your feet warm even at extreme colds of up-to minus 20 Fahrenheit. That is why they are very commonly used in Alaska, which is a testament to their performance in extreme cold.

Mickey Mouse Extreme Cold Weather Boots image

The waterproof rubber double coated over a layer of thick but compressed wool and felt, creates a watertight, insulated barrier, which is impenetrable by moisture or sweat. You can stand in a cold-water body of a few mm or even cm, but your feet will remain warm.

Even if the water enters your shoe from the top, it will become warm very quickly due to the temperature inside the shoe, thus preventing you from frostbite. However, they are surprisingly quick-dry.

It comes with an air pressure release valve that is used to release air pressure during high altitude activities like Para trooping, skydiving or climbing mountains.

Its outsole is very rigid, slip-resistant, and durable. The military has used it for rucking on very rough terrains.

If you're buying these shoes, remember that they are designed to be worn with one thick pair of padded-sole socks. If you are not wearing them with it, remember to order these shoes one size smaller.

They weigh 44 oz. (1.25 kg) a piece, and the white ones can withstand up to -60 F but is a bit expensive.



  • Waterproof

  • Insulated

  • Releases Air Pressure

  • Slip-Resistant

  • Durable

  • Not Lightweight

Oboz Bridger - Easy On/Off

Oboz Bridger 7" is the best extreme cold weather boot for women because they have all the features you need, like durability, comfort, warmth, waterproof material, and they are relatively lightweight too. 

So, starting from a warmth standpoint, they come with an "O fit insole thermal" that has a mylar base for retaining the heat inside the boot.

However, the main reason why they can retain heat in the coldest of weather is due to their 3M Thinsulate insulation. 

Oboz Bridger B-Dry Hiking Boot image

Now coming on to their support, it is guaranteed by a high-density EVA with a sculpted arch for better support. The deep heel cup is also made from a high-density EVA for added support and stability.

The EVA is used throughout the boot for better shock absorption. In medium density, the midsoles are although firm but lightweight, making sure they provide torsional stability and protection.

Nubuck leather is used for the outer layer of the boot to make them waterproof and to make them protect your toe. They come up with a rubber toe cap.

They are very easy to take off and on. Lastly, the comfort is provided by the felt wool inside the boot and at the top layer.


  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Waterproof

  • Lightweight

  • Support


  • A Bit Slippery

Wellco - Fire-resistant

Now, these are extreme cold weather boots made in the USA. Guessing by the look of it, you can tell that these are made for the United States Airforce. These are designed to withstand extreme cold and snow.

They have been tested in areas such as Siberia, Alaska, and Saskatchewan at a temperature as low as -60 Fahrenheit, thus making them the warmest winter boots in the world. 

The high canvas will keep your pants free from snow and your legs warm. They come with a pair of inserts for added comfort and support, but you might consider buying a "bootie."

Although they are water-resistant, you need to prevent the moisture from going in because they are not quick dry if you keep them on. You'll have to take them off for just a short while along with the inserts, and then they'll dry quickly.

Wellco Cold Weather Mukluks Boots image

They come with 20-inch laces along with the YKK zippers, which are very durable and make the shoes very easy to put on and off. You might also want to consider buying a pair of wool liners for added support and fitting.

Ohh! Did I forget to mention they are fire-resistant, thus making them ideal for firefighters, military officials, and mining workers?


  • Comfortable

  • Water-Resistant

  • Durable

  • Easy to Put On and Off

  • Support


  • Not Quick-dry

Under Armour - Quick-dry

Here are other heavy-duty winter shoes that have been tried, tested, and appreciated by many. These take their time to break-in, but they are worth it. Once you get along with them, you'll find them extremely comfortable, durable, and warm. 

They have been used by police officers, snow workers, and road engineers in cold areas where not many shoes can keep you warm. However, they are not for extremely cold environments. They can be considered as intermediate cold weather shoes.

Their rubber outsole guarantees excellent traction on slippery terrain. It has a molded EVA midsole reinforced with TPU shank for added protection and support.

Stellar Military and Tactical Boot image

The leather and textile mix gives them a great minimalist look. Their toe can be polished once in a while to give them a fresh look. They are quick to dry and have anti-odor feature because of their molded Ortholite sock liner that prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.

These boots won't break your wallet.


  • Heavy-duty

  • Comfortable

  • Good Traction

  • Affordable


  • Break-in Period

Danner - Wide Platform

Can there be a list of tactical boots without Danners? No, right?

Here is one of the best winter shoes for working outside. These are one of the few shoes that are still being hand-made. These were initially designed for the US army.

They are 100% leather and yet breathable due to the GORE-TEX liner, except for the sole, which is synthetic, thus making it one of the best snow shoes with good traction. 

The outsole is made of Vibram kletterlift, which provides excellent shock absorption as well as excellent slip-resistance on wet, hard, and snow-covered surfaces.

Danner USAF Boot image

They are 100% waterproof, but they can be too heavy for non-military personnel. These will suit well for anyone in the EMS, Firefighters, special police squads, rangers, or any other uniformed services where they are needed for long hours.

They are made from prime grade leather and tough Cordura (1000 Denier) nylon, hence the polished look. The insulation is guaranteed by 400g of Thinsulate leather, very high-quality leather that can last for more than a decade.

The toe design meets the ASTM's standard for safety.
However, these boots are a bit narrow, therefore if you have wide feet, consider buying one size bigger.


  • 100% Leather

  • Breathable

  • Good Traction

  • Shock Absorption

  • Slip-resistant


  • A Bit Heavy

Sorel- Synthetic Sole

Now, these are not your typical army winter shoes. If we are compiling a list of combat shoes for the winter, we cannot miss on these. These are one of the warmest men's winter shoes for extreme cold weather.

They are completely synthetic from the top until the bottom-sole. That makes them more optimal for water and wind resistance.

They are one of the easiest to break-in and are very comfortable for the feet. 

They are specially designed for wider feet, and that is why you will hear people with narrow feet complain that they are too wide for their feet. The lacing system is very efficient and makes them very easy to put on and take off.

Sorel Extreme Snow Boot image

They are very durable and have been used by customers for over a decade. So, after our assessment of their comfort, durability, lacing-system, and traction, we included them in our list of top-rated men's snow boots.


  • Weather Resistant

  • Easy to break in

  • Comfortable

  • Efficient Lacing System

  • Easy to Wear


  • Too Wide for Narrow Feet

Bates - Breathable

The Bates Men's 8-inch Dura shock is another great pair of winter combat boot made in the USA. They are made of durable leather and ballistic nylon fabric, making them resistant even to the harshest forms of abrasion. 

The outsole, made of durable Goodyear rubber, is slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and features Durashock technology, which takes pressure from within and distributes it through compression pads in the heel and forefoot without giving a jerk to the foot.

Bates Durashocks Lace-to-Toe Work Boot image

The YKK zipper on the side is accompanied by a Velcro and a stopper, making them super easy to wear and take off. The leather will continue to shin well if you regularly polish them with a "Lincoln" or a "Kiwi" polish. The Sorbothane Insoles work great with them for added comfort, consider buying these to make you experience even more comfortable.


  • Durable

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Durable

  • Slip and Oil Resistant

  • Easy to Wear


  • Noisy Outsole

Belleville - Minimalist Design

These are good intermediate cold weather shoes. Belleville has focused more on the minimalist design but less on making them warm for the feet.

They are made of Grain-out leather and 1000 denier Cordura nylon. The nylon makes these shoes highly breathable and lightweight. Each pair weighs only 2 lbs.

The toe box allows room for the toe to breathe and relax, making them comfortable. Therefore, they have been tried and tested for biking, climbing, driving, rucking, running, and many more. They perform quite well unless you're required to have steel toes.

They give a good feel of the ground, and they flex pretty well without compromising on their traction. The non-marking soles are very tear-resistant and provide an excellent grip on the ground.

Belleville TR105 Minimalist Combat Boot image

However, keep in mind that they require a short break-in period, which can be painful for some. They are very affordable for any minimalist tactical boot with all these features.


  • Breathable

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable

  • Flexible

  • Tear Resistant


  • Break-in Period

What to Look for in a Winter Military Boot

military winter

Now, you might be confused after going through the pros and cons of these tactical winter shoes and comparing them to see what would work best for you.

Moreover, you can't afford to purchase an expensive pair of tactical winter shoes, and later find out that they are not the best winter shoes for working outside.

Don't worry! We're going to guide you on this too.


Now you don't want to spend your money on shoes that don't last very long. Therefore, we're going to brief about durability before anything else.

Before jumping in on the details, keep in mind that a high price doesn't necessarily mean high quality. Pay attention to the stitching. It should be neat and tidy. Take a careful inspection of the surface as well as the inside . See if it does not have any signs of possible wear and tear. Check if the insoles fit properly. Take notice of how the outsole is attached to the rest of the shoe. Is it stitched, glued, or both?

Pure leather will always last longer than synthetic leather, but keep in mind leather is always accompanied by a fabric, mostly nylon. The more the fabric, the less durable the shoe will be.

If your shoe comes with a warranty, then you shouldn't worry much about their durability. However, warranties mostly cover manufacturing defects and not the damage that is caused by fire, oil spills, or wears and tears. 

Some brands on our list have warranties that will either replace your broken pair of shoes or return your money, but these brands are a bit expensive. However, it's good to spend a little more initially rather than pay twice later on. Therefore, you must ensure durability before moving on to anything else.


Once you're satisfied with a winter combat boot's durability, it's time to see if they can keep your feet warm in the environment, you'll be using them in.

Either you are looking for intermediate cold weather shoes or extremely cold weather shoes, be sure to check tags on the shoebox for any range-of-temperature mentioned.

The next thing to check for warmth is if the shoes are waterproof or not because if they are not waterproof, they won't keep your feet warm in snow or other sorts of water they come in contact within the winter.

Some of the warmest winter shoes are made from GORE-TEX or waterproof leather. Nylon itself is not waterproof but, once treated with PU coating, can become waterproof.

If your tactical winter shoes aren't tall enough and you feel cold on the lower part of your leg, consider buying gaiters to keep them warm.


We've already mentioned GORE-TEX, waterproof leather, PU coating over nylon, and we've also discussed the importance of retaining water from getting inside the shoe. Among some other waterproof materials include neoprene and rubber, but they significantly reduce breathability. 

Another important thing to note here is that most waterproof boots retain sweat, which in cold weather can instantly become cold. Therefore, it is better to have an inlet that allows water or sweat to sweat from inside out

Some waterproof boots that are made from treated leather require regular treatment to renew its ability to retain water.


Gone are the days when you had to bear the pain that came with army winter shoes. We've only included those shoes in our list that are comfortable to put on because we don't want your feet aching from pain after a long day of wearing them.

We would recommend that whenever you shop for a pair of new tactical winter shoes, try them on with a thick pair of socks to see if they're comfortable. Try walking in them and see if they're lightweight, or are they weighing you down. See if a sole insert would solve your problem. 

You might like shoes with faux-fur lining because they relax your feet and leg and prevent cool air from getting into your shoe  from the top. You might also want to see how easy or difficult the shoes are to wear and take off. Shoe wearing shouldn't be a chore itself.

Remember, you don't want to sacrifice on comfort because discomfort can make you less productive as well as it could leave you in our long-lasting pain.


If there is any pair of military winter boots out there that don't provide the necessary traction, then that boot is completely useless. The purpose of tactical winter boots is to give you a good grip and balance while you are hiking or walking on tough and challenging terrain.

Our list is comprised mostly of boots with thicker rubber soles so that they can guarantee your safety as well as productivity. The boots with Vibram soles will offer the best traction.

Pay attention to this feature if you don't want to see your fellows and neighbors watching you slip repeatedly.

Key Features of a Tactical Boot for Cold Weather


Temperature Ratings

There are five main temperature rating for tactical or army winter boots; 5°C to-10°C, 0°C to-20°C, -10°C to -25°C, -20°C to -40°C and -25°C and beyond. Choose the right boot for your needs. 

Buying a pair of extreme cold weather boots when intermediate cold weather boots would have done just fine, might cost you a lot of extra dollars and they cold become to warm for use leading to sweat or blisters.

If you're in an area where cold winds are very common, either buy tall boots with faux-fur or consider using gaiters to protect you from cold.

Gusseted Tongue

If your boots aren't waterproof, try using a gusseted tongue to avoid water from seeping in while you are walking through puddles or ice.

Sharp Toe cap

Steel and composite toe caps are commonly used for boots that don't have one already. They provide great protection for anyone working in a difficult environment where there are chances of the collision into or falling of objects. They can be worn with crampons and will be great protection for your toe.

Gaiter Ring and Soft Cuffs

These are great extensions for tactical winter boots. Soft Cuffs will keep your feet and lower legs warm while a gaiter ring will allow you to attach gaiters to your boots incase your boots are very short.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these brands good for extremely cold weather conditions?

Yes, our list contains all types of winter boots, including military surplus cold weather boots, best winter boots for working outside, intermediate cold weather boots to men's extreme cold weather boots, ranger's snow boot, and extreme cold weather boots for women.


Sure, you could purchase without fussing too much about all these details, but keep in mind if your boots don't go well with your feet, it's you who will suffer.

Although our guide has outlined all the intricate details of Army winter boots for all ranges of temperature, here's another tip for you.

In case you like some of the very expensive shoes, know that these brands provide discounts on special days like Black Friday, New year or when the season is about to end. See if you can save some money or try buying a pair that you couldn't buy without the discount.

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