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10 Highest Rated Boots for Ice Fishing – 2020 Reviews

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Have you recently developed an interest in ice fishing but don’t know what boots will work best for you? Don’t worry! We’ve been there too, and we know how embarrassing it can be to slip on ice repeatedly just because you’re not wearing the right shoes. 

What makes it more difficult is that the majority of ice fishing boots available on the market are just not up to the quality. Most of them are expensive and are just casual winter boots. Since they are not specifically tailored for ice fishing, they will end up causing you discomfort and wasting your money. 

To help you with this, we have decided to provide you with a list of our best boots for ice fishing. At the end of this article, you will learn about guides that will educate you on how to know which boot is the right one for you as well as other frequently asked questions. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Top 10 Best Ice Fishing Boots Reviews and Ratings

Kamik - Knee-high

If you want boots that will keep your feet warm even in extreme cold, then these Kamik Men’s hunter boot is one of the options that many will recommend to you. It’s called a hunter boot because fishing is also a sort of hunting and the word “snow” in the name shows that it’s made for ice fishing

It was initially made for the Canadian cold where -40 is the norm in some areas like Saskatchewan. The whole outer of this boot is made of synthetic rubber with 8 mm removable thermal guard liner which is amazing insulation for dealing with extreme colds.

Also, the waterproof ability of these Kamiks is so good that you can walk through snow or water and never find your feet wet.

Kamik Hunter Snow Boot image

Moreover, the traction with these boots is also excellent. We walked in them over ice and sleet, but never once did we lose our balance. The adjustable nylon collar is a huge relief to have because it not only ensures that neither the cold air nor any moisture gets it but it also ensures better support.

And like all Kamik boots, these are also excellent at providing comfort to your feet.



  • Waterproof

  • Great Traction

  • Great Support

  • Comfortable

  • Heavy

Baffin - Ideal Arch Support

Baffin footwear has been making its mark in the footwear industry for the past 25 years. They have been able to make high-performance footwear for cold environments using leading molding technology.

What you need the most in a boot while working in cold workplaces is warmth, traction, and functionality. The warmth in these boots is ensured by a foam-based inner boot system, which also provides excellent comfort as a by-product. For traction, you need a boot that has rigid rubber soles with deep lugs and patterns in it.

The shock absorption of these Baffin Men’s Wolf boots is also amazing, and the sole is very lightweight. The pull buckles are also effective in reducing the time it takes to wear these boots and take them off, but they are also helpful in providing added fitting and support.

Baffin Wolf Snow Boot image

A tightening collar is also very essential when it comes to preventing ice or even cold from entering the boot. Thank god, all these features are included in these Baffin Ice Fishing boots.

One thing, we believe you should know about these boots is that they are made in China but that doesn’t really matter as the quality is better and the designer is Canadian. Currently, all big boot manufacturers are getting their boots made in China, so this shouldn’t really be a deal-breaker for you.


  • Warm

  • Great Traction

  • Nice Fitting

  • Great Support

  • Lightweight


  • Smaller Sizing

Muck Boot - High Performance

Muck is another brand that comes to mind when you're looking for boots for extremely cold environments. These boots have been tried by soldiers as well as explorers who went to places like the Arctic. This is why this specific boot has been named the Arctic Sport Rubber boot and therefore, it will keep your feet warm even at -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

With these boots, your feet will never get wet even if you walk through water. The deep lugs and the tread pattern ensures that you walk carefree. The rubber construction of these boots is highly durable and waterproof. The comfort level these boots provide is also worth investing in. 

The 2mm thermal foam underlay ensures that your foot’s arch is resting in comfort and warmth. Moreover, we like the style of these boots more than other boots in this category. All these features make this a great option for those looking for a knee-high fishing boot.

Muck Boot Arctic Spor Winter Boot image


  • Warm

  • Comfortable

  • Durable

  • Waterproof


  • Not Ideal for Sweaty Feet

Norfin Klondaik - Ideal Protection

Norfin Klondaik is also a famous bootmaker for fishermen and anglers. These boots have been provided with every feature that you'll need along with your ice fishing ventures. Take for example the rubber outer that is reinforced with heat-reflecting aluminum foil to keeps your body warm from external factors such as wind or snow. 

These are ideal for anyone who works in extremely cold environments where not only the temperature is very low but cold winds blow often. We say this because the P11 membrane has been provided here which is windproof at the least. 

This same material is also responsible for evaporating any moisture that develops within these boots. This attempt to remove moisture within has been further guaranteed by providing an air vent at the rear of the boots.

Norfin Klondaik Winter Boot image

Although these boots are heavy, they have been equipped with Norfin silent fabric which does not allow creating any noise that other heavy-duty cold weather shoes do.

The rubber sole provided in these boots is very durable and guarantees excellent traction. For added traction especially on snow and ice, these boots feature special removable spikes. Furthermore, a 10mm removable EVA insole has been provided which guarantees maximum warmth.


  • Heavy-duty

  • Comfortable

  • Warm

  • Windproof

  • Comfortable


  • European sizing

SOREL - Insulated

This is another great boot that we believe is great for ice fishing, hunting, or simply snow walking because they are designed to provide heat at temperatures as low as -40. It has been equipped with 400g Thinsulate Ultra insulation to keep your feet warm no matter what. 

Moreover, the waterproof ability of these boots is also amazing given the seam-sealed construction of full-grain leather and synthetic textile upper. The rubber outsole of these Sorel Conquest boots has a tread pattern that ensures extra grip. Also, gaiters have been provided for protection and warmth. 

SOREL Winter Boot image

The Achilles strap has been provided to ensure maximum fit. If you think it’s buckle will break due to excess pressure and stress, you’re wrong. Besides all this, this boot is also very good looking compared to other warm boots for ice fishing. It comes in three colors and is very easy to break into.


  • Easy Break in

  • Waterproof

  • Protective

  • Warm


  • Liners are Not Removable

U.S. Military Contractors - Stylish

While we were looking for the warmest ice fishing boots, we wondered what our soldiers wear in such environments. That's when we came across Mickey Mouse Military boots. These boots are manufactured by U.S. Military contractors who make sure these boots stand out in every aspect.

You can take these boots to extremely cold environments and not feel an ounce of the cold. These boots are also waterproof fishing boots, no amount of water outside will cause your feet to get wet inside. These boots can be inflated and deflated via the valve provided on the sides. This is done to release pressure on high altitudes such as mountains or planes. 

U.S. Military Contractors boot image

Like all Military boots, these are rugged boots and therefore will endure all kinds of hardships and abuses. The traction provided by these boots is also insane and you can run, hike and do all sorts of activities carefree. All this for a relatively affordable price because these shoes are sold by the Military and no middleman is involved in between.


  • Warm

  • Waterproof

  • Great Traction

  • Affordable


  • Manufacturing Defects

TideWe - Durable

This boot is a good choice if you want to keep your feet dry while catching some fishes on the snowy ground. What makes this possible is that it is made of 100% waterproof CR Flex-Foam and 4-way stretch nylon making it comfortable as ever. 

Also, if you are easily bothered by the cold, this boot can keep you warm. It is highly insulated and heat resistant that can help retain your body's warmth, preventing you from having frostbites.

It is lightweight so you won't have to worry if you need to walk far to reach your fishing site. Despite its weight, it still has good shock-absorbing quality even in extreme settings. 

TideWe Hunting Boot image

What makes this boot even more impressive is that it flexes with your feet as you walk. This can prevent you from suffering from blisters and foot pain.

If you want to buy this boot, check the size chart first so that you can get the perfect fitting.


  • Insulated

  • Waterproof

  • Flexible

  • Lightweight

  • Warm


  • Pricey

Hisea - Protective

This brand is a highly waterproof and insulated boot which makes it perfect to use for snow fishing. It is durable, protective, and comfortable to wear for any outdoor activity. These 16-1/2” rubber neoprene footwear with air mesh linings are breathable so you won't have to worry about having sweaty feet.

Moreover, the four-way stretch nylon makes this boot fit perfectly and seals your feet from getting wet. This feature also keeps your feet warm for more comfortable fishing.

Another amazing feature of this boot is that it is nonabrasive and hypoallergenic. It is lightweight and has soft cushioning EVA midsoles which makes your feet pain-free even when you wear it for the whole day. The outsoles are made of rubber which assures strong stability and solid traction. 

Hisea Hunting Boot image

If you need a boot that you can use in extreme conditions, choose this brand. the toe and heel areas are reinforced for better foot protection. This boot is a good-buy!


  • Waterproof

  • Insulated

  • Great Traction

  • Comfortable

  • Lightweight


  • Narrow

Rocky - Lace-up

Rocky is a famous and reputable boot brand that is making high-quality and durable boots. This boot is great for snow fishing because it was made focusing on the important aspects for a winter boot which is waterproofing, warmth, and comfort.

It has 1,200 grams of Thinsulate ultra insulation that keeps your feet warm and dry while fishing. What makes it even better for ice fishing is that it has excellent traction and stability that protects you from falling on the slippery ground while catching your fish.

Comfort is an important aspect to consider when choosing a boot and Rocky won't disappoint you. 

Rocky Pro Mobu Hunting Boot image

It has a molded foam padded collar that protects your foot from having pain and blisters. It also has a durable rubber vamp.

Buyers are impressed with this boot. Some said that it is still comfortable even with thick socks.


  • Waterproof

  • Warm

  • Comfortable

  • Durable


  • Runs Big

Guide Gear - Waterproof

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this boot is a must-have! This boot can withstand harsh settings and conditions. It can keep your feet protected from the cold while ice fishing. 

It has 2,400-gram Thinsulate ultra insulation which makes your feet comfortably warm. It is also breathable and lightweight. You can wear this all day without suffering from foot pain because it has EVA midsole and polyurethane insoles to provide comfort. This brand is also excellent in offering safety and foot protection. It has a slip-resistant outsole so you can walk comfortably on slippery grounds.

Guide Gear Hunting Boots image

Buyers said that this boot kept their feet warm. However, some said that the eyelets easily fall off. This is a minor issue and does not really affect the great features that this brand can offer.


  • Protective

  • Comfortable

  • Slip-resistant

  • Warm

  • Breathable


  •  Eyelet Issues

What to Consider in Buying a Winter Fishing Boot?

Now that we have provided you a list of our favorite insulated fishing boots, we want to leave you with further information about what aspects you should be aware of. After all, it’s not fair to buy a pair of boots just because we said so. Look into these different aspects and see if the boots that you are considering buying stand up to them. 


When you're buying any boot for extremely cold temperatures, be ready to face a lot of insulation. Such insulation can come at the cost of added weight. Good bootmakers have come up with ways of keeping the weight low despite the insulation. They do this by various techniques and compromises. However, your concern should be to either read the label or ask the seller about the weight of the boot. Make sure the boot is lightweight while having the proper insulation. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that waterproof boots will not gain weight when they get wet, they keep the water outside and remain dry. Non-waterproof boots will get wet and become too heavy for you to walk in mind. Walking in snow can also wet your boots, so make sure to buy waterproof boots. 


Height is super important when you’re buying boots for ice fishing. You can’t work in boots with short heights because they will not be able to stop snow from going in from above the collar. Moreover, tall boots will protect your lower calves and shins from cold. Since ice fishing and walking in the snow is too cold for our feet, this exposure to cold and snow can cause frostbites. So, beware of the height and choose according to your size accordingly.


Liners are also very important when it comes to keeping your feet warm and dry, but some bootmakers do not know how much liner to add. Some boots have so many liners that they cause excessive heat which leads to sweat and this sweat can then become worsen the cold due to the temperature outside. Therefore, we must avoid boots with excessive liners.

Removable liners are a good alternative too because they can be removed when you know that your boots will not be exposed to moisture. Doing so will save you a lot of trouble. 


Above, we discussed liners but then we didn’t discuss the waterproof ability in detail. Not having proper waterproofing can render any boots useless. Imagine you're walking through snow and suddenly moisture builds up inside your boots. Your feet will get so cold you couldn't stand a chance. So how could you do ice fishing if your feet are this cold?

Therefore, make sure the boot you're looking forward to buying has an excellent waterproof ability.


Proper fitting is also very essential when it comes to selecting boots for ice fishing because improper boot sizes will cause you irritation and leave marks on your feet. Moreover, if they are big, they’ll provide an outlet for cold and moisture to seep in from above, which will render the waterproofing and insulation useless. 

A lot of people buy the best boots but end up complaining that the boots were not good enough. This happens when the fitting is not perfect, and this is exactly why we suggest people consider only those boot brands that make the right size for them. If you're buying online, first consult the reviews regarding the size, and secondly, make sure the seller provides exchange if the size does not fit.


Like all the features and aspects that we mentioned above, insulation is the most important. Ice fishing is a very extreme weather activity and the cold in these environments is just too much for normal boots. You must consider 200g, 400g, and even 800g of insulation depending on the conditions at your workplace.

Thinsulate is good insulation and the one we recommend everyone because it keeps your feet warm without adding much weight. Whereas fleece and wool will add unnecessary weight to your boot and you’ll find it much harder to walk in them. 

Traction and Slip Resistance

Traction is also very important in boots for ice fishing because walking on ice and snow can be difficult. If your boots do not have the right traction, you can fall and get an injury. Rubber outsole with deep lugs and proper tread patterns are a good sign that the boot will stand its ground even on slippery surfaces. 

However, you can add crampons or ice cleats to your boots for added traction. 


As we have seen, almost all ice fishing boots are expensive and it would feel worse to discover that they break before we expect them to. Cheap brands are known for making boots with all the features but they do not provide long-lasting material and construction. Sometimes, one of these cheap boots will start breaking only after a few weeks. 

Good bootmakers, on the other hand, know that their customers want to buy a pair not for six months only but rather for many years to come. Therefore, they use only that material and construction which will withstand all kinds of abuses.


Comfort is another factor that can make or break your purchase because if you find boots that stand out in every aspect, but cause you discomfort, then you'll either give them up or they'll cause you injuries. Therefore, look for small additions made by the bootmakers such as removable EVA insoles or shock absorption capacity.

Having a reinforced shank or a padded collar can also go a long way. Look for these features in the labels mentioned by the bootmakers because they love talking about the small efforts they make, which they don’t want you to miss. 

Types of Socks That You Need

While your boot is what makes or breaks your ice fishing experience, your socks can have a great effect too. Newbies might ignore the importance of the right socks, but they'll end up regretting their casual behavior.


Heated socks are powered by low ampere batteries and they were invented for mountain climbers and alpinists. If your work requires you to go into extreme cold conditions, then why not take advantage of this technology. Moreover, they are also shock-resistant, so you’ll find them quite beneficial when working. 

Thermal Socks

Thermal socks are warm and thick that are comfortable and adjust perfectly to different feet types. They are a good prevention against chafing and blisters usually caused by the liners and size differences in the boots.


Waterproofing ability is no longer restricted to boots only, you can find socks that will also prevent your feet from moisture and keep them dry. If you’re wearing waterproof fishing boots and water somehow seeps through them either from above or somewhere else, your waterproof socks will save you. In other instances, you might want to take off your boots especially when you’re indoors or in a bathroom. This is when waterproof socks will prove a lifesaver for you.

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Other Buying Tips

There are other small things that you can take advantage of like:

Lacing Eyelets

Lacing eyelets are usually made of a metal that is responsible for keeping the lacing intact. However, cheap boots have eyelets usually made of cloth, that break due to pressure, and thus it becomes impossible to tie the laces or even wear the boot properly. Good boots on the other hand have metal eyelets that do not break due to any kind of pressure.


Sometimes, you'll have to tie your shoelaces with your gloves on especially in extreme cold weathers where taking off your gloves can cause you frostbites. For this, you'll require thick and sturdy laces that you can tie with your gloves on without breaking them.

Break-In Time

Break-in time is also very important because you might be required to work in your newly purchased boots without waiting for the boots to break In, with your feet. If it takes too long for the boots to break in with your feet, then life will be difficult for you. You can enquire about the seller or even read some reviews left by buyers to know how long a boot takes to break in. Go for boots that take the least time to break-in.

How to Know the Perfect Fit

Tactical boots are often sized differently than regular shoes. Some brands size them slightly smaller than the standard, and some brands size them somewhat larger than the standard. This is because the width of the shoe is taken into account while sizing them.

While trying on the boots, look for a pair that offers enough wiggle room for your toes. The idea is to avoid pain and discomfort. If possible, try the shoes while standing on a downward incline. If you slide forward in the boots, then it is not a good fit for you.

You should also check the width of the boots. They should fit snugly around your feet but not too tight. Walk around a little bit while wearing the shoes to see if you feel that anything is off. This might be a bit difficult because new shoes will usually feel uncomfortable since they have not been broken in. Lastly, try on the boots with the socks that you typically wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What boot material is best for fishing?

We’ve mentioned several materials in this article, each with a unique characteristic. For ice fishing, any material that ensures waterproofing and insulation without adding much weight is preferable. 

Why do you need an ice fishing boot?

Unlike normal fishing, ice fishing is an extreme weather activity. Your feet will be exposed to extreme cold which will not only cause you discomfort but can leave your feet with frostbites. To avoid this, you must wear proper shoes that provide the necessary warmth, waterproofing, and functionality so that you can be productive and carefree.  

What is the best clam ice fishing boots?

We’ve mentioned quite a few boots for ice fishing that have everything you need. However, if you want us to be specific then we would say that the Baffin ice fishing boots are our personal favorite. However, we would suggest you look for the one that matches your preferences and foot size, rather than relying on someone else. 


There you have it, a list of our tried and recommended boots as well as a guide on how to find the perfect boot for your ice fishing experience.

Although you should be careful when making such a purchase so often, we fall into “debate minutiae”, which means worrying about small things that barely matter in the day to day routines. So, avoid falling into this trap and make a prudent decision. Let us know about your experience!

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