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Best Firefighter Station Boots – 2020 Our In-Depth Guide

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Tragedies don’t knock at our door when they arrive. We more or less never see them coming except for a fistful of brave sons of the soil who are always willing to risk their lives when the disaster hits.

The role of firefighters in gaining control over catastrophic events such as building fires, forest fires, etc. is truly indispensable.

That’s why firefighters should have access to the best gear possible even when they’re not out there, saving our lives at ground zero.

Firefighters should wear the best firefighter station boots, the best body armor, and world-class headgear to ensure their safety while risking their lives to save others.

Top 8 Firefighter Station Boots Reviewed

5.11 - Antibacterial

A.T.A.C 6 inch side zip boot can be a perfect companion of a firefighter. The accelerated side zips make a quick slip on and slip off possible for you. Other than being very durable, it keeps your professional profile intact with its stylish upper.

The safety protection features include but aren’t limited to the 5.11 shock mitigation system, oil and slip-resistant, quiet outsole, and anti-microbial as well as moisture-wicking lining. However, the well-known features of these boots remain the 5.11 shock mitigation system and Antibacterial lining.

The products such as A.T.A.C manufactured by 5.11, Inc. are custom designed for officials in the fields of firefighting, military, and law enforcement.

5.11 A.T.A.C. Side Zip Boot image



  • Easy Slip-off and On

  • Stylish

  • Slip and Oil Resistant

  • Quiet Outsole

  • Antimicrobial

  • Zipper Can Cause Pain

Bates - Slip-resistant

When it comes to working in dangerous settings such as uneven terrains and slippery surfaces, the first thing to look for in a work boot should be its slip-resistant sole. Bates GX-8 * inch Ultra-Lites GTX waterproof boots exactly promise you that.

The upper is composed of 100% leather and synthetic blend, which is waterproof. The EVA midsole and slip-resistant rubber outsole guarantee that no matter what the texture of the surface is, these shoes will stand firmly.

Bates Footwear joined hands with Wolverine Footwear Inc. in 2003 and is dedicated to bringing the best of uniform shoes for military, police forces and firefighters out there in the market.

Bates GX-8 Ultra-Lites Boot image


  • 100% Leather

  • Waterproof

  • Comfortable


  • Soles may fall apart

Blundstone – Shock-absorbing

Blundstone Work Series 900 shoes are imported from countries, namely Tasmania and Australia. The upper is crafted out of 90% leather and 10% synthetic blend. The synthetic sole offers phenomenal durability in the toughest situations.

Blundstone is making these boots since 1870, and the quality, integrity, and authenticity of their shoes is unquestionable.

The midsole is made of low density, shock-absorbing polyurethane, which makes these shoes very comfortable, shock-proof, and durable. With proper care, Blundstone guarantees that these shoes will stay intact for years.

Blundstone Work Series image

The external boot opening of Blundstone Work Series 900 boots is 11.5’’approximately, and the shaft measures 6’ approximately from the arch.


  • Durable

  • Shock-absorbing

  • Comfortable


  • A Bit Stiff

WOLVERINE – Full-grain Leather

If you’re looking for pure leather work shoes, it can’t get better than this for you. WOLVERINE is a multimillion-dollar shoe-giant been in business since 1183. Their products, such as Raider twin-Gore Romeo Steel-Toe work shoes, are timeless, just like the company itself.

The upper is equipped with full-grain leather. Contour welt makes sure that you feel free while you move around in different angles while wearing these work shoes.

WOLVERINE Steel-Toe Work Boot image

The lightweight polyurethane midsole with wave mesh lining is a delight to your feet. The MultiShox protection feature ensures the compression pads can soak in all the shocks and provide adequate support for every step forward.


  • Full-grain Leather

  • Comfortable

  • Lightweight

  • Shock Proof

  • Support


  • Small Sizing

Danner – Fire Resistant

Firefighters can end their search for the perfect firefighter station shoes right here because these are the shoes designed, manufactured, and marketed for you.

The upper rough-out leather is as durable as fire-resistant. The fire-resistant full-grain leather upper gives protection against punctures and cuts, as well.

These boots have been designed to be light in weight and compact in design so that they’re equally suitable for firefighters and mountaineers. Vibram S587 fire and ice, oil-and-slip resistant outsole not only guarantees resistance against these but also showcases ASTM certified electrical hazard protection.

Danner Safety Boot image


  • Durable

  • Puncture Proof

  • Lightweight

  • Slip Resistant

  • Electric Resistant


  • Lacing Difficulty

Under Armour – Abrasion-resistant

Valsetz RTS Slide Zip Military and Tactical boots by Under Armour are composed of the synthetic and textile blend on the top side.

The synthetic and textile blend, in combination with abrasion-resistant film, gives you the utmost feeling of comfort.

Under Armour Men's Valsetz Tactical Boot image

These shoes flaunt UA ClutchFit technology, Micro G foam, and lightweight “second skin,” making sure that your ankle gets all the support, and you can take giant and powerful leaps.

The chassis is composed of lightweight TPU, which provides adequate support to the foot alongside with just-right firmness. These shoes are 7’ in height, and weight is just 26 oz.


  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Comfortable

  • Lightweight

  • Ankle Support

  • Right Firmness


  • Stitching Problems

Thorogood – Safety Toe

These shoes let you keep your toes safe while you’re working hard. These 8” slide zip jump shoes by Thorogood are perfect for work and challenging outdoor activities.

The upper is composed of pure leather, which is oil-tanned and flaunts high-shine polished toe cap. In order to provide additional comfort, a removable PU footbed with EVA cushion flex is provided.

The Goodyear Storm welt construction is there to ensure uncompromised durability. Not only that, a compression-molded EVA midsole with 300g gel heel inserts offer excellent cushioning and the treaded rubber outsole provides these work boots with resistance against slips.

Thorogood Jump Boot image


  • Safety Protection

  • Pure Leather

  • Comfortable

  • Great Polish

  • Durable


  • Noisy Outsole

Rocky – Waterproof

Rocky Alpha Force zipper duty shoes highlight a non-removable Insole. The upper is composed of 100% pure full-grain leather and Nylon blend, making these boots water-resistant. It is easy to slip-on and slip-off, thus proving to be a desirable firefighter station shoe.

The high-quality rubber outsole is oil and slip-resistant. The non-metallic stabilizer makes sure that your boots absorb shocks and make you feel comfortable even in untoward circumstances. The size of the shaft is approximately 6” from the arch.

Rocky Duty Boot image


  • 100% Leather

  • Water-resistant

  • Easy to Put on and Remove

  • Slip-resistant

  • Shock proof


  • Inner Lining Comes Off

What to Look for in Fire Station Boots When in Duty

firewoman image

Ease to Slip-on and Off

Although firefighters aren’t wearing firefighter station shoes when they’re gaining control over hostile fires, firefighter station shoes still have an indispensable role to perform.

The best feature that we can expect from such shoes is the ease of accessibility. Firefighters should be able to wear them within a jiffy and take them off at the same speed without having to struggle while doing so.


A person is only comfortable if his or her wearables are comfy. Since firefighters don’t really take-off their station boots all day, the shoes they’re wearing must be very comfortable.

Many factors have to be taken into account when determining whether the shoes are comfortable or not. The station shoes should essentially have proper ventilation, cutting edge design, moisture-wicking material, and anti-microbial purpose.

Safety Protection

Different types of professional boots have different purposes and thus should be provided with the safety protection features that are suitable for a particular line of work. Firefighter station boots are worn by firefighters when they’re doing their duty in the fire station. That’s why they should have the following safety protection features:

  • Shock absorbance capacity,
  • Adequate arch support,
  • Well-equipped cushioning,
  • Anti-microbial and moisture-wicking linings,
  • Steel-toe,
  • Puncture-resistance, etc.


Firefighter station shoes should be durable enough to endure prolonged periods of wear-and-tear every day without puncturing. Fire station shoes should be flexible, supportive, reliable, and comfortable.

These shoes have to be designed and manufactured right from scratch so as to ensure that their durability isn’t compromised while taking other features into account. That can be ensured by putting firemen shoes through different types of safety tests.


When you’re doing your duty at the fire station, the uncomfortable station shoes should be the last thing to bother you. Firefighter shoes should be comfortable to such an extent that you should be able to go on all day in them without feeling a pinch or a bite.

When buying station shoes , it is essential to examine whether the shoes you’re buying have adequate space for your toe movement.

You should be able to wear them comfortably even when you’ve your socks on. Likewise, you should also do a walk test before taking your new shoes home to make sure that these shoes don’t make your feet hurt when you take a long walk.


The average weight of fire station footwear should be anything below two pounds. A bit more weight on your feet makes you feel like you’ve to forcibly drag your firefighter station footwear all day while you’re doing your job. Firefighters have to wear their shoes all the time. 

Therefore, the footwear designed for them should be sufficiently lightweight. Heavyweight footwear can lead to trouble because it can delay emergency calls or even feel discomfort while wearing them.


Other than being moisture-wicking and anti-microbial, fire station footwear need to have proper ventilation for heat dissipation. Nowadays, firefighter shoes materials are used to give comfort to the user, which ensures that the heat generated by the feet doesn’t get trapped in the footwear. 

Not only that, the latest fire station footwear are equipped with the linings that keep the feet drier and healthier with no chance of getting infected. How cool, right?

Possible Dangers That Firemen May Encounter

firemen image

Extreme Weather Conditions 

Being a firefighter is entirely different from being any other worker. Firefighters don’t get to choose which days to work at the station or which days to enjoy Netflix and chill. They’ve to stay ready to attend to their duties no matter what weather condition prevails. 

That’s why the station footwear should be waterproof or at the very least water-resistant. It should also need to be flame and shockproof as well.

Molten Objects

Firefighters can come across molten objects at any time. Therefore, as per NFPA standards, firefighter station shoes should house lug soles such as Vibram-type soles. This because it can protect the firefighter when working in dangerous situations such as controlling a forest fire. 

NFPA standards specify that fire shoes should be 8’ inches in height when measured from the bottom of the heel up to the top end of the footwear. The pull-on boots do not qualify for use in such extremely hazardous situations, and thus the shoes must be laced. The exterior's surface of the fire shoes must be manufactured of pure leather.

Sharp Objects

An ideal fire station shoes should be durable, especially when it comes in contact with a sharp object. Check the manufacturer and materials of the footwear to be sure that it won't be punctured easily. 

Read the features of the shoes, and it should be sure that it passed the specific standards of OSHA (Operational Safety and Health Administration). The outsole also plays a big part and should be rugged enough to withstand any damage from sharp objects.

Falling Objects

When a heavy object falls on a firefighter shoe, it should not collapse but should be competent enough to soak-in all the impact without hurting your feet. Steel toe firefighter footwear can provide better protection when it comes to falling objects or sharp objects.

Also, steel toe station footwear are less costly than the shoes with composite toes. However, cost shouldn’t act as an impediment when it is a matter of life and death. You should go with the one which offers better durability, comfort, and best features regardless of price.


Firefighters can get exposed to any machinery which has sharp moving parts and thus is prone to cutting hazards. The fire shoes manufactured as per OSHA 29CFR 1910.266(d)(1)(v) standards are resistant to punctures or cuts. Thus, the fire shoes passing this standard are safe to use in areas that pose a continuous risk of cutting hazards.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Steel-Toe Types Recommended for Firefighters?

Traditional fire station boots are rubber made, but leather boots have successfully begun to take their spot. Firefighters prefer the leather boots with steel toe chassis as these boots protect the feet against all possible hazards such as cuts, falling objects, water-resistance, etc.

Steel toe boots vary in their ability to resist compression depending on the design and manufacturer. Therefore, you should always make sure to buy to reputable manufacturers only.

What are Brands Good for Firewomen?

Firefighter duty boots for women need to pass NFPA certification as well. The most preferred firefighter boots for women include HAIX, Fire Hunter USA, V-Force, Fire Flash Xtreme, Special Fighter USAR, etc.

The standard varieties of fire station boots employed by women are lightweight composite toe boots , steel toe boots, boots with Vibram-type outsoles, etc.


The act of taking off station shoes by firefighters and putting on fire shoes has to happen within a fraction of a second. That’s only possible when the station shoes provide you with the best possible ease of accessibility.

The station shoes should be easy to slip on and slip off or be capable of handling extensive wear and tear. The fire station shoes should have cutting edge aerodynamics, which ensures that your feet stay safe from all types of potential hazards while you’re busing doing your duty.

When buying firefighter duty shoes, the price tag it carries should be the least of your worries. The only thing that should concern you is that whether the station shoes you’re buying fulfill all of your requirements or not, and that’s it.

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