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8 Best Linemen Boots – Reviews & Ratings 2020

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Everyone deserves to wear a good work boot. Investing in a high quality work boot is important to survive a tiring day at work. While contrary to that, wearing a bad boot can cause dangers and accidents. And who are the most vulnerable? These are workers or laborers who are exposed outside and whose work is related to a lot of physical challenges.

Today, we are going to review the best work boots for linemen. Being a lineman is one of the riskiest jobs in the world. From climbing high poles to handling dangerous electrical wires, it is a job that requires intensive expertise and training. Their job is also very prone to accidents and injuries that is why it is not recommended for them to wear ordinary work boots. Rather, they should invest in a trusted boot brand for comfort and safety.

Logger boots can also be used by linemen. It is because this type of boots is protective and water-resistant. They are also known to be durable which makes it a perfect match for linemen.

If you are planning to buy the best lineman boot, read this review to know more about what to look for. Our buyer’s guide will surely make you knowledgeable on the features that you should look for when making a purchase. If you want to make a quick decision, you can choose any product from our list. You won’t be disappointed with any of these amazing brands.

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Top 8 Lineman Boots Review

Carhartt - Leather

Carhartt is one of the most popular boot brands that offer high-quality products. This boot is made of 100% horse oil-tanned brown leather. It has a rubber sole with a heel measuring approximately 2 inches. It has a composite toe which makes it lighter to wear for linemen. Moreover, it has a waterproof membrane so you won’t have to worry when you need to work in wet areas or rainy days.

The Goodyear welt construction assures durability. This can make you save money because you can wear them for a long time, unlike other cheap work boot brands that easily wear off. When it comes to comfort issues, this brand won’t disappoint you.

Carhartt Composite Toe image

It has a PU Strobel pad and PU cushion insoles. It also has a TPU heel stabilizer that can help prevent foot pain even if you stand and work all day. Carhartt assures protection even in the toughest conditions.

What made us include this amazing boot on our list is because it meets ASTM F2413-18 EH standards. This means that it has electrical hazard resistance which is the most essential feature a lineman needs in a boot.



  • Durable

  • Electrical Hazard Resistant

  • Comfortable

  • Waterproof

  • Lacks Insulation

Kenetrek - Non-Insulated

If you want a boot that ensures safety and protection, go with this brand. It has a steel safety toe that helps protect your feet from injuries and hazards. It is ten inches tall made of full grain leather with triple stitching. Moreover, It has 7 mm nylon midsoles that guarantee extra support. 

What this boot can boast about is its custom K-73 vulcanized rubber sole that ensures durability and great traction which will be beneficial in pole climbing. It is also corrosion-resistant and comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, it also has a Windtex waterproof membrane that keeps you dry all day while doing your work. With this boot, you won’t have to worry about safety because it meets ASTM impact and compression standards.

Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Steel Safety Toe image

This boot is recommended for workers with dangerous jobs like tree service workers, cable installers, and arborists.


  • Protective

  • Supportive

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Great Traction


  • Heavy

La Sportiva - Ideal Toe Protection

This boot is primarily made for mountaineering and backpacking, however, it is also great for linemen. Fitting is an essential feature in choosing a lineman's boots and this will fit you perfectly due to its rollerball hardware and a locking D-ring. 

The Dry-Best lining makes it water-resistant and suitable for wet areas. Moreover, it assures durability due to its MPE sole that makes it survive in the harshest conditions. The sole is crampon compatible, durable, and deep lugged.

La Sportiva Makalu Boot image

It has a 3 mm Idro-Perwanger leather and a rubber toe for foot protection. If you want a versatile boot that you can use in your lineman work and also wear in hikes, this boot is a good-buy. 

Buyers said that it has great foot support. A lot of linemen have testified that this boot worked well for them. However, some said that it is warm and requires a period to break-in. These are minor issues and are not enough reasons to give up on this amazing boot.


  • Water-resistant

  • Durable

  • Versatile

  • Great Support


  • Narrow

Georgia Boot - Waterproof

Georgia is another popular boot brand that won’t let you down. It is known for making amazing boots for different workers like hunters and farmers. This boot features a pure leather shaft with protective steel toe and lace-up closure. It has a rear pull loop and a rubber toe that protects you from slippery grounds.

Other amazing features that this brand can offer are waterproofing, abrasion-resistance, and durability. It is also comfortable to wear and guarantees foot protection. It is suitable for harsh environments which makes it ideal for linemen work.

Buyers are amazed at how these boots perform. Others said that it is also great to wear in the snow. Another good point of this boot is that it is not difficult to break-in. Others suggested getting a bigger size because it is a bit narrow before breaking-in.

Georgia Boot G7313 Work Boot image


  • Waterproof

  • Abrasion-resistant

  • Durable

  • Protective

  • Easy to Break In


  • Hard Sole

Chippewa - Insulated

If you want an insulated boot, Chippewa is the best for you. It has a Goodyear leather welt construction that measures approximately nine inches from the arch. It also has a steel-toe for added foot protection.

Moreover, it has a breathable Ruby Dri Lex 2000 lining that makes it ideal for wearers with sweaty feet. If you are wondering if you can use it on slippery grounds, the answer is yes. It has excellent traction due to the Vibram Tacoma logger outsole.

Like any other boots on our review, it also passed ASTM Electrical Hazard which makes it a great choice for linemen. It is also waterproof so you will surely have dry feet all day. What makes this boot more impressive is its stylish design and durability.

People who tried this boot commended it for being comfortable to wear. They also mentioned that they are happy with the safety features of this boot.

Chippewa Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot image


  • Protective

  • Breathable

  • Stylish

  • Durable


  • Heavy

Danner - Alloy Toe

Danner is also a famous brand in the boot industry. This boot features an alloy toe and is made of 100% pure full-grain leather. It is made of Vibram sole which makes it slip, oil-resistant and stable. This boot offers great traction that is why we have included it on our list. Moreover, it is suitable for all foot shapes and sizes because of its wide platform and roomy toe room. It will fit your foot perfectly. It also has a durable stitch down construction.

An additional point for this boot is its comfort. You can wear it all day in your workplace without suffering from foot pain. You can never go wrong with this brand because they pay attention to the smallest details when constructing these boots.

Danner Quarry Alloy Toe Work Boot image

Buyers have testified that these boots kept their feet dry and warm. Some also said that they did not experience any blistering during the break-in period.


  • Oil Resistant

  • Roomy

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to Break In


  • Toe Durability Issues

Red Wing - Nitrile Cork Sole

I’m sure that everyone knows about the Red Wing brand and what quality it offers. This boot is made of 100% leather that measures approximately 6.5 inches from the arch. It has a nitrile sole with an inch heel. Since it is made of natural leather, scuffs can happen but this is a minor issue because it can be fixed by buffing. Moreover, it has a leather toe cap and a leather heel pocket.

For a perfect fit, we recommend you to size down to approximately ½-1 size if you are going to buy a pair. This boot is also user-friendly and easy to maintain. It is durable, comfortable, and oil-resistant.

Buyers liked this boot and commented that it is also stylish for casual wear. However, some have said that it is a bit difficult to break-in.

Red Wing Iron Ranger image


  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Oil Resistant

  • Stylish


  • Runs Big

Ad Tec - Great Traction

If you want a boot that will not wear off even under harsh situations, buy this. Ad Tec is ideal for hard-wearing due to its durable construction. It is made of high-quality full-grain crazy horse saddle leather and Goodyear welt construction. 

What makes this boot more impressive is that you can get it for an affordable price. It also has a slip-resistant lug sole for stable footing. This is important for linemen, especially when climbing dangerous poles. Traction is one of the most important features when picking a boot for them.

Moreover, it is comfortable to wear even for long periods. It is also versatile as you can wear it for various purposes like farming, construction, hiking, or even gardening. This boot is ideal for hard-working workers. 

Ad Tec Super Logger Boots image


  • Versatile

  • Durable

  • Slip-resistant

  • Comfortable

  • Affordable


  • Narrow

What to Consider in Buying a Boot for Electrical Linemen

Material & Construction

The first thing that you should look for in a boot before buying is its material and construction. This is because the material can tell the quality and durability of the boots.

For us, only pure leather is the best material to choose because it is long-lasting and comfortable. You can also go with a boot with a mixture of synthetic leather if your top priority is comfort.

Other important materials that a lineman boot should have are Vibram, Cordura cuff, SBR Aircushion, polyurethane Air cushion, and Perwanger Roughout. These can make a boot perform better.

Electrical Hazard Protection

Linemen deal with electricity in their field of work, which is why electrical hazard protection is very important for a lineman’s boot. A boot with EH protection can protect you from dangers like shocks, heat, and fire. You can always check this by looking at its EH ratings. So with said, don’t forget to ask your merchant about it.

This feature is essential because one wrong move can cause an injury or worse even lose your life. Always remember that safety protection standards are very important when planning to purchase a boot for linemen.

Outsoles and Grip

Remember that the outsoles affect a boot’s slip-resistance and traction so you should check this as well. A lineman they can’t afford to take a single slip while working. Some of the best types of outsoles are polyurethane, rubber, and Vibram Quarry. 

It's best to pick an outsole with a wide aggressive tread for a stable footing. This is an essential feature especially during rainy days where the grounds are slippery.


Shanks are not that necessary when choosing a boot. However, this can be an added safety feature for people in hazardous fields like electrical jobs. The shanks may help in protecting the upper leg, so extra safety protection won't hurt, just go buy boots with shanks!


Durability is a feature that almost everybody wants in a boot. Let's admit it, we all want a durable product. Nobody wants a boot that will wear off easily. That's just plain waste of time and money. 

A durable boot is essential for linemen because these guys are always in the field doing their jobs so footwear that can survive hard-wearing is a must!

Remember, the materials used to construct a boot can affect its durability and longevity. Be sure to buy a brand that is made with high-quality materials only.


The material of a boot can also affect its waterproofing ability so here's another feature that needs checking. There are a lot of reasons why you should buy a waterproof boot for linemen. Nobody wants to wear a drenched boot because first, it's uncomfortable and second, it can become a room for infection. 

Water can affect a boot’s durability simply because it can make it lose its strength. Pick a boot that's made of hardened natural leather. This material is excellent in repelling water or chose something that is heavily-oiled. 

Always bear in mind that before making a purchase, make it a habit to read the description, and find if it can repel water.


Foot pain can be torture especially when you work all day. This is why comfort should also be a top priority in choosing a boot. High-quality materials and durability will be worthless if it lacks comfortability. The burden of a painful boot should not add up to your tiring day at work. 

To check if the boot is comfortable, be sure to check the insoles and try it on before making a purchase. Comfortable insoles are usually made of polyurethane Aircushion midsole, MtnFlex, Ruby Dri Lex linings, and soft paddings. Also, breathability can affect the comfortability of a boot.

Weather Protection

Whether it's snowy, stormy, or sunny, our linemen have to be on the field to keep our lights on.

There are instances that they need to work to fix emergencies in bad weather conditions. Whenever they are doing a dangerous job on a wet and slippery floor, there's always a huge risk of falling or slipping.

To help with this problem, search for the perfect boot that can protect your feet from all sorts of weather conditions. And be sure to always read the materials because everything must be connected with its other features to guarantee feet protection.

Safety Toe Protection & Lightweight

Having one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, linemen should pick a boot that can protect themselves from accidents or even death. Checking if the boot meets the ASTM Safety Standards can keep them protected from impacts or compression from heavy types of equipment.

We all know that linemen usually do challenging climbs and luckily, there are protective boots out in the market that are lightweight. Some lightweight safety toe alternatives are non-metallic composite materials, alloy, or aluminum.


A secured footing while climbing can help our linemen. It helps them securely latch and lock their feet onto steel rungs to prevent slippage. A thick heel can make it easier for them to cling onto ladder rungs and climbing hooks when mounting on a tall utility pole.

A boot with a slip-resistant sole and a thick heel can ensure a safe and stable footing even if you are hanging 30-feet from the ground.

Dangers of Pole Climbing

Going up a high pole is challenging and falling over is one of the most dangerous hazards for electrical jobs. This is why choosing a good boot brand is essential for linemen because one wrong step can cost them their lives.

Other than that, ice on a pole can also be dangerous. Your chance of slipping on the ground can cause injuries. The imminent danger of lightning can also be a hazard for linemen. They also can get electrocuted or shocked by the high-voltage electric power lines.

To prevent these hazards and dangerous accidents from happening, linemen should undergo intensive training and wear protective gear before going on fieldwork.

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Safety Tips for Linemen

There are safety precautions that linemen should always remember when doing their job. Keeping these tips in mind can help them protect themselves from injuries, accidents, and death.

Wear proper safety gear and equipment

Before climbing, you must wear protective gloves, shoes, helmets, and clothing to protect you just in case an accident may occur.

Don’t rush

If you want to perform your job smoothly, you must do it slowly but surely. Most accidents happen when linemen do not take their time in doing their job. 

Be aware

A single wrong step or movement can cost you your life. You must learn to become attentive to your surroundings when working on the line. Be mindful!

Learn your tools

You must learn the mechanism of your tools before using them. You must learn to practice proper tool safety at all times. Companies should provide training on proper and safety tool handling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What lineman boot brand is best for winter?

For winter, we recommend you to buy Chippewa boots. These boots are insulated and are ideal for cold weather conditions. If you want to learn more about it, you can always go back to our product reviews above.

Are logger boots great for linemen?

Logger boots are ideal for linemen because these types are made for hard-wearing. These are durable and protective that makes them ideal for a lineman’s dangerous work.

What is the best lineman boot brand for women?

Carolina Linesman's work boots are ideal for women because they are stylish and protective. However, the brands that are included on our list can also be used for women.


So, there you have it. Being a lineman is not easy and you deserve the best footwear for your work, not only for comfort but also for safety purposes. If you want to make the right choice, remember our buyer’s guide list to help you chose the right pair.

Also, feel free to pick any brand from our product reviews. These products are tested and we are sure that these won’t disappoint you.

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