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Our 7 Top Picks of The Best Boots for Farming – 2020 Reviews

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Farming is really hard work. Their job requires them to work with dirt under the scorching heat of the sun and use their feet all day. This is why they are known to be one of the hardest working people in the world.

Wearing uncomfortable farmer's shoes may add up to the burden. Hence, faulty boots while outdoors can also cause foot pain and injuries. With this said, it is important to be meticulous in choosing a boot for these workers. However, finding a boot that can last long for farmers may be challenging due to the nature of the job itself.

This is why we are here to help you make the right choice in choosing the best boots for farmers. The amazing boots that we will review on our list are durable, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Top 7 Farming Boots Review

Ariat - Suede Upper

This brand has been tried and tested for decades and they design their boots to withstand outdoor work. The Ariat Men's Groundbreaker work boot features a wide toe that gives more room for your feet. It has a brown leather upper with a two-row stitch or four-row stitch pattern. It has extra comfortable 4-layer footbed insoles and a mesh lining for added breathability.

What makes this boot more ideal for farmers is its oil and slip-resistant Duratread outsoles. Walking in slippery paddy fields may cause accidents and this can help prevent it. It was also designed with great performance, comfort, and durability. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear which makes it cradle your feet for all-day use.

Ariat Groundbreaker Workboot image

Buyers have said that the sizing runs a bit big and it is recommended for you to order ½” smaller.



  • Comfortable

  • Durable

  • Breathable

  • Lightweight

  • Roomy

  • Runs Big

Wolverine - Steel Toe

This boot features a dark brown or rust-colored pure leather upper measuring approximately 11.5" from arch. It has a square steel toe which makes it more roomy and comfortable. It also has a synthetic sole with a heel measuring approximately 1.75". Its boot opening measures approximately 14" around. 

For added durability, it has a Goodyear welt construction and a steel toe that meets ASTM standards. Its moisture-wicking mesh lining and ultra-Light EVA midsole make it more comfortable to wear. It also has slip-resistant rubber lug outsoles which makes it ideal for slippery farms.

Wolverine Rancher Work Boot image

It is also perfect for all-day use because of its removable ortholite cushioned footbed that ensures to keep your feet dry.

Buyers have testified that this boot is durable and long-lasting. Some also said that it fits users with wide calves. It is recommended to size down when you decide to buy this brand.


  • Lightweight

  • Roomy

  • Comfortable

  • Slip-resistant

  • Moisture-wicking


  • Runs Big

Muck Boots - Rubber

This brand has a high-grade extended black rubber exterior for female farmers. We consider it as the best rubber boots for farm work. It is flexible and it flexes as you walk. It has a rubber sole with a heel measuring approximately 1". Its shaft measures approximately 10" from the arch and its boot opening measures approximately 15" around. 

It is ideal for hot farms because of its breathable air mesh linings that wick away humidity and sweating. This feature increases air circulation and for added comfort.

This rubber farm boot offers comfort and flexibility, excellent waterproofing, shock absorption, and heat retention. It also has properties that prevent your feet from having blisters and chaffs. 

Muck Boots Chore Work Boot image

Moreover, it has great support which makes it ideal for everyday use. What makes it an ideal boot for farmers is that it has great traction and durability. Also, its rear pull tab makes it convenient to wear and put off.


  • Breathable

  • Comfortable

  • Flexible

  • Easy To Wear

  • Durable


  • Sizing Issues

Justin Boots - Ideal for Ranch

This is a great farm and ranch boots. This brand started its amazing work in 1879. They are known to produce authentic and stylish Western footwear. If you want a boot with a memory foam insole, buy the Justin boot. This brand has a pure leather shaft that measures 10" and a rubber sole for excellent traction and slip-resistance. 

What makes this boot stand out is its J-flex comfort system that ensures a painless working day. This can help a lot of farmers, especially that working all day can make them suffer from foot pains. 

Buyers loved the great quality that these boots possessed despite its low price. They also loved its style and design saying that it is also great for casual wear.

Justin Boots Farm & Ranch boot image


  • Great Traction

  • Affordable

  • Comfortable


  • Leather Issues

Georgia Boot - Goodyear Welt Construction

If you want a pull-on boot with superior leather, this brand is the best for you. It is made of SPR leather, a more durable type, and abrasion-resistant that regular types of leather. It also has a Goodyear welt construction that ensures durability making it the best option for farmers. The shaft measures approximately 11" from the arch and its boot opening measures approximately 13.25" around.

What makes this boot unique is its Georgia waterproof system which keeps the water out while letting the air go in. This feature helps keep your feet dry all day. 

Georgia Boot image

It also has a patented comfort core insole to prevent foot pain during long working hours. It's oil and slip-resistant outsole makes it ideal for slippery farm grounds.


  • Abrasion-resistant

  • Water-resistant

  • Breathable

  • Comfortable


  • Sizing Issues

Golden Fox - Lightweight

This is a lightweight pull-on boot that is ideal for construction, farming, and ranching. It has a leather shaft measuring approximately 11” from the arch. It features a wedge polyurethane outsole with a platform measuring approximately 1". Polyurethane is the lightest outsole material that makes it more comfortable to wear. This type of material also has oil and chemical resisting qualities that make this boot durable and long-lasting.

What makes this boot more ideal for farmers is its anti-fatigue dual-density insoles that ensures a comfortable working day. This feature allows shock-absorption and supports the lower back and legs of farmers to prevent foot and body pains brought about by tiring workdays. It also has excellent weather and hazard-resistance.

Golden Fox Boot image

What buyers loved about this brand is that it can hold up well in tough work conditions. They recommend getting a smaller size when you plan to make a purchase.


  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Comfortable

  • Shock-absorbing

  • Hazard-resistance


  • Runs Big

Carhartt - Safety Toe

If you want tough and protective boots, go for Carhartt. The Carhartt men's work safety-toe features a pure leather shaft that measures approximately 5.5" from the arch and a rubber sole with a heel measuring approximately 1.25". It has a collar and lace-up closure with speed-lace hardware for more convenient wearing. 

This boot will do its job in protecting your feet because it has passed electrical hazard certifications. The PU Strobel pad makes its insole more comfortable and supportive. This also helps reduce fatigue for a more enjoyable workday. Moreover, this boot features a Goodyear welt construction that makes it more durable. It also has FastDry Technology which makes wick away sweat to keep your feet dry all day.

Carhartt Work Safety-Toe image

Buyers said that they are satisfied with how these boots perform. If you are planning to buy one, get your exact size for a perfect fit.


  • Protective

  • Speed-lacing

  • Durable

  • Great Support

  • Fast-drying


  • Not Puncture-proof

What to Consider in Buying a Work Boot for Farmers

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Farms work on wet and muddy surfaces so it is really necessary to choose a boot with excellent waterproofing ability. Using an ordinary work boot can allow water to seep in through your shoe which may cause discomfort or even blisters and chafing. Working with wet and soaked feet may also make you sick especially when you work in cold climates.

To choose a waterproof boot, look for a boot made of rubber or leather for these materials have great waterproofing ability.

Safety Protection

There is a possibility that an accident can happen anytime at work. For farmers, they may encounter dangerous hazards like wild animals and heavy machinery so it is really important to invest in a protective boot to avoid injuries and accidents. Spending extra bucks for a protective boot can help you save your foot so you shouldn't think twice about it.


Farmers usually spend the whole day on their feet which is why finding a comfortable boot is important to prevent foot pain that adds to the burden of their strenuous work. Wearing an uncomfortable boot may not only lead to foot pain but may also cause health issues in the long run. A comfortable boot should have good support and excellent shock-absorbing qualities.


As we have said earlier, slip-resistance is an important feature that a farmer boot must have because the farm has slippery grounds. A slip-resistant boot can help you have a stable footing that prevents falls and accidents. Look for a sole with thick lugs and rubber types because this material can grip on slippery floors.

Toe Caps and Puncture Plates

These features are needed for safety protection. Farmers may encounter hazards like falling objects or heavy machinery that can cause injuries or even crush your foot. A sturdy toe cap can help prevent this from happening.

Moreover, puncture plates can protect the bottom of your feet when you accidentally step on sharp objects like nails or broken glass.


Although this feature is not too necessary when searching for a farmer’s boot, farmers deserve to be stylish too! There are a lot of stylish boot brands in the market. You can choose what color or style is best for your taste. The amazing boots on our list are fashionable and these will make you rock your farming look.


Durability is an essential feature to look for when buying anything. Choosing a sturdy and durable boot is important because farmers need a boot that is suitable for hard-wearing. Their job requires them to stand for long hours and an ordinary boot can’t survive the nature of work that they do every day. Also, choosing a boot that can last for a long time can make you save money.


Wearing a boot for a long time can make your feet sweat. It is uncomfortable to work with wet feet, right? This is the reason why you should pick a breathable boot for farmers. They wear it all day so they should pick a type with good ventilation. A breathable boot can also help avoid foot odor and other complications brought about by sweaty feet.


Everyone wants to save some money. There are a lot of affordable options in the market that also perform well like expensive ones. However, if you plan to buy cheap boots, always check the specifications as well as its quality. It is better to buy an expensive one than to buy a cheap boot that won’t even last long.

Components of Farm Boots

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There are three types of techniques in constructing a farmer boot. The first is the direct attach or injection method. This connects the upper with the outsole permanently with the use of chemicals. This type is flexible, lightweight, and watertight.

The second type is the cement construction. Literally, this type makes the outsole and midsole cemented to the uppers permanently.

And last, but not the least is the Goodyear welt construction. This type connects the boot through stitching with the help of a welt. This type is easy to re-do and repair.

Toe Type

Two types of toe are suitable for farmers. The first type is the steel toe. This type is very protective because it makes the front part of the boot hard and sturdy. It can save your feet from collisions or falling objects, however, it can weigh a bit heavier.

The second type is the composite toe. This type is more preferred because of its lightweight and less conduction of heat and cold. It is also more comfortable to wear and is suitable for any kind of weather.


Choosing a durable outsole with excellent traction is important in every farmer's boots. Three outsole types are ideal for farming.

The first type is the rubber outsole. This type has great traction. It is oil-resistant and has a strong grip on dry and wet or slippery grounds.

The second is thermoplastic polyurethane. This has a lighter weight but is still durable. Like rubber types, these are also slip and chemical resistant.

The third type is polyurethane which is the most flexible and lightweight. It is less durable than other types but it also has great traction.


The upper is an important component that you must check-in buying a farm boot. You can choose between leather or synthetic uppers when making a purchase. Leather types are durable, breathable, and flexible. It follows the shape of the feet making it more comfortable. On the other hand, synthetic types are also a great alternative when leather types are not available. They are ideal for farmers due to its light weight.


The lining of a boot can affect its waterproofing and breathability. Always choose a breathable lining to prevent your feet from sweating. If you are working in cold areas or season, choose an insulated one to keep your feet warm and dry.

Why You Should Use a Farm Boot in Farming

Farmer boots are designed specifically for farming. It possesses the features that a farmer needs in a boot like comfort, durability, breathability, and safety protection. Working on the farm all day can be exhausting and wearing proper footwear can prevent undesirable effects like foot pains and cramps. It can also protect your foot from harsh situations which makes you ready for the next working day.

What makes farmer boots unique is its non-compressible body. This makes every step comfortable and allows them to walk freely without having any foot aches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a rubber boot ideal for farming?

Rubber boots are ideal for farming because this type has great waterproofing and flexibility. Rubber boots are also durable which makes it more ideal for farming. Aside from rubber types, leather types are also recommended.

What's the best farm boots for hot weather?

It is important to choose a breathable boot for hot weather to prevent having sweaty feet. We recommend the Original Muck Boots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot if you are planning to buy one.

What's the best farming boot for women?

For us, the Ariat Women’s Canyon Western Boot is the best farm boot for women. This boot is ideal for farms due to its leather shaft that ensures comfort and stability.


Every farmer deserves to wear a comfortable boot. Failing to do so may cause problems like foot pain, injuries, and future health problems. We hope we helped you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a farmer boot. These amazing brands won’t let you down. Also, remember the features that you must have in a farmer’s boot when you decide to buy a different brand.

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