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Hi. I’m Paul Taylor, and my pain inspired me to start this site.

One bright morning, I woke up, rolled off the bed and upon stepping the floor, a sharp pain coursed through my feet. I felt it when I was lacing up my boots and about to get to the site where I was the electrical contractor. But I couldn’t afford to be behind schedule. It was my first time working for this client, and I just had to make good first impressions.

So I powered through the day at site wincing at each step. That was not such a good idea. In the coming days, the pain got progressively worse, but I had to keep pushing and deliver the project on time. And since I don’t have enough time to go to the hospital, I resorted to OTC painkillers just to get through the day.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. The day it happened, we had a problem at the site and to make matters worse, one of my men called in sick. So I had to coordinate, supervise and still cover up for him. After over eight hours climbing and walking with heavy tools, the pain in my feet became excruciating.

My men pulled off my work-boots and propped my feet up. We googled the symptoms looking for a clue as to what could have gone wrong. An Ice pack was suggested as temporary relief, and after the pain was somewhat muted, I found my way to the hospital.

Plantar Fasciitis was the diagnosis. He recommended rest and physical therapy.

I wasn’t satisfied.

I dug into research and discovered that foot pain was more common than I thought. More than 10 percent of American had sought treatment for foot issues with plantar fasciitis being the most common.

Some of the causative factors included low or high arched foot, obesity and in my case, strenuous and repetitive impact activity.

I also found out that for a pain-free work day, I had to get the right pair of work boots. Boots that are specially designed to offer comfort and support for those who move around a lot without sacrificing safety.

Well, that was easier said than done. There were thousands of “specialized” work boots available and making a choice was no easy task. It took me quite a few trials before I got the right boot that could provide the right mix of flexibility, cushion, arch support, and style.

And that was how I became an unintentional expert.
At walk-in-boots we think, breathe, and sleep boots. Our mission is to help you find a solution to all your foot needs. This is especially for the men and women with demanding jobs. Who have to protect their feet at all cost, keep them comfortable all day and still look cool.

Hey, I consider myself a classic man, a man of style. I believe work boots should feel at home equally at the job site and an upscale diner in town.

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